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  1. Would you be willing to meet me in Ocala? I would love to buy that DOT. I'm offering $150. I'm only available on weekends.

    text me



  2. Well my ec-10 sold over Christmas. I let the guys at the shop know that I'd be bringing in my Dot to sell. Now that I've played awhile, I think I'm comfortable sayin I've determined the guitars in my comfort zone: Acoustics, Vintage(7.25 neck) Tele's/Strats, Les Pauls). 20
  3. I recently changed pickguard braces from this: to this: 20
  4. will probably shoot for that #. Bottom line is 100. 20
  5. Yeah just looked at a few Chuck Berry. Most of'em had the neck at a pretty good angle. I am able to play it like that but to do so I have to strap it up higher than I'm comfortable with. 20
  6. Interesting info. That might be why it's not my favorite to play. I'm not real comfortable playing with the neck tilted up. I guess I'm in the "appearance" group. Been trying to get comfortable playin it as I would my Tele or Acoustic. 20
  7. I'm not. If I could get at least $100 out of it, I'd be thrilled. Fully expect to take a loss. Yeah the guitar itself is awesome, sounds great, but the neck is too thick for my smaller hands. Even my guitar guy(a local recording artist) had difficulty playin it. 20
  8. Good to know cause it's in great condition structurally. I put my EC-10 on consignment at my local shop & if that sells, I'm seriously thinking about selling it. 20
  9. I'm wondering if y'all think this guitar would be sellable. I just don't play it & frankly the neck is too fat. 20
  10. It ain't really a problem, just me tryin' to make things easier . Yeah I've thought about all the things "just lowering the frets" could affect & have concluded that there's more of a chance of me ruining a perfectly good 6-string than actually getting it right. Best to leave as is. If I do wanna lower the frets in the future I'll call my guitar tech(that's done work on my EJ-200) & let him do it. 20
  11. Sorry for digging up an old thread but I just found it when googling "fretless wonder". I'm really interested in lowering the frets on my Epi LP Jr 'cause, like a previous poster, I have a light touch & it's more difficult to chord. Would it be possible to "create" my own fretless wonder by simply running some 600grit sandpaper over each fret, following the natural shape & contour of the fret working from left to right(high e end to low e end)? 20
  12. Nice lookin' rig ya got there, blue. I'm in the process of mod'in my Jr & am thinkin' about addin' one of those BadAss bridges. 20
  13. Thanks Kurt. Yeah I watched some vids on this & it does seem easy but the curve like shape of th Epi Acoustic headstocks have me leary about getting'em lined up. 20
  14. I'm wanting to remove the stock tuners on my EJ-200 Artist & replace them with the Grover Vintage Deluxe Keystones I got today. Can anybody give me advice or a link to a good how-to video(I saw 1 on YouTube earlier but can't find it now)? If it's possible I'd like to do it myself rather than pay a luthier to drill 2 li'l holes(per tuner). 20
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