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  1. Personally, I'd paint it white to allow for contrast with the black parts. And that's white nitro in thin skin.
  2. I love these basses, and pretty much all of the big G's bolt ons.
  3. Only my great uncle as far as I know, he told me he had a 69 Tele in candy apple red when he saw mine in a similar color. I picked up guitar on my own, however, before I even knew he played.
  4. http://www.datpiff.com/NayGunz-Naygunz-Music-4-Da-Smokerz-mixtape.309770.html
  5. I took it because it was quite the learning experience, and I really like learning how the legal systems work. Plus, I get to run a speed trap later this year, which will probably be hilarious.

  6. glad you liked my "office"

    Good to hear that your on the path.

  7. Well, it's not exactly guitar related, but music in general. I resurrected an old Sabian XS20 my drummer busted the bell out of during our first jam. I made a whole mount for it and everything. I flipped it inside out and it now has a low, mellow, china-like sound. (but it's still dark and trashy )
  8. I'm terrible about playing metal. If I had the skill to do so, I'd definitely take up the offer, though recording and syncing would be odd and possibly difficult.

  9. Hey Buxom. If you can learn some Metallica we could have a band! I'd just need a bass player and lead guitarist. I'm good at editing audio clips of different instruments into one recording. Pretty cool huh?

  10. uh... thanks again?

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