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  1. Personally, I'd paint it white to allow for contrast with the black parts. And that's white nitro in thin skin.
  2. I love these basses, and pretty much all of the big G's bolt ons.
  3. This is untrue. We live in an era where there's more great music being produced than ever. Some of it may be strange, outlandish, or different, but that's just how music evolves. To say that there aren't legends living among us and making music at this time is a narrow world view. It's not like all celebrities have died out since Marilyn Monroe died, new ones come in, old ones go out. Personally, it's probably for the better, he had his time, and now it's time for someone else to stand in the spotlight for longer than necessary. (Clapton is guilty, and we all know it) New great mus
  4. I hope they bring back the actual good solid bodied guitars. The S-100 is just boring, to put it simply.
  5. The maidenish stuff is just in my likes.
  6. Btw, for being recorded with a single room mic it sounds decent.
  7. Bender, that was essentially the Bangladeshi Iron Maiden.
  8. And I'm still waiting on my strings in the mail :/
  9. I'd have ran, but it was delivered to my house. ;)
  10. I love this thing. It has such good action and it fits in a Korean made Fender surprisingly perfectly
  11. Well, old, but you get the point. new to my guitar. Pretty much a drop in replacement, though a couple saddles were cracked, so I decided to use my original Fender stamped steel ones, which fit just the same and do a good job. The trem arm is nice and high, so it sits well above my knobs and switch tip, which was a major gripe of my old bridge. The block is solid steel and feels really heavy and sturdy. The bridge plate is thicker and more refined than any other strat plate I've seen thus far. Comparing it with my old one, the lines on the edge are straight and clean, while the
  12. Better or worse is subjective, but I learned by ear. I'd say I'm fairly bad.
  13. I didn't get the Kent because the neck was as thick as my forearm with no truss rod and action as high as an overpass.
  14. I posted it to CL for $75. Not sure if that's an appropriate value, but I'm guessing I'll be "talked down" ;) It had a Kent acoustic guitar from Japan in it, but I found another empty guitar case and put the Kent in it, then offered em $10 because I knew this one had value and they didn't.
  15. Google/ebay seems to put this between 60 and 65. I'm not sure, though.
  16. Early 60s Gibson gatorskin case, $10. Anyone know the market value for one in this shape? I'm gonna clean it. It's got a little dirt and a few scuffs, but it's pretty nice.
  17. It is a 1986 Envoy 110. Lovely amp, the gain boost and reverb are the sole reasons for owning it.
  18. I've owned it well over a year now. Can can say with some certainty that it's the best guitar I've ever owned. The neck is amazingly small, the body comfortable and lightweight, and the guitar overall very balanced. The pickups are great for gain and the stock built in effects make it more versatile than it should be. The bridge is solid and doesn't lose its setup for 6 months at a time, the neck stays straight no matter what, and it's just perfect to me.
  19. I'd paint over the maple top for starters. If you want a serious rocker, get a pair of Super Distortions. That's about all I got lol.
  20. I'm very satisfied now. All I do is move the cab so it's facing the kit and there's a lovely high volume harmony between the two. Slimmed my kit by cutting out the china and rack tom as well. I also may have tracked down a 1970s aftermarket Dimarzio Stratocaster Trem unit, which I may be purchasing this Friday, but that's for another thread all together. I really feel my gear coming together now.
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