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  1. Hot dog, CB that new douglas SG caught my eye too!when you get it let us know how it differs from the others ya got!!the 2011 studio non reverse fire bird has also caught my eye too, its also a 3 pu git ,and have had some interesting times with it at the git shop!I really like the 5 way sw and the out of phase push pull pot to begin with!!It has a wide variety of tones in it! \:D/
  2. while I do like many of the above and really about all of the old bluesmen too !and I do feel strongly about Steve Marriott,Peter Frampton!
  3. what I've noticed is not so much the technique aspect, but the tonal qualities are what is brought out or to the focus, on different instruments!much the way different effects take your playing some where else!my brothers tele had me thinkin rollin stones and this is stuff thats part of my routine stuff that i do!a while back a friend let me us his 12 string and doin my usual stuff now I was hearing crosby stills and nash stuff same old thing, just thru different git!! when I started out playin, I didn't think the pick as having much to do with it ! pleasantly surprised when the wife bought
  4. having worked on a lot of ABUSED switches, you could be very surprised at some of the crud that can build up in those buggers! if you do take it apart, show some pics of the insides! the attrocities never end!
  5. I'am not sure how old you are, but believe it or not, not everybody is gonna see things your way! the best thing to do is put your man pants on and learn to live with that thought!!why do you expect everyone to always, agree with you?
  6. I see in myself, that this too happens, the more I continue on in this journey I notice that shortly after a bad day and maybe a little break that in some way my abilities have made some sorta progress/ improvement!not really an earth shattering event, but it is a welcome event none the less! so has any one else observed that, and made that connection too?
  7. If you get a chance, start looking at his you tube stuff! all of his cds are pretty sweet and he is a player who is not stuck in any kinda rut ! but the BLUES DELUXE cd AND LIVE AT THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL DVD are awesome to me!
  8. I like sirius, esp. BB Kings bluesville! while I do like it I don't have it in a car!we have it on dish network sat. tv !so its in my programing package. and Ive got it tied in to my sound sys.!works out pretty cool actually! and there is some repitition but nowhere like on reg.radio!and I get a whole lot of new music/artists too! try that with the radio! the Ipod gets used in the car!
  9. NOT A DANCER!seems to be for the show off types to me! but thats not to say that music won't get me movin! it does, just not in a showy way!!discretion is the better part of valore!
  10. some that might be of interest is from HUMBLE PIE the EAT IT lp! road runner, drug store cowboy,beckton dumps,well actually the whole lp!!
  11. well CB we ain't got it yet but their sayin it will start at about 6:00 pm! and yes WE DO NEED THE MOISTURE HERE TOO! MOST PONDS AND THE LIKE ARE AROUND 3 FT. LOW AROUND HERE!! west of waterloo that is!
  12. I think you've got something there! especially whith it being semi hollow/335s it could definitly catch some of those high volume frequecies and interact with'em! what ever it is, I LIKE IT!!!thats why I got my dot!!
  13. CB --- to me a burst LP is just plain BEAUTIFUL! as is a 335!Iam a sucker for pretty wood! now I also like the SG as for the reasons you mentioned but haven't ever seen one in a burst!and Iam not sure the SG shape with a burst finish would do it for me?? maybe if I saw one I might change my mind. also on this point most fenders don't trip my trigger either!and I have seen a few pretty ones too!
  14. you sir are inundated with the same OVERLY EMOTIONAL TYPES ,that we have over here!some thing happens and it's like, this is so sad and we need a knee jerk reaction to fix it!! common sense ain't common anymore!! so hows the limey version of PETA?? some time back I read about a cougar/ mountain lion taking a toddler off of a deck in california! so sad! but they did outlaw the hunting of those big cats so I guess you gotta sleep in the bed you make!
  15. not to much for modern tv!the limey stuff is boring, par excellence!but don't mind the older stuff, pre 1960!!even our septic stuff isn't any thing that would make me want to watch a rerun! NCIS and JUSTIFIED are okay! now i did like HOUSE ,that had Hugh Laury? never had a clue he was a limey till I saw him being interviewed! man was I surprised with his accent!
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