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  1. Fantastic, faboulous and teardropping, THANKS for the link!!
  2. You´r wellcome :-)

    They are great guitars!

  3. that definitely helps. thanks!

  4. Hello jcaffee,

    It was a couple of years i did the grounding and shielding, soo... As i recal it i covered the inside of the plastic plek with coppertape and soldered the original grounding steel bar to their proper connection points as it had detached. Nothing fancy but it worked out perfectly and still does!


  5. Hello, I saw a post where you mentioned shielding and properly grounding your ES 120t. Would you mind telling me how you did it exactly? I have an ES 120t that I absolutely love, but it could definitely use some quietening. Thanks!! Jason

    Also, I joined this forum just to send you this. I can check a message here or if you don't mind emailng me at jasoncaffee@jaso...

  6. Me too just love them, funny that they are Swedish and sound so American, but that´s maybe in just my ears. Actually i had a moment of fiddling on Guitars when one of the sisters bought a guitar at 4 sound here in Gothenburg, that was really fun, they both have voices one can dream of and together they just shine!
  7. Nice move Gibson, i would prefer p90s though, do you hear that, Gibson?
  8. I got a 5th avenue without the kingpin stuff, cut through nice in an acoustic setting, a couple of friends and me recorded this a fun evening. The best acoustic i´ve ever owned, light resonant, easy playing, the only thing is that the bridge hight screews are to long and cut into the palm when you play.
  9. I got one of those, a 61 with the "normal" head, mine has a "modern" TV-jones pup, great wibe to it and a chunky neck, i payed more than that price. For that price i would try it to secure no damage, and then buy it and run :-)
  10. There´s a lot of not Guitar music i like, but this tune is one of my faves. By the way George Young, one of the front guys in Flash and the pan, is Malcolm and Angus Youngs brother.
  11. Yeah, but this time the healthy alernative :-)
  12. I love food, eat almost everything. But... we have something called surströmming here in Sweden, very popular in the north, but i realy hate it! Here is a YT where americans got the chance to try it, seems like they does´nt they like it either
  13. i´ve never been a fan of bonamassa, yes he´s a hell of a guitarplayer but pretty boring, until i saw this :-) Even the song is spot on, great guitar tone and playing, very nice, thanks for sharing!
  14. I own what must be the most historically correct Gibson available, a 50s tribute SG, huh, the SG wasn´t even released back in the 50s
  15. As said before, there are no Best player, there are just subjective opinions. Of the two i´ve always prefered SRV, GM have some tops but SRV always delivered, and he´s tone was so.... hm, true But i always come back to Billy Gibbons as my fave, i just love what he squeeze out of the Guitars
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