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  1. Bettie Page.... My black Les Paul is Bettie Page. The black reminds of Bettie's jet black hair, the curves remind me of Bettie, the sweet sound reminds me of Bettie. Also...I cant keep my hands of of it, which if Bettie were here(in her younger days of course) I wouldn't keep my hands of her either!
  2. I thought the OP was just talking movies not documentary's. If your a fan of stoner rock..or anything Sabbath(ish). Or just a fan of music evolution then do yourself a favor and watch this documentary. Such Hawks Such Hounds
  3. Rock Star-Supposedly a true story based on Ripper Owens involvement with Judas Priest Blues Brothers-A Classic The Runaways-I really liked this movie. Good look at the punk scene of the 70's Almost Famous-Mixes coming of age with with tour bus antics.
  4. Never saw that...thanks!
  5. I first learn of and became a fan of GCJ when I was watching the Eric Clapton Crossroads Fest. Truthfully I was blown away with his sould. Hes got a great groove...and if he restored your faith in music then thats great! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_ZeDn-hHGE
  6. The best is hard to say. Lotts of good ones. One of my favorites was Slash and Izzy Stradlin. I though they sounded great together.
  7. Havent seen them on this tour but pay attention to the band opening for them. Its Clutch, my all time favorite band.
  8. Sorry, this may be a dumb question... My bridge on my LP is being repaired. The neck wont have any string tension for about 10 days. Is there any concern for the neck since there is no tension?
  9. Though I am 100% me and my band mates could never do that...I'm just not impressed. It's just a gimmick. That said gimmicks work and the blondes cute!
  10. 1)Howlin Wolf 2)Muddy Waters 3)Son House 4)Dock Boggs 5)RL Burnside 6) for honorable mention Lightnin Hopkins
  11. Thanks guys...looking into it as we speak.
  12. Thanks Darth...good info. Most likely, except for the final stages, all the soldering will be done out of the guitar using a template. The Jimmy Page mod that Im talking about just uses push/pull pots so you can split coils. Heres the diagram. http://www.seymourduncan.com/pdfs/support/schematics/jp_style.pdf
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