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  1. I'll be in the area this saturday... I'll pop in and ask :) Thanks!
  2. Hi guys, I think there are a few people from UK in this forum... I'm relatively new to the Country (I'm Italian and I moved here one year ago) and I live in West London. I'm looking to get my Epiphone SG Custom set up to get rid of some fret noise and lower the action. Do you have any recommendation for a good shop to get the work done? Thanks Marco.
  3. Hi Bonzoboy, for sure I have no intention of changing the pickups, I am more than happy with the active EMGs in the SG :D
  4. Thanks for all the welcome messages :) First question I have, what is the brand and quality of the strings that come with the guitar? Are they any good or should I just replace them right away? Thanks M
  5. Hi all! After many years of mucking around with a classic guitar and simple chords just to accompany my singing, I decided to finally step it up. I subscribed to a guitar course and I bought a new electric guitar! I chose the Epiphone SG prophecy EX because I wanted an SG, I want to play some old school metal and I didn't want to dish out for the real deal Gibson, not yet at least... it's just a hobby in the end! This guitar looks pretty amazing! I'm already an Epi fan. and look what I found today on youtube :D Cheers M
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