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  1. Buying a nice guitar beyond your abilities is okay. I bought my J-45 so I couldn't blame the guitar for my lack of progress.
  2. Hey thanks, that is a cool idea. I'll frame and put up one of the drawings as a poster.
  3. New apartment. Thought a large (20x30+) poster of a J-45 would look nice. Can't seem to find one on the net. Thanks for any leads.
  4. I have a J-45 standard and have been interested in the J-45 Custom rosewood. Searching the internet, the consensus is the rosewood has deeper bass and more overtones. However, I listened to a YouTube comparison of the mahogany vs rosewood J-45's using high quality earphones. I could not hear a significant difference between the two, albeit the internet is not the same as auditioning in person.
  5. Congratulations! The day I bought my J-45 was one of the happiest days of my life, up there in the top 10.
  6. I'm obsessed with the sound of James Taylor's J-50 (essentially a natural finish J-45) in his first three albums, especially the "Mud Slide Slim" album. When I play some of JT's riffs on my 2011 natural finish J-45, sometimes I'm almost moved to tears. When purchasing the J-45, I A/B compared the J-45 with a Martin D-28: the Martin had better fit and finish, and a broader sound with cleaner deeper bass, something most guitarist would like, but the melancholy sound of the thuddy bass and tinkly highs of the J-45 moved my soul like no other guitar I've heard. I might buy a Martin D-28 series g
  7. Pin materials should be based primarily on their sonic qualities not cost. Just because something is more expensive, doesn't mean a better sound. Overall, I suspect plastic might be the best material for most people: it's hard and lightweight, though other materials' sound might suit your personal tastes. I do think that plastic pins on an expenive guitar like the Jackson Browne should be polished to eliminate the mold seam found on most pin bodies.
  8. I saw them perform live last week in Anaheim, CA: they were the opening act for The Who. They definitely have a lot of energy and infectious enthusiasm for their music.
  9. Be careful with the microfiber. I know some will disagree but microfiber cloth leaves microscratches on nitro finishes in my experiece This is especially visible on factory brand-new guitars: it dulls the finish ever so slightly. But the effect might not be visible on older guitars which have lost the factory shine. I recommend 100% cotton cloth.
  10. There's no law against it. "Illegal" creates a mental image of the police raiding your house, grabing your guitar and tuning it up to "legal" standards. But seriously, my favorite Utube guitar player tunes down his J-45/50 one step for his mellow and melancholy songs and it'd great.
  11. BTW I saw him perform a couple weeks ago, and he's planning a US tour in 2013.
  12. Great songwriter that wrote some of the best pop lyrics of the 60's. In addition to Bacharach, credit to Dionne Warwick for her interpretation of their songs.
  13. Nice J-45 Custom. How does the rosewood sound in comparison to the mahogany and did you consider the Standard before choosing the Custom? I'm asking because I won the Standard and am considering getting a Custom.
  14. I bought the J-45 standard for the dry woody sound that I loved from James Taylor. The mahogany works well for singing accompanyment, but sometimes I find myself wishing for the deeper sound of the rosewood model for instrumentals. Sigh. I won't give up the standard so I will probably end up with a second J-45 , the rosewood Custom. I've got to learn not to fight my urges.
  15. I would think it depends on the singer, type of singer and the preference of the singer. But having said that, there seems to be a slight consenses on other guitar forums that mahogany is better for vocals.
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