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  1. Just finished the entire video. This was beyond helpful. I got the song down! You rock man!! I am so extremely grateful!
  2. You are awesome, Ryan!! Looking forward to checking out the video.
  3. Before I begin, I do apologize if the subject of religion or Jesus Christ offends anyone. With that said, I need some help with this song! I need to learn the electric intro before Sunday morning and I CANT get it. It sounds easy, but for some reason, I can't play it! Take a quick listen to the beginning of the song and if you have some idea on what to do, please share. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ES70naqpE-A
  4. Thanks for the encouragement, y'all!
  5. So, for years I've wanted to go into music production and recording. I've wanted to put a home recording studio together for a while, but an even greater opportunity came around. I live in Virginia . Chris Brown is from Virginia. There's a studio here that Chris Brown recorded and produced one of his first album with. Not one of my favorite artists (at all), but there are some major credits there. I've been trying to get in contact with this studio and I finally came into contact with their audio engineer. We're meeting on wednesday for lunch! I'm planning on talking with him about the world o
  6. While I'm on the topic of pedals, I've got another burning question. Starting out, should I put together my own pedal board or get a multi-effects pedal. If both, which should I get first? What are the differences, benefits, and liabilities of both?
  7. I keep learning new things on this site! I didn't know that. I thought every specific amp was only compatible with it's specific instrument. This has been very enlightening. I appreciate the pedal recommendation as well. I'll check it out.
  8. That's a very valid point of view. Thanks! I wasn't even thinking about it that way.
  9. Thanks for the recommendation! Would you mind comparing the Mustang III V2 to the Kustom KG100HFX and KG412 Half Stack?
  10. Alright, I'll remember that. Thanks! Right now I'm just trying to find the best sound possible.
  11. i didn't know that about tube. I look at some other amps as well. Could I get a nice rock sound out of an acoustic amp though?
  12. Yeah, I'm not one of those "manly men." I set up everything like how it said to set up. But I didn't try the system preferences. I must have missed it. I'll give that a shot.
  13. Well I'm putting a worship band together and most churches, that have actually already agreed to letting us play, have their own PA system. They just expect us to supply everything on stage, including the monitors. We're hoping to have our own PA system by the time we play our own gigs. I need something loud enough to play with at practice and to use as a monitor when playing. They're all fairly large rooms that seat a lot of people. The biggest so far seats 1000 and the smallest, 400.
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