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  1. Looks like one of those things you find at a civil war battle site!
  2. ................are they hand wired or PC Boards...cant seem to find any info https://www.gibson.com/Guitar/USA8LG109/SG-Standard
  3. Love P-90's........noise has never been an issue.....and if it is then what are you doing standing around........play it, no more noise!
  4. On that note...if I have an SG that has pcb board and I want to switch over to old fashioned method ( I go purchase 4 separate pots )..can I use the existing pickups by clipping off the current connector and use the existing wires?
  5. Well, Mike Oldfield never had any problems.....
  6. The Les Paul Classic should get you there for all of them, more about settings and pedals ........Robert Smith in his early days ( and I am sure later on) used Fender Jaguars and possibly jazzmasters....with smith it's clean(ish) tone and flanger, flanger and a side order of flanger!...
  7. So I checked my budget..........can someone point me to the guitar picks section?
  8. ............................just arrived from fed ex......
  9. Good question...would have to say ( not in any order) 1) West,Bruce and Laing " live n kickin" 2) The Who " live at leeds" 3) Mothers of Invention " just another band from L.A" 4) Tom Waits " Big Time " 5) Cream " Live vol1"
  10. it's $8500 Canadian ..at that price I can get an original 1967 SG.....so ya......don't get me wrong Gibson custom shop stuff is great...but at that price I would rather have an original.
  11. Sweet looking Bass...I have to say Gibson seems to have turned their quality and quality control around....I bought a 2018 SG junior and this year just purchased a 2019 SG Special sparkling Burgandy......both are perfect and play so well.....mind you, prices have gone up but worth it for quality.
  12. I have the Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail..no complaint, seems to be a decent pedal in front or in effects loop......
  13. It's been my personal experience that the type of bridge don't matter....it really does come down to the quality of that one instrument ...I have had some real dogs come and go ( both types of bridges )...that being said I believe that a stop bar style has to be a quality build for it to be good ( feel ,intonation etc ) where as a tune a matic can compensate for a crappy build ( to some degree)...personally I will take a good quality stop bar anyday ..well, as long as it has decent pups in it.
  14. But then if you start a new one about an old topic you will eventually get the a-hole who says " use the search bar " comment........and you sure don't want to upset the internet police do you?............
  15. Nice!!...I can send some stuff as well, not as big but maybe some accessories , straps, capos, stands ,strings etc ....stay strong ..one day at a time .
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