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  1. If I'm paying that much I want one of the old cardboard cases with a broken handle, and duct tape holding it together as well.


    Bad Gibson!


    it's $8500 Canadian ..at that price I can get an original 1967 SG.....so ya......don't get me wrong Gibson custom shop stuff is great...but at that price I would rather have an original.

  2. Sweet looking Bass...I have to say Gibson seems to have turned their quality and quality control around....I bought a 2018 SG junior and this year just purchased a 2019 SG Special sparkling Burgandy......both are perfect and play so well.....mind you, prices have gone up but worth it for quality.msp_thumbup.gif

  3. It's been my personal experience that the type of bridge don't matter....it really does come down to the quality of that one instrument ...I have had some real dogs come and go ( both types of bridges )...that being said I believe that a stop bar style has to be a quality build for it to be good ( feel ,intonation etc ) where as a tune a matic can compensate for a crappy build ( to some degree)...personally I will take a good quality stop bar anyday ..well, as long as it has decent pups in it.msp_thumbup.gif

  4. What the fukk. I can only think of about a gazillion people this should happen to.


    I'm sorry Tman. I've got a Strat and a Tele for you, shipped to you free of charge, yours to keep, when you get back on your feet.





    Nice!!...I can send some stuff as well, not as big but maybe some accessories , straps, capos, stands ,strings etc ....stay strong ..one day at a time .


  5. sg special are supercool in the 60's styling [thumbup]

    This one is on the used marked, in my corner of the world. About the same $ as the new Special Tempting





    Tempting.... yes...............I say ...DO IT!!!!!!


  6. Well the surgery went well, still hurts but that's to be expected. Looks like 4 months till total recovery. Thanks for all the supportive posts. I appreciate it guys?


    Dang...I guess I am too late to recommend getting the extra fiinger add on..........cost extra but the guitar playing skillz go up!!!..glad it went well.msp_thumbup.gif

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