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  1. ...is about opening your mind up to new sounds and techniques, styles, cultures You tube link and then developing your own style.We always have our personal influences but its always good to keep an open mind....just my opinion. Any thoughts?
  2. Some nice stuff here.....Imma green!
  3. Well said........There could be all kinds of reasons...inspectons are prob basic and like most places it gets to the point were it becomes pencil whipping...in the end the consumer should have taken it back....they touched it now there is no recourse should any other problems arise.......on the other side of the scale, you would be surprised how often companies reward people for their stupidity.....they buy something, they break it or altar it, it messes up, they return it for full refund or replacment.
  4. Me.. 1) Orange rockerverb 50 head 2) The 1954 goldtop VOS both on me list and both wayyyyyyy outta my budget right now!
  5. Actually, I haave been thinking about doing that very thing..good to hear some feedback ( pardon the pun) on this topic.
  6. I like the 10's on my les paul but I changed the Sg to the 11's and like them so far
  7. Ya ...just got my 60's tribute ( honey ) and love the sound.....I may just have to get the goldtop version as well..........Unless "cough cough" the good folks at gibson " cough" would like to kindly donate a " cough cough" Les Paul 1954 goldtop VOS my way ...surly you guys need " beta " testers for these things......oh well I tried.
  8. Still a crazy story ....hmm Could us forum peeps make a hollywood movie here? Who wants to play Peter?..hehe
  9. All awsome pics...lets not forget this guy....My link
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