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  1. If the foam is still too tight, use a toothpick.
  2. The only Firebird which shipped with full-size pickups was the Studio (to my knowledge). That makes it the easiest Firebird to swap pickups (unless you use mini-hums). What colors was it available in? Red, White, and Blue? Did it originally have a Burstbucker 2 and 3? What were its original pickups? Thanks for any answers....
  3. Yes, I think so! And following your link, I see "SG Platinum". I bet that was it. THANKS!!!!
  4. Saw a Gibson SG on Sunday night with what looked like aluminum pickguard and truss rod cover. I can usually identify the model, but now I am stumped. The player said it was a late-90's version of the Gothic, but everythingsg.com doesn't show one. Does that model name/type with metal accessories ring a bell for anyone? And what years? No special inlays (like menace's brass knuckles) Base color was solid black, double humbucker setup, no vibrola. brain is fading....
  5. The only one I've ever held, was "tint challenged" between layers like that.
  6. Pssssst. What kind of music do you play??? Heavy metallers might suggest something different from blues players.
  7. Never heard of one. YMMV. I don't see the practical use of relieving weight on a guitar that isn't very heavy.
  8. If you can post an audio sample to this thread, it will help us with your diagnosis. What sounds like scratching to you MAY be static. That requires a different triage. That said: It sounds to me like a loose wire problem, likely the bridge ground. Here's how I would diagnose it. Your Mileage May Vary. If you choose to perform this procedure, you accept all responsibility for its consequences. Continuity needs to be tested, imho. If you do not have a digital voltmeter(DVM), take the guitar to someone who does. You might need to get a friend to help, or use clips on the DVM test leads.
  9. If the prices were not at least MSRP, they would be in conflict of interest with their sales channels.
  10. I have the same switch position preference. I noticed that "The Paul" and certain Firebrand issues had the same placement. I'm sharing so you can widen your search, as I am a year away from being able to shop. Good Luck!
  11. It's gorgeous. Only possibly out-prettied by a Koa-top from Custom shop, IMHO. I am a die-hard 'bucker fan, so I would never swap the P-94 in. Also, be aware any mods will almost always affect resale, and KEEP ALL ORIGINAL PARTS, whatever you do. And thanks for sharing a great pic of an axe to be proud of!
  12. Did you know you can get controls which have two knobs stacked on one shaft? That's what I did to my EMG-equipped guitar. That way I have V/T, V/T : each pickup has both Vol and Tone.
  13. Congratulations on bringing a good axe back, and well done!
  14. From what I've learned from eBay, there were 6 grades of wood in the reissues, A - F. That serial corresponds to a B-grade. I think I've seen D-grade Natural finish offered on eBay. F-grade are usually painted solid, Ebony iirc.
  15. Generally, changing JUST the magnets is not advised, unless you already have pickup building experience. YMMV. Changing out entire pickups yourself is not advised unless you know what a "cold joint" is and how to avoid it when soldering. Very often, your Friendly Local Guitar Store has a tech who can do the change-out for not too much $$$. I would get a quote. The tech might also be able to suggest particular replacement pickups to suit your needs, based on the experience of prior customers. Be sure to save the old pickups to reinstall if you sell the guitar. All this discouragemen
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