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  1. My requirements for a decent guitar > Good resale value > Dovetail Construction > Solid Woods > Good Tone $1,700
  2. Pick Pocket? Can everyone see the irony? H101
  3. I'll second the motion for Genz Benz H101
  4. Love what you play Play what you love H101
  5. Let's have some pictures to prove your allegations
  6. I'm quite sure we'll be hearing from FredO again :o) Apparently a disgruntled customer I have to say, if you buy in person, there is no excuse for these sort of posts H101
  7. Pictures? Measurements? Messed up? Bring it in to get it checked out. You're not the first hand purchaser so stop bashing the guitar. H
  8. Maybe should have kept minding your business :o) My bad, i guess Agnesi got me off to a bad start If you got a guitar you enjoy, more power to you and congrats H
  9. More fake news. Farmers do this with crops all the time, burying perfectly good food that could be distributed to needy people. Lot less people in need of guitars than food H
  10. Farmers destroy crops on a routine basis, be due to excess or market prices being so low. That's even more despicable with people around the world starving. I imagine this was a factory purchased by some entity and then trying to gain publicity by showing this video. There's no way Gibson would allow a video of this to be made. It's pretty much FAKE NEWS in my opinion. H
  11. Nothing here, all that happened with these guitars was have their Guardianship Changed. H
  12. Go get on Craig's List and Wanted sub forum and find out. Is there a Wanted sub forum on Gibson website? H
  13. I'm guessing the factory wants the action to go out higher than lower, easier to lower than the other way around. With PLEK, this is less of a problem, Martin does PLEK, not sure if Gibson does that. Never have I had to have a set up done with Gibsons, but i like my action high so accept how they come straight out of the box H
  14. What does my Samsung TV model SZ4004P20PZY% mean? Just unbelievable the useless zombie threads that keep popping up here. But, in the very least, they are entertaining reading if not informative. :o) H
  15. Can you post a picture of a Gibson prototype guitar? No pics, didn't happen. :o) H
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