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  1. Nice one. I like that gold/ivoroid combo -- you don't see it every day. Was it a clean swap, or did you have to do any drilling?
  2. I agree w/ Em7. 200% is a lot of percents. Quality > Quantity. Do it!
  3. I really enjoyed this. Thanks, FB.
  4. Agree with you that that song ain't bluegrass -- I added that one because of the J-45, and because it's a really good song. Most of their stuff would fall more in the bluegrass camp, at least my definition of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUDni6t_N4c http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uJigafpuKA Either way, good music.
  5. That's probably a fair assessment, EA. They have the bluegrass instrumentation and the occasional 3- or 4-part harmony, but there may be more folk/pop/rockabilly in their sound than bluegrass. They've done a couple of European tours, but if I recall correctly it was mostly scandinavia. They just can't get enough of that Americana music in Scandinavia...
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9NYiY3vsqw Not sure if there are any Chatham County Line fans in these parts, but they are a really good modern bluegrass band that occasionally comes through the DC area. They are one of my favorites to see live, because they usually play an old-school arrangement with guitar, banjo, mando and upright bass, all standing around a single mike. Lots of fun. Great vocal harmonies. Whenever I've seen them in the past, the lead singer has played a D-18. I was checking out some recent video (above) and was pleased to see they appear to have moved to a gorgeou
  7. Congratulations -- it is an amazing guitar.
  8. Tiny

    Hi, I'd be interested in seeing some pictures of the J45TV. Would you please e-mail to cullen.taylor@hoganlovells.com? Thanks.

  9. That's a beaut. Congratulations!
  10. LOL. Because no one was willing to trade me an SJ for my Telecaster! If I start adding parallelogram inlays, then your point will be very well taken.
  11. I'm not calling shenanigans, and for all I know this could be a great product, but he did seem to strum a little differently on the version w/ the O-Port thingy on it. On the "naked" version, he sort of pounded the chords (especially the opening strum), whereas when he had the O-Port version he looked like he was strumming it a bit more deliberately/delicately to let the individual strings ring out. Maybe I'm watching too much CSI:Miami.
  12. Funny, I have been thinking about the same change, ever since you posted these pics a few days ago, PM. The black looks great.
  13. Loved this! Thanks for sharing.
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