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  1. You're right there Jonny ! I often find myself trying to recreate that 'analogue' feel, that was the end result of mastering down to half inch tape (running at 15 i.p.s.), and played back through Quad (valve) pre and power amplifiers, into Quad Electrostatic speakers ! Maybe it's 'rose tinted glasses', but I can never quite achieve it ! Life seemed so much more 'life like' before transistors !
  2. Pro Tools v9. Upgraded/crossgraded over the years from v6. I also use a 16 track digital machine for some initial sound 'capture', and then transfer to Pro Tools, for mixing and mastering. When I first started to record, it was a pair of 'half track' Ferrograph reel to reel machines with valve pre amps. That was in the early sixties. As multitrack tape machines became available, I moved on to Tascam 8, and then 16 track machines, with various mixing desks. And now a computer with Pro Tools ! We have come a long way ! \:D/
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