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  1. Someone lent me "The Martian" which is good but got too bs for me, especially at the end. Stupid - almost as bad as "Red Planet". But I also saw "Yesterday" which was very entertaining - there's a couple of holes in it, you think "hang on how does that work?" but it didn't matter. I got a DVD of "Dark Star" at the charity shop. Only saw it on TV, very late one night many years ago. Haven't watched it yet.
  2. You could do a whole thread on euphemisms in blues and rock n' roll.....an important part of "what it's all about" IMO. Examples? There are many. When Albert King sings "laying in my arms where you ought to be, there's a big cockroach looking up at me" is the Flying V-wielding bluesmaster really singing about the insect? And when Paul Rodgers of Free sings about "riding on a pony, in the middle of the night" is he actually truly considering a nocturnal equine excursion? I think not. Frankly.....
  3. Rain today and it's cold for May in the UK. I did myself a home Covid antibody test today for research - I signed up a couple of weeks ago. You prick your finger for a drop of blood, put it on this special little testing stick then add buffer soluion and wait 10 minutes. You see a little line for G antibodies and one for M if you have those too - I just seem to have the G ones. Then I took a photo of the stick and went online to the research site, did the survey questions and uploaded the photo. Took about 40 minutes in all. But more importantly - played my Tele through Dual Show
  4. Apologies - on reflection that was probably the wrong thing to write - it isn't really a contest - just a figure of speech...... How about Ice-T? "Cop Killer"....that's extreme! https://www.google.com/search?q=ice-t+cop+killer+lyrics&client=firefox-b-d&ei=o1-dYIzXI5-GjLsP1tK0oAY&oq=Ice-T%3F+"Cop+Killer&gs_lcp=Cgdnd3Mtd2l6EAEYAjIJCAAQsAMQBxAeMgUILhCwAzIFCAAQsAMyBQgAELADMgUIABCwAzIHCAAQsAMQHjIHCAAQsAMQHjIHCAAQsAMQHjIHCAAQsAMQHjIHCAAQsAMQHlAAWABggyZoAXAAeACAATuIATuSAQExmAEAqgEHZ3dzLXdpesgBCsABAQ&sclient=gws-wiz
  5. The winner is the late Pat Hare, once guitarist with Muddy Waters, who recorded "I'm Going To Murder My Baby" in 1954, and then in 1963.... did. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pat_Hare
  6. You may be right - I just heard the low notes and assumed he must have replaced or detuned the low E. I love the "Sign Of The Times" album...among others. And I salute your playing as I know what went into it. There is a very good film about Tal - the one where he meets Lenny Breau.
  7. Dug out my Tal LPs. I have "Autumn Leaves" on 'The Interpretations of Tal Farlow' and 'Tal Farlow '78' which is a brilliant LP. On the former he uses a very low bass string. I was fortunate enough to see him at least a couple of times and get some LPs signed. That was back in the 80s.
  8. I used to play in a country-rock band 40 years or so ago. We did "Okie From Muskogee" and sometimes the singer would substitute "I'm proud to be an Okie From Muskogee" with "I'm proud to have a bogey up my nosey"..... just to see if anyone would notice.
  9. Went for my morning swim....good....but I've lost form in the past year. When I got back I had my coffee after a bacon, cheese and lettuce sandwich with mayo and chopped spring onion. It's been a rainy day so I stayed indoors and powered up my Dual Showman which I am going to run every day this week as it's been sitting unused in the cupboard for over a year now. I have another couple of amps which need the same. Today I played the ES175 (with P94s) through it for a few hours, just got lost in it - clean at a moderate volume, fiddled around with reverb and vib/trem settings. It
  10. "Spin, Spin, Spin" - Jim Croce
  11. I saw Nesmith live twice, once with Red Rhodes. He's a fine songwriter and made some excellent country-rock albums in the early 70s - with his 1st National Band - but overreached himself with "The Prison" IMO. He is also more or less responsible for MTV apparently.
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