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  1. Like Bill I have to have a touch of reverb. If I don't take my Fender Super 60 combo (has reverb) to the gig, I take my Marshall Reflector pedal. For drives I use a VS Route 66 (v2) and an Xotic AC+. Thorpy has/have a very good rep in the UK now, must try some of their pedals out sometime.
  2. "Hard Nose The Highway" - Van Morrison.
  3. jdgm


    Cream: "Strange Brew - grill what's inside of you". Does Howling Wolf actually sing "Watch out, strange cat people" on "Little Red Rooster"? As that's what it sounds like. What's that all about eh? One of the first blues LPs I ever got was "Festival of the Blues" a budget price reissue on Marble Arch records of the famous live album. Muddy Waters does "Clouds In My Heart" on it. For many years I thought he was singing "land of the flagship" when it was really "lightnin' a' flashing".....
  4. jdgm


    David Bowie's "Golden Years" ("whup whup whuup") - Can the backing vocals really be "come develop the baby".....? What can he mean? No it's "come get up my baby"....πŸ•΄οΈ
  5. Fri 16 Aug, Sat 17 Aug: 1st 2 gigs with our new singer. This guy is the best yet IMO by far - not to take anything away from our last singer. Friday night was a lot of fun and (obviously) pretty rough in places. Tonight was tighter, even more fun and we are all VERY pleased with the way it's shaping up. It's going to work!! I've mashed up the 3rd finger on my left hand too, but it didn't affect my playing. Now achieving some of the best guitar tones I've ever got live (including a clean boost from the Boss GE-7); for me, valve amps still rule. We even did "Folsom Prison Blues". We need about 10 more songs. Next rehearsal in 2 weeks, then 2 gigs in September including Southampton "Music in the City". I'm so pleased; and a bit too excited to sleep. Best wishes to all!
  6. jdgm


    "Suspicious Minds"...
  7. Very nice - I need to have a good go through one of these sometime.
  8. jdgm


    When the original singer in our band heard the Stones version of Route 66, he thought Jagger sang - "See some boy scouts, they run a dino".......
  9. Very glad I posted then. I used it at the gig tonight. There are fairly simple kits you can buy with replacement/upgraded parts to stop noise and hiss. https://fromelelectronics.com/products/ge7-mods https://www.monteallums.com/pedal_mods_GE7.html Both mine have had this mod done (though not by me!) and it really improves the pedal. It certainly beefs up a Tele or Strat clean sound. πŸ‘
  10. You mean the one on the right of the pic? It's an Xotic AC+. Don't worry the Dark CLoud is still there too!! πŸŽ›οΈπŸŽΈπŸ”Š
  11. I have 2 of these GE7s, both modded to be noise-free.....extremely useful pedals.
  12. You might consider re-posting this in the Acoustic section of the forum, too. Should get plenty of answers.....
  13. "Sugar Magnolia" - Grateful Dead Lyrical association - "Sunshine Daydream", the coda of this song - "Sunshine daydream, walking in the tall trees Going where the wind goes, blooming like a red rose....."
  14. Unfortunately not. She died in 2006. Dutch - gorgeous in her day (I was 15 and...uh.... constantly excited) but that was the only international hit.
  15. "Eve Of Destruction" - Barry McGuire. This could be a hit again today - still relevant - if covered by the right person!
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