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  1. Yes according to this - https://www.chicagomusicexchange.com/listing/gibson-custom-shop-les-paul-custom-pro-transparent-green-2016/31131599 "Electronics: Original Burstbucker pickups and original wiring with two volume, two tones and three way pickup selector. All four knobs are push/pulls. The volume controls split the pickups for a single coil sound. The bridge tone selects an out-of-phase sound when both pickups are on. The neck tone is a kill switch."
  2. ....is why I joined the Gibson Forums. The guitar is approx 2009 - I've never verified it yet - a Custom Shop Gibson LP custom which is the spec of a 1956 LP (goldtop) - solid mahogany, P90s (no staple pickup) and I think the colour is washed cherry. I did not get a COA. I am in the UK and bought this beautiful guitar from USA on ebay back in 2012. It is everything you might imagine it to be from the picture. After which I joined the Gibson forum in order to find out more and discuss guitars and related subjects with like-minded Gibson owners. It has its ups and downs and has changed a lot since then but I have mostly really enjoyed it. I got a warm welcome response to my very 1st post from a guy called Tim, a real expert. I remember the Nugent wars, Fenderguy, Ludnuts.....I remember Axe, Shred, Milod, Dub, Surfpup, Stein, Rocketman, Donny, Retro, DaveinSpain, Cruz, RevLee, Searcy, my friend 4Hayden and many others. I am dismayed to see the exit of Pippy and Big Bill, both of whom have been greats of the forum. I hope Tman is ok. But anyway......I hope you like the picture. That really is what it is all aobut. The row of albums you can see above the amp is alphabetically Coltrane to Doors; also includes Connors, Cooder, Corea, Coryell, Cream, Crimson, Davis, Desmond, and Dimeola. Take care everyone. As Sparq (best wishes my friend) says, I'm gonna shut up now.
  3. New strings usually audibly improve my tone.
  4. Many Happy Returns bbp and mihcmac!
  5. "Jupiter Variation" - John Coltrane
  6. "All Down the Line" - The Rolling Stones
  7. Whenever I go on a car journey now, before I leave the house I get some salt and put it on my left shoulder, then sprinkle some pepper on my right shoulder. I'm a seasoned traveller.
  8. jdgm


    Still got mine though I've been selling a lot of it on Discogs for the last 3 years, have sold maybe....200? Will eventually sell much more as I still have many favorite albums on CD and LP. There is always some audible difference in the way the mix is presented on each. To me, digital has great detail and depth but analog has a stronger kick forward out of the speakers plus a different colouration/warmth. Like Brad, LPs are the diaries and memories of my life, going to hang onto them a bit longer. Prices for good condition old LPs are through the roof for names like Hendrix, Zeppelin and Floyd as well as more obscure rock ones. Streaming is ok - all down to bit rate. Sonically different to vinyl. You could say the "average " person wouldn't hear any difference as they wouldn't be listening for it. One time a friend played "Dixie Chicken" on MP3 and there was something very flat and lifeless about it to my ears as I knew the album well. Can I tell the difference with music I haven't heard before? Not really. Plus, systems have changed and speakers have become much smaller. I'm too old for earbuds.
  9. Until about a decade ago I had two Twin Mk IIs. It was my dream to have them both running in stereo onstage, though this only happened in my living room for short periods at low volume. About 2008 or 09 I was loading for a gig and picked up my main Twin a different way for once. I am tall and usually would just bend at the waist, grab both sides where the back was open and manhandle it up to my chest. Heavy and supposedly not the right way to do it but I never had a problem. This particular time I decided to follow the H&S advice I'd been given at work for heavy lifts, and went down on one knee first. As I stood up with it, ALL my chest/rib muscles down my right side strained or ripped with a horrible crackling noise. Whoah! - serious intense pain which took at least 3 months to initially recover from and I still got pain for years after when lifting anything or twisting from the waist. No more Twins for me. Now I have a red-knob 1x12 Super 60 - and that's not light. I finally got a wheeled trolley a few years back. The previous owner of my Dual Showman installed flight case-type sprung handles on the sides. I never used tilt-back legs anyway and it's much lighter than a Twin II so I can still heft it. It's a 2x12 combo; unusual as it's also UK 240v. I think it may have been a special order. One of the local guitar heroes, Kevin Smith from Unicorn, always used a Dual Showman head with a massive Fender cab, probably the 2x15". And a Tele of course - a very fine guitarist indeed. The connection to this thread is that George Benson's current signature amp is a Twin Reverb! https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/GBTwin--fender-gb-george-benson-twin-reverb-85-watt-2x12-inch-tube-combo-amp
  10. "Now He Beats The Drum, Now He Stops" - Chick Corea (with Roy haynes and Miroslav Vitous)
  11. I still have a 70s silver face MV Dual Showman. Think I better get it out and use it - when gigging returns. Social distancing = need extra volume!
  12. Elvin Jones "On The Mountain" and "Agenda" Weather Report 1st side "I Sing The Body Electric", "Procession", "Red China Blues" Johnny Jones, T-Bone Walker, Buddy Guy & Junior Wells, Freddie King, Otis Rush 👍
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