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  1. Pics. What we do on the forum is - upload pics to a free photo/image hosting site, which allows you to copy and paste links to those pics into your posts. For instance - https://postimages.org/ I am saying this as I want to see pics of a white pearl sparkle top Les Paul with P90s. Very much.
  2. jdgm

    R9 How Sweet We R

    I visited my local guitar shop before Xmas - it was on a Sunday, so very quiet and they insisted I have a go on one of the new R9s. Yes it was superb - as I am in UK it was a high price too. My own LP is a 1956 spec Custom. Love it.
  3. "Sittin' On Top Of The World" - Howlin' Wolf - that's the version for me
  4. Sadly, there is not one single production big-box/f-hole archtop jazz guitar. Only the one-off "spiderman" thing they walk past inthe 1st minute or so. No ES 175 or even 275, no Byrdland, L4 or L5. And these are nowhere to be found in the current lists of available Gibsons, either. SHAME. Yes, SHAME. No doubt this is a decision based on hard economics but it is very regrettable given Gibson's long and illustrious history in the developmentof the archtop f-hole guitar. I'm tempted to mutter something about all the same pair of jeans in different colours, but.....well.... At least the HJ era (1st 30 yrs) had plenty of variety....there were lots of limited run/special edition models and variations on the classic designs. Many of those were amazing.
  5. I think it means you tune A to C the same as the low E, and the G to C same as the D string, so you'd have unisons.
  6. jdgm

    String advice

    That's stunning. I'd like a good go on it! Another vote from me for the flatwound 11s. Just the job!
  7. I agree. Come and live in the UK. When/if I can get a gig with either of my bands, the pay is the same as it was 30 years ago. This year is going to be a 'crunch' year for me - I am considering jacking the whole thing in. I am fed up with risking my life driving long distances in atrocious weather every time I have to go and play music. The last gig I did I got paid comparatively well - £50, and that is good money - but as my car broke down, all the money and more was spent on repair. As for playing for myself/other musicians/the audience, I just try to play WELL and enjoy it. I concede I am no great entertainer - or great musician. There is a ridiculous number of bands/performers all competing for the same low-paid gigs in a comparatively small number of venues, most of which are struggling to stay open. Many of the bands/artists will play for free as they are so desperate for exposure. Sorry about the moan but I've been playing live since 1977 in England, and it's an uphill labour of love.
  8. "That's It for the Other One" - Grateful Dead
  9. An excellent demo. Simple and a very good comparison. Congratulations. The LP and PRS are quite close, the PRS perhaps a little brighter/livelier. May I suggest that you re-post this in the Performance Hall part of the Forum, or perhaps even in Reviews? Best wishes.
  10. For a long time in the 80s I was obsessed with string gauges and used to buy EB singles to make up a set of 12,15,17p,30,40,50 for my archtop semi. 10.5 set looks like one to try - Mondo Slinky.... EBs - good sound and response, generally very reliable in my exp. Industry standard.
  11. Hello Nicola Yes it is an ES335 Studio, not a 'Lucille'. So the wiring will be like this diagram, which also shows the electronic components you will need - https://www.siglermusiconline.com/pages/diagrams-gibson-es335-50s Here is a guide which might help - https://www.musicradar.com/how-to/how-to-rewire-a-hollowbody-guitar There are a huge number of different pickups available. The one in your picture is a Seymour Duncan which - if it is working properly - is a very good pickup and quite expensive. You could buy another Seymour Duncan to match, or for about the same money you could buy a pair of cheaper pickups which should be just as good but not a famous brand name. You might also want nice shiny chrome pickup covers which could be included in the price. I like Kent Armstrong pickups - another famous name - but Artec pickups (for instance) are much cheaper and very good for the money. You need humbucking pickups. And you need control knobs, a bridge, bridge mounting studs, and a stopbar tailpiece. I am in the UK - do you intend to buy via the internet? If you are in Italy are there any guitar shops or repairmen you can take this to? Wiring is fairly easy but you need to know what you are doing! I don't rewire my own guitars, am lucky to have a friend who does it for not too much money. Thomann in Germany is a big supplier and you might find them to be a good price, too. https://www.thomann.de/gb/spareparts_for_instruments.html Also, please look at the link below which is part of this site - for Gibson owners in Italy. If you could re-post your query there - maybe you will get some answers! https://forum.gibson.com/forum/22-gibson-italy/ Best wishes jdgm
  12. Hi Tony I am also in UK. Here is the Gibson page about the LP 100 - note the diagram of necks. The asymmetrical profile changes as you go up the neck. http://legacy.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2015/USA/Les-Paul-Standard.aspx And this is from Andertons blurb for a s/h one - Electronics: Burst Bucker Pro 1+2 , Push/Pull Coil Taps, Phase changing and Pure Bypass Reverse polarity rear pickup for authentic single coil combinations So you can also put the pickups out of phase with each other, and true bypass (I think) will bypass the tone and vol controls so the pickup(s) is/are at 100% vol and tone. Short Youtube video about it:
  13. I would not buy this guitar at any price. Custom Shop "Education Series"....? I doubt it very much. The phrase implies a student or beginner's guitar and they wouldn't (need to) make those in the Custom Shop. The highly skilled Custom Shop employees are busy making high-end Gibsons. Epiphone guitars are more like an "Education Series". It's a great phrase but the only education anyone will get from this is the buyer when they realise they have been fooled. The diamond inlay on the headstock is like a Les Paul Custom, the rest of it looks homemade or like a cheap copy. The control knob/switch positions and holes - what there is of them - are far too close together. If the neck has a scarf joint (headstock and neck are NOT all one piece) and/or is a bolt-on that's another very big red flag. Not legit at all IMO.
  14. Kirk Hammett meets Peter Green - new project in the works. https://blog.eil.com/2020/01/11/peter-green-to-launch-new-project-in-2020-featuring-metallicas-kirk-hammett/?utm_source=Blog.eil.com+Record+Collecting+News&utm_campaign=4786da891b-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2020_01_15_09_06&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_488cee8dc3-4786da891b-276951403&mc_cid=4786da891b&mc_eid=cd6e4679ee Peter looks like he just can't wait to hear the Metallica album Mick Fleetwood's Tribute to Peter Green concert is sold out; It is said that David Gilmour is to play "Albatross" and on "Need Your Love So Bad". http://www.mickfleetwoodofficial.com/petergreentribute/ Hope you can see these links in the U.S.
  15. It is either the pickup or the switch. Wire the pickup to be the neck one and check it works. If so it must be the switch surely? Or some sort of out-of-phase problem? Best wishes.
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