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  1. "Another Girl, Another Planet" - The Only Ones
  2. Yes it is a special very limited edition with the heart inlay. I think the info you have so far is correct. Basic version: http://legacy.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Archtop/Gibson-Custom/Wes-Montgomery-L-5-CES/Features.aspx These get advertised for $8-10k now AFAIK (or more than that in £GBP - I am in the UK). So yours should be worth more IMO. The guy here who knows most about this sort of thing is @JimR56 so I hope he sees this! For an accurate insurance valuation you will have to pay. Might be worth emailing either of these: Archtop.com - ht
  3. Hello and welcome Post your enquiry in the acoustic section of this forum if you want an answer. That's where the Hummingbird experts are at. https://forum.gibson.com/forum/40-gibson-acoustic/ To include photos, which would greatly improve your chances of getting accurate info on the guitar, you would have to upload them to an image-hosting site then copy and paste the link they will give - into your post on this forum. Good luck!
  4. Thanks all. I hope to (sooner or later) find something much more local to me. At the moment it's 50-70 mile round trips just to rehearse. But the live music scene in England for older guys....the ground is shifting under all our feet so to speak. I just read the "no gigs" thread by @Mutha.
  5. Some of it was ok but....... Our bass player (bless him) is even deafer than he was. He had an open string ringing in one number and I had to stop it and tell him. He plays incredibly loud too as he's deaf, and he could not hear it ffs. We've got the hall booked for next Thurs, it would have been ok except today the singer has emailed us all to say he can't do it anymore after September and blah blah. I'm not too surprised, he's a nice enough guy - but it's always been on/off since he joined and he never gelled, so it's probably the final nail in the coffin. I can't r
  6. Absolutely what he just said. Except a new tailpiece might be easier and cheaper than removing those initials. Re headstock; these days people are asking lots of $$$ for guitars of that age, even with a headstock repair. The signatures....hmmm....nah.
  7. IMO and in my experience lower output pickups would be better at getting that woodiness you are after. Good luck with it!
  8. "Tramcar to Frankenstein" · The Liverpool Scene A great old track featuring the poetry of the late great Adrian Henri - I saw them several times - even chatted to him in a pub a few years later - go on, listen - you may even smile
  9. Hi Cali. Hope you are well and still digging the 175. Think you have a rosewood tele too? I am ok in the uk (at the mo). But no gigs. Take care now
  10. I like both. The top looks absolutely stunning. Gold hardware would look good....whatever..
  11. It's A Beautiful Day? Larks Tongues-era King Crimson. Curved Air....UK.....Family....High Tide....are some olde English names of bands wiv violin innit, m'lud. Fairport Convention - not a rock band! Loggins and Messina? ...hmpffhh!
  12. Tune-o-matic ABR-1 style gold plated bridge for Les Paul, SG, etc. Good quality. Probably heavier gold plating than a Gibson one.
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