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  1. jdgm


    Another nice one! Like. I'd have to put a black switch tip on it. Gibson seem to have a thing for white switch tips whatever colour the rest of the plastics. And you're gigging again? I think over here in the UK I won't be doing that for about another 6 months. Congrats, Happy Xmas!!
  2. jdgm


    Nice. Congrats!
  3. Hello I can't help much except to say I think it's very unlikely to have had nylon saddles originally. Here is a very nice one with a non-wire bridge and gold knobs - https://www.atbguitars.com/store/product/1959-gibson-es-330-tdc-cherry-red-custom-ordered-ohsc-1959es330cherry345/ And another (same shop) with again non-wire bridge and gold knobs - https://www.atbguitars.com/store/product/1959-gibson-es-330-td-1959es330/ Go for gold, I say - best wishes!
  4. @clayville Excellent post - I missed that!
  5. "40 Days And 40 Nights" - Muddy Waters
  6. CS000378. Would be either 2000 (no - CS336 not introduced until 2001) or 2010 (and the 378th guitar made by the CS in that year). I think 2010 but contact Gibson for confirmation. EDIT - see post below!
  7. jdgm

    Les Paul BFG

    It is certainly possible; search for Les Paul wiring harnesses on the net. If you can solder, you shoulkd be able to do it yourself without too much trouble....IF the hole for the killswitch is the same size or larger than the hole(s) for the pot shaft(s). Otherwise you need to take it to an experienced repairman. One thing to consider is - can the modification be reversed if you wanted to put the guitar back to original? Otherwise the mod may affect the value. I don't dig kill switches on a guitar either. But then I tend to use a volume pedal. Best wishes.
  8. Yes. I discovered recently he was also in Uriah Heep for a short time.
  9. Very nice too, congrats. Play long and prosper. 👍
  10. Excellent work Mr S!! Surely that is the one!?
  11. Looks very nice. Hello and welcome to the forum. I have a LP custom (with P90 pickups). But no E string issue.....then again I'm not in Eb. I think you will get used to it and compensate. Best wishes!
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