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  1. https://www.guitarscanada.com/threads/ngd-2000-epiphone-les-paul-limited-edition-custom.40617/ http://www.thefret.net/showthread.php/18100-NGD-2000-Epiphone-Les-Paul-Custom-Limited-Edition Think both are the same guitar.
  2. "Don't Go To Strangers" - J. J. Cale
  3. I'm not surprised! To me ebony is slightly zingier than rosewood but....it's probably subjective. I always liked the substitution of "chromyte" for balsa wood. With wooden musical instruments.....the whole 'tonewood' bit depends on it being old, well-seasoned or carefully dried wood, and well made....as much as whatever wood it is made of. IMO.
  4. I think I understand tortoise keeping but lizards and snakes...nope. Beautiful animals but I couldn't be their keeper. Ultimate guitar cord (I have one of these, 'Silver' series) - http://www.petecornish.co.uk/cabprice.html
  5. jdgm


    It's nice to have an iconic body. Yuh.
  6. "Please Don't Bundle Me" - Kazumi Watanabe
  7. Ebony has been dyed for many years AFAIK. Streaked or un-dyed ebony is becoming more used now. Macassar is generally stripier than Gaboon which is often dyed. Slightly off topic; I recently learned that hornbeam and lignum vitae are both known as 'ironwood' as they are very hard to work. I have 5 with ebony boards at the moment, 3 of those with 24 frets. Luxurious.
  8. Worked in my garden today, all good....the last thing I did was to hand-saw up a lot of old deadwood I'd taken out of the bushes at the top. I knelt down to do it. Couldn't believe how hard it was to get up, and how tired I felt - it suddenly hit me - when I did. At 66 I don't bounce back anymore. But I had to finish it; what I was thinking was "if I get all this done today I won't have to do it tomorrow". 👍
  9. The 2014 Anniversary SG Specials came without scratchplate and have 2 HBs. Notice the inlay on 12th fret. I think a previous owner has changed plastics and added scratchplate.
  10. I should probably shut up by now but...... 2 of the wires get tied off/soldered together and ignored...? If you are not wiring for (as it says) series/parallel/split coil. Which can get much more complicated. Plenty of wiring diagrams on the net. S Duncan and Dimarzio have good ones - https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=guitar+pickup+wiring+diagrams+guides
  11. Your tastes change and you learn what's good and what isn't. What hasn't really changed for me is what I am looking for in all the music I listen to. And I can't put that into words. But God bless Jimi Hendrix who changed my life and who died 50 years ago today.
  12. Oh well if they're that high output....... Apologies did not know dat!
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