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  1. Good sound, impressive bass and drums too! Hope it all works out - what's the band called? 🍀🔊
  2. " Everybody's Got to Change Sometime" - Taj Mahal (composed by Sleepy John Estes)
  3. Good bit of planning there! 🖖👍
  4. "Down Along The Cove" - Bob Dylan Both originally on "John Wesley Harding" LP
  5. "Death Of An Electric Citizen" - Edgar Broughton Band
  6. Looks good and I've no doubt it sounds good, congrats!
  7. I had a wine red L6S - my 1st Gibson. 24 frets, Bill Lawrence pickups, fast narrow neck with rosewood board, chainsaw case - should have kept it of course. Hard to find now in good or unmodded condition. Polane is a kind of poly varnish more usually used on metal surfaces AFAIK.
  8. "Life On The Wire" - Morrissey-Mullen
  9. "Kick in the Eye" - Bauhaus
  10. Good for them. I'm not a Radiohead fan but they've done the right thing, even though the music in question obviously wasn't considered fit for release. I hope someone tracks the blackmailer down. What a CREEP.
  11. "That Girl" - Stevie Wonder
  12. "You're a Lady" - Peter Skellern
  13. Another vote for VLC Media Player here. A truly excellent program.
  14. "I'm a Man" - The Spencer Davis Group
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