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  1. "Close To You" - The Carpenters
  2. "Light Me Up" - Herbie Hancock
  3. Yes it takes awhile to work out a good system for restringing with a trapeze tailpiece. You need something to hold the ball end in the tailpiece slot, a bit of cloth or something/anything that won't scratch. Myself - I put the low and high E strings on 1st and set the bridge position, tighten the strings so it won't move then proceed from there. Good luck! Here are some tips anyway - https://forum.seymourduncan.com/showthread.php?50709-Trapeze-tailpieces-unsecured-bridges-and-restringing https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/changing-strings-trapeze-tailpiece.1051056/
  4. jdgm


    Yeah - Great! I had the "Skip James - Today" LP on Vanguard years ago.....yet another I should have kept. Geoff Muldaur does a very good version of this tune but....Skip James lived and wrote it. 👍
  5. I think it is legit, and is a Gibson Ace Frehley 'Budokan' Les Paul Custom - https://www.guitar-list.com/gibson/electric-guitars/gibson-ace-frehley-budokan-les-paul-custom
  6. 1966 or '67 rosewood board Strat, large headstock, ser.no. 161234. Sold with case for £350 to Vintage and Rare guitars at the turn of the 80s, about 3 weeks before the Strat revival started! Probably worth £8-10k+? now..... Also in pic; original 70s Hagstrom Swede, original Roland JC120 - all long gone.
  7. "Blind Man, Blind Man" - Herbie Hancock
  8. Say what you mean.......
  9. jdgm

    New LP issue

    This happened to me too when I got my LP Custom with P90s. Just had to keep on playing it. It's a nice problem to have, with only one solution of course. You have to buy another guitar..........
  10. "Let Me in Your Life" - Bill Withers
  11. Yes I read this. Someone on youtube commented that he didn't have a single bad song - or something like that - and it's true. Great voice, great songwriter; what they call 'old school' now. Sure we all heard "Lovely Day" (and even played it?) too many times, but his stuff was always quality writing and singing, direct from the heart and so much soul. Instantly identifiable voice; 6 or 7 songs have been engraved into my musical memories of the 70s. R.I.P. Bill and thanks for letting me lean on your music.
  12. "Lovely Day" - Bill Withers R.I.P.
  13. Hi Cap Great to hear from you. Stay safe, stay well - stay with us. Best wishes JohnM
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