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  1. I love a single cutaway semi. Mine are all 2 pickups. But that is a beautiful 330!
  2. I think he's right. Take it to a good repairman for a set-up pointing out your concerns about the studs. It will cost a bit but IMO well worth it. Everything will be sorted out.
  3. Ok I'm beginning to get it.....metal fans to a large extent made Metallica and now they feel betrayed. Is that accurate? I remember either he or Hetfield once said Metallica would never make a promo video. ....oops. That was a long time ago. Unfortunately if you want a long career as a big name group you can't do it without the money machine.
  4. It does look a bit rushed. The holes for the studs are probably at a slight angle. It may just be 'cosmetic' (looks bad but doesn't affect playing) but I'd want my studs to have full contact with the top and I'd expect better for the amount of money. I'd be pissed off. It might be possible to fix it without too much trouble (but don't try yourself unless you have some woodworking experience and a lot of patience). Next time you change strings take the bridge and tailpiece off and see if there's any wiggle in those studs. I doubt it, but if so you might be able to seat them proper
  5. So have you got it? Looks nice in the link and I googled. We love to see pics of a new guitar here!
  6. Wow you lucky man. Top-notch stuff. That's got real style...I don't use headphones like I used to but there's nothing like it. What have you got on vinyl that you'd really dig over those phones?
  7. One thing that always without exception happens in any discussion of Metallica.....every single time. Almost everyone discussing mentions that "Lars is sh*t" - the drummer's crap - etc. Even the biggest fans. Now I'm not a Metallica (or Megadeth) fan but I had to work out some tracks of the black album for my pupils when I was teaching guitar. I always pointed out how good the intro to "Enter Sandman" is because of the way the drums work beneath each change in the riff, building and pushing the momentum forward. Would they sound much better (or much different) with anot
  8. "Skinny Legs and All" - Joe Tex....again!
  9. "Ain't Gonna Bump No More (With No Big Fat Woman)" - Joe Tex
  10. I REALLY like this picture. Wholesome approval
  11. It takes a very long time to load the newest entry in the Song Association Game thread. Think it's going through every single page.
  12. It does look as if someone has replaced the knobs and plastics....almost as if it has been refinished to look more like a LP Standard or Deluxe...
  13. Hi Sammi From what you have written and looking at the pics, it is a Japanese-made copy of a Gibson EB0 bass and (unfortunately) not a real USA-made Gibson. Because it has Gibson on the headstock it might be considered counterfeit if you were to sell it on ebay, though I suppose you could mask the logo off and plead ignorance. Value is really whatever someone will pay for it - hard to say - £100-ish? Not much more. If it plays ok someone will like it. Best wishes.
  14. "Too Many Drivers" - Better Days/Paul Butterfield
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