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  1. Sounds good...that's what it's all about! Best wishes my friend
  2. I used to love Pharoah and still have that LP and a couple others. I saw him live once with Dannie Richmond on drums. "Pharoah's Dance" - Miles Davis
  3. "Village Of The Pharoahs" - Pharoah Sanders
  4. I should've thought of that! Why didn't I think of that? "Ghost Riders In The Sky" - Vaughn Monroe, Burl Ives, Johnny Cash etc
  5. My memories are hazy; not surprisingly as I was definitely in a haze......anyway.... I may have told these before but here goes; circa 1978 I think. My 1st gig was either a party or a then-local-to-me pub. The pub still has bands to this day. Our band was called Snatters which is (apparently) Irish slang for bogeys. I remember I was playing bass as everyone else wanted to play guitar (there were 3 guitars in it!) and we were so green we didn't even work out how many verses and choruses to play on each number. During "Crossroads" I was enjoying it so much I turned round to the drummer and nodded an excited "YEAH!" He f***in' stopped. Argh. Then picked it up again. At the end my friend Ken came up and said "well John, you all really did go different ways down at the crossroads didn't you! Ho! Ho!" Touché, Ken. I've never forgotten that one and it brings a smile to my face every time I think about it now. Was that the 1st gig? Or was it the party where no less a person than famous Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason was in attendance? Read on...... The party was in an old barn (other end of the town where I live now, funnily enough) and we supported a band who - stick with me on this, ok? - had the guitarist and bassist from a band called Unicorn in. Now Unicorn were a PROPER band with albums out on Transatlantic and Harvest and their main songwriter wrote "There's No Way Out Of Here" which David Gilmour covered on his 1st solo LP. At that time myself and 2 other members of our band were 'studying' - ha! - at W Surrey College of Art, where also studying was a real party animal and photographer called John R*****. His sister (it may have been her party) was at the time an 'item' with Nick Mason, who obviously at least vaguely knew the ex-Unicorn members of the main band. So as WE played, I was completely amazed to see none other than NICK MASON from THE PINK FLOYD watching us! With a "WTF?" bemused expression on his face. True story, no exaggeration. And it's been steadily downhill ever since! Best wishes to all.
  6. Many Happy Returns jax...... 🎂
  7. "The Eye Of The Hurricane" - Herbie Hancock ....I was hoping to find a suitable title by the excellent but not-well-known jazz and classical pianist Uri Caine. But.......ok never mind
  8. I am no expert but there are things that don't look right with this guitar. Bridge posts have screw slots. Fingerboard does not look like ebony (or richlite). Fret ends are exposed, not bound. Also - though it may just be the camera angle - the top of the headstock looks odd and so does the cutaway. Unfortunately our 'resident' expert(s) don't log on here nearly as much as they used to, so you may have to wait for a more informed response. Best wishes.
  9. "3rd Stone From The Sun" - Jimi Hendrix Experience
  10. jdgm


    Ah now that looks a bit special........ Good story too. Why didn't the store display it, it would have sold.... It's destiny, and you can't avoid destiny.
  11. jdgm


    Congrats but can't see pic. Oh play that thing
  12. OMG I remember this thread! Perhaps I should have apologized to A Buckeridge (same name as famous UK kids author) - but he was so pompous that I still have to laugh. Long gone - I think this thread hastened his departure. I'd never write a response like that now........pretty damn pompous myself!!!!
  13. I still have similar to these on 3 of my guitars - Schaller crank buttons. I take care, so mine haven't broken. Mighty Mite also made 'em. Looks like a promo item/paperweight to me. But....what part of your body is it resting on?
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