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  1. Buy online - i would recommend sweetwater. Those guys have pictures of the actual guitars on their website and they will go the extra mile to take more pictures and set it up the way you want it before it leaves their store. They box well and ship it out and guarantee their products and shipping. I haven't had to do it personally but I know people who have sent stuff back and exchanged things with no issues whatsoever so if you're not happy they will take care of you. Guitar center on the other hand is the complete opposite experience!
  2. Nope ive never tightened the nuts on the pegs and only made one truss adjustment since I owned it and barely tightened the screw because I'm always afraid of stripping the wood.
  3. Thanks guys - I have seen similar issues posted here and on other forums. The guitar is only 5 years old so it's a bit disappointing but as long as it doesn't worsen I think I'll survive. Seems like an easy repair for any competent luthier so if it does worsen I'll look to get it fixed.
  4. So I was restringing today and I noticed a little flake near the tuning peg and brushed it away only to discover it was a nasty chip of the finish. Then I immediately noticed a second chip near another peg. Should I be concerned here? Look only cosmetic which I can get over albeit a little begrudgingly. The guitar is kept in the case when not played and hasn't left the house. It's never seen house temps below 65ish. I do store my guitars in a corner near an outside wall but again the temps don't go below 65 and in fact my acoustic guitar has a temp/humid gauge in the case and it doesn't fall below 68ish inside the case. I know it's not covered under warranty and probably not worth a repair since it's not terrible. Thoughts? Attaching pics.
  5. Lowering the bridge and tailpiece without loosening strings shouldn't result in any issues. In fact it shouldn't be tight or hard to turn them if you're indeed turning them the right way to lower the bridge or tailpiece. Unless you were turning the wrong way and we're raising the tailpiece. That might feel hard to turn without loosening the strings. It would also take a LOT of force to turn it hard enough to break strings or damage anything. As other said I also make small adjustments without loosening strings. Easier to make them with less tension though. Now, the one thing I would never touch without first loosening strings is the truss rod. That would be dangerous.
  6. Dg77

    NGD YESSS !!!

    The 2016s are making it hard for me to not buy one. I was after a prs Tremonti SE custom or if I felt a splurge a Usa Tremonti only because I want a slightly longer scale length for lower tunings, but I might be swayed into a lp standard t because they are bad ***.
  7. Same thing happened when I met my now wife on our first date - looked different than her picture she posted online. Couldn't return her so I've been stuck with her for 10 years now.
  8. I think this A solid change to the lineup and makes more sense. It's easy to distinguish what is what. Marketing in the HP is interesting too "soloist neck". Ok....wtf is that? I suppose it's the wider neck. I just love that they rebranded it "soloist neck" to make it sound like its somehow magically way better for that type of playing. In all seriousness though, it makes total sense. We have the "purists" line and the "modern" line essentially. That should stop all the hating on Gibson for changing things up. Personally I'm the purist type, and will look at maybe a standard so I can have something with the slim neck, but I have to say I'm intrigued by the new neck heel on the HP.
  9. Dg77

    2016 Models

    Probably Cost of production and profit margins. Easier and costs less to drill a hole and screw it on than to have extra different pickup rings and different guards inventoried. I'm actually surprised that they dont just throw the guards in the hard case and leave it to the customer to put on, or not. That's how they brought the cost back down too.
  10. This is no surprise and I think they will go back to the pre-2015 neck width once they move through the stock im sure they have on hand. This sprint run is obviously a ploy to work though inventory, hence the limited tag they put on it. It's limited because once they run through the bins of wider necks and zero frets, that'll be the end of those offerings. As small of a change as that was I just couldn't get past the width. I'm on board with going a few steps back for sure. I think my next lp will have a 60s style neck but I'm not a fan of the assumeyrical so most likely I'll shop used unless they have a 60s that's not assumeyrical. Which I don't think they currently offer.....maybe I'm wrong though
  11. I never understood the waxing and polishing of a guitar to keep it looking new. Maybe a $7k plus special edition or limited run of something that will never be seen again or a collectors guitar like my '41 j-35......but a run of the mill lp like mine, I don't see the need. It's meant to be played and it will wear. It's not a shiny new lamorghini that sits in a garage and never moves.
  12. Dg77

    I need help!!

    I was slightly off on the quote but here ya go http://youtu.be/a6iW-8xPw3k
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