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  1. This is my baby. It's a 2006 Explorer, bone stock, with an ebony fretboard. Before I got it I had all these plans to buy my nice Gibson and modify and customize the hell out of it, but once I got it I changed my mind. it seemed perfect, like there was nothing I could do to make it any better. I might change the knobs or add some pickup covers, but It doesnt need them. They are going to bury me with this guitar.
  2. Thats the way to do it! When i first started playing I used to hide behind effects, but now I just love the sound I get on m Epi.
  3. Well, as for me and m brother's day-to-day practice space, we like to keep it simple: Cheap 'ol Westbury set, random set of cymbals, and for me all I need is my Explorer, a cable, and my Epi Valve Junior. Where my band practices every week, we have a lot more gear: I usually play bass, and do so through a Fender Rumble amp and my Fender MIM J-Bass, and my brother has a nice Pearl set. My stepbrother, however, runs his guitar into a BOSS Chorus Ensemble Stereo pedal, and each output from that stompbox runs into a seperate Line 6 Spider III 75 amp, with effect
  4. The only way (unless you manage to find an anniversary edition) to get a Gibson Explorer nowadays with trapezoid inlays is to get the Robot Explorer (which is now actually cheaper than the standard Explorer). Not sure about the V though.
  5. Nice, I didnt notice the Vibramate! That was a real nice GOW Explorer, too. Theres no way I'd be able to bring myself to putting a tremolo on mine though. Im too scared to drill holes for a Marestro trem and I dont really like the look of a Bigsby on an Explorer (on the few that I've seen). Anyone seen these before? Totally awesome.
  6. Already been done. Check out this beauty. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WurmKHQENw As if those bastards weren't already hard enough to tune! With this finish, pick guard and the tremolo, i think this one right here might be my dream guitar.
  7. Youre gonna drill holes in your Explorer? Just like that? You scare me.
  8. I'm not sure about real career work, but as far as minimum wagin' student jobs here in Canada things dont seem to have changed all that much. I'm actually going in for a few interviews tomorrow at golf courses and grocery stores around town next week. Need to start saving up for next years tuition, and that SG faded bass that just came out for super cheap.
  9. No brainer. I love my Explorer more than any other guitar I've ever played. Looks, feel, sound, this design has it all. I'm gonna be buried with this guitar.
  10. http://bass-guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Gibson-SG-Faded-Limited-Edition-Bass?sku=513285 I can't wait for this summer when I order mine! This is EXACTLY what I've been saying for YEARS that Gibson should do. One of the reasons Fenderhas always had way more of the bass market is because of their cheap, versatile basses. For years and years the only basses Gibson offered were hard to come across (at least where I live) and goddamn expensive! Soon, I'll have my own!
  11. Template how? Like just submit the measurements? Hey, free is free.
  12. Excellent! Make sure you post some pics! Or how about a little youtube demonstration?
  13. My Explorer got it's the other day as well. Sadly, I wasn't the one playing it. Since I was playing bass for our War Pigs cover, I let our guitarist borrow it (since he's only got an Epi Special 2). He absolutely loved how it played, and everybody told us afterward how awesome it and my J-Bass sounded (and looked!). Wonderful instrument.
  14. Those are beautifull! Let's see some more pics from the bass owners! Also, what do those little switches on the bottom of the RD do?
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