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  2. My Brother is trying to decide between a Fender jazz bass and a gibson short scale thunderbird. I've never known gibson for basses and don't know the extent of their abilites. which would you say?
  3. I recently got a 2x12 guitar cabinet. I think I'm regretting it because i feel like I'll eventually have to upgrade to a half stack, maybe even a full stack after that. I feel like it's pointless having something I'll eventually replace. Will a 2x12 cabinet suffice for any venue? Miked or not? What are the tonal differences between a 2x12 and a 4x12 cabinet?
  4. I got my first tube amp head (Bugera 333XL INFINIUM) today and have a few questions: 1. How long can it stay on? I attend events where it has to be on for upwards of 5 hours. I played around with it for about 45 minutes today and it got somewhat hot, cool enough to touch without getting burned, but still. 2. It has 2 output jacks (Currently using 1 2x12 jet city cab) does it matter which one I connect to? 3. I think this is right, but I just want to be sure, Ohms in head have to match Ohms in cab? Ex: 8 Ohm head connected to one 8 Ohm cab If you can answer any of these it w
  5. I have a Joe Bonamassa Les Paul studio and I love to play it live. I was wondering if big name artists that play in big stadiums besides the signature artist are allowed to play signature models; If it violates some kind of copyright or something. I've never seen a live artist play a signature model unless it was their own. IF i made it that far, I wouldn't want to stop playing it!
  6. What is the difference between one ES and the next? i mean, i know the 339 is smaller and the 330 has P-90s, but among the others, are they any major differences besides the number on the price tag?
  7. By a basis on sound and tone, do Studio/faded models have any noticeable differences between and Traditional/Standard models? If they had the same pickup combination of course. If there are any differences, what would they be?
  8. I was watching Joe Bonamassa's video about his 3 signature Les Paul guitars. i noticed that the USA model and the Gibson custom Model didn't sound very different(huge difference from the epiphone, of course, but it was good, too). Are there really any sound quality differences between USA and custom shop? Here's the video:
  9. i'm buying from a shop for sure. i'm pretty sure Korina is a labeled a great wood for guitars, but then again, so is mahogany. i accounted for both of those.
  10. My aunt agreed that she would get me a new guitar if i got good grades this semester. Since i don't want to bankrupt her, I'm having a tough time choosing between the Epiphone firebird studio and the Epiphone Korina 1958 explorer reissue. i played the firebird and it has an amazing blues tone and performed well in all other styles I play. I've yet to try the Korina explorer, but i know they both have Alnico classic Humbuckers. What do you guys think?
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