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  1. Hey Guys, I have a Les Paul Studio that ive had for 4 or 5 years i love it its my only gibson and im sure it will stay my only gibson for a while since im a broke college kid, anyway i saw some photos on the net with a les paul studio in fireburst with cream pu rings and toggle switch and ring (just like mine) and it had a pick gaurd hmmm what do you guys think of that? i thought it looked pretty nice but i cant decide i need a few suggestions. and is installing a pickgaurd a huge process or could me and my old man figure it out?
  2. Im gonna call my local guiatr center right now! that is by far the nicest guitar ive seen in while!
  3. Oh man i need a p93 now! that is by far the coolest looking guitar i saw in a while. i have a shearton that i added a bigsby too and they would be a great set! i never owned a guitar with p90s before! how long do you think musicains freind will have these babies in stock for im waiting on a check to come in it should be here on june 1st,
  4. There is a blues jr. on my local craigs list. should i cehck it ou. he wants 350 for it.
  5. Hey guys, My modded sherry is the most versatile guitar ever, in my opinion i just played a bruce springsteen set with my band it sounded great and then we played some dylan its works with everything, but my amp isnt as versatile. Im using a fender stage 212 or something its not the best i really want to get a new one i have about 600 bucks saved up can you guys reccommend anything? i kinda want to do tubes but im afaid i dont know much about them but im willing to learn. i hear alot of good things about the vox ac15 i was thinking about that . i kinda want to stay away from halfstacks since i
  6. Hey Dude Im a huge fan of the pearly gates. i put it in my Epiphone sheraton and i love it. i matched it with a gibson 57 and it sounds good to me. i think that combo in a goldtop will be great! it will be a very versastle machine!
  7. I am by no means a metal head but i do enjoy a lot of metallica's stuff. and i enjpy playing some songs of the black album. But this is not my everyday style i mostly play rock like Drive By Truckers black crowes springsteen rolling stone type of stuff do you guys thing the les paul studio un-modded is suited for both?
  8. So i really want to get some dirty fingers pickups but i dont know what they would sound best in. i have a bunch of guitars but they have all be modded already. so i was thinking of getting the epi firebird studio and putting some dirty fingers in it. how do you think she will sound? anybody have exp. with dirty fingers?
  9. Is it easy enough for me to do by myself or do i need some proffesional help?? I want to put a dirty fingers pu in it. Yeah the wiring troubles me i have no clue what im doing when it comes to that. i had the repair guy in my local music store put my seymour duncan pickups in, Do you think a dirty fingers would sound cool?
  10. OK guys so you know my main guitar is a sheraton II. I was thinking of doing something a little crazy. i dont know if its possible but i wanna turn it into a 3 pickup guitar. is there anyway that its possible? I probally woulnt do it myself and would bring it to a pro to do it.
  11. GO for the 335 man! Its the coolest looking guitar ever made! and get a bigsby for it.
  12. What do you guys think of the les paul studio not the faded one but the other one. i was thinking about getting it one,
  13. I added A bigsby to my sheraton II and love it. my sheraton had gold hard ware and i couldnt find a gold bigsby for a decent price so i just put a sliver one on it. but i dont use it that much but its nice to know its there and it gives it a cool custom look. i did install it my self with the help of my father and it stays in tune pretty well. but i dont have the origanl tuners on it.
  14. I put an SD Pearly gates and a SD '59 they sound awesome
  15. Hey guys i have a epiphone trigger man amp that powers on but doesnt make a sound when i play. I also have a valve jr head and if i plug that into the back of it it the speaker works fine. i really wanna be ale to play the trigerman with at a gig without the valve jr.
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