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  1. This is one of our songs, it’s called “Here We Go Again” https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=14092687
  2. Check GC, they usually have a pretty good variety of parts and they can suggest something suitable.
  3. Wow, never seen anything quite like that.
  4. So true Thomse. Beautiful Les Paul you've got there buy the way.
  5. It sounds unbelievable through the SS 22, reminds me a lot of the Marshall tone.
  6. Pro Tools LE 8 for a year now and I'm still loving' it.
  7. The preamp is built in to the MBOX mini, it's a gain knob on the front of the interface.
  8. My studio is pretty simple, I use an iMac with an MBOX mini running Pro Tools LE 8. For my drums I use EZDrummer, I mic the bass and guitar amps with an MXL R144 ribbon mic when I'm playing those parts, for my keys and piano parts I use the software on Pro Tools, and for my vocals it's back to the R144. I use a pair of Sennheiser HD 280 Pro headphones and my stereo system to monitor with.
  9. Thanks Heilly, yours is really nice as well, I've only had mine a week and every time I pick it up it's like there's some kind of magic in it, it just feels right.
  10. Here's my 2007 studio, BTW can anyone tell me what color this is called? and what pickups were they putting in the studios in '07?
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