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  1. On page 13 of the book, "The Gibson 175" by Adrian Ingram there is a photo of what appears to be a twelve string ES 125. The caption for the photo says "1947 ES-125 12 String". I've never seen a 12 string ES125 and assume they must be extremely rare - can't even find a picture of one online. Am curious to know if anyone here has ever seen such an instrument. If anyone is interested they can look up the book on Amazon and use the "Look Inside" option to see the photo I'm referring to. Cheers to all.
  2. Have you tried looking at 'sold' listings for similar guitars on ebay?
  3. I do not like Floyd Rose style trems at all. In my humble opinion a floyd rose trem with locking nut is a PITA. I much prefer a Fender or PRS style trem with locking tuners. Full disclosure: I'm not heavy on the whammy bar when playing. I never do any dive bombs.
  4. Appreciate the compliments. When my Dad was around I teased him for getting the es125 instead of the es175. He says if he would've known how collectible es175s were going to become he would've bought two or three. He also said that if his grades had been better he could've gotten a Les Paul (I'm sure he was kidding about that). He traded it in the 60s for a fender (don't know which model or year) but the guy came back the next day and wanted his fender back so my Dad traded back.
  5. I was browsing ebay and it appears that Gibson has produced a lot of es335 type models that I've never heard of. Here are a few of what I saw listed; es335 es345 es355 es339 es336 es356 es359 es347 es333 es340 es369 The only models I knew of were the first three. (I don't consider the es330 to be an es335 type guitar). Are there others?
  6. It plays very well. The setup is excellent and the small frets work well on this guitar. The sound is distinct because there is a hint of the unplugged sound when playing through an amp. It gives it a subtle aggressive tone even when playing clean. The P90 also doesn't seem to hum as bad as a typical single coil but that might be because it's not as bright as a typical single coil. That leads to the only downside - it's really not possible to get a bright 'bite' out of this guitar. It is awesome for rhythm playing.
  7. This is my Dad's high school graduation present. He finished High Scool in 1953. The guitar is actually a 1951 model. Not sure if it was NOS when my Dad got it or if it was used. It's an ES125 with an FON# 8761. There's more to the FON but the remainder is no longer legible. He also got a Supro Spectator amp with it but the amp was lost years ago. I learned to play on this guitar with the old Supro amp as a teenager in the 70's. It still plays perfectly and has a very distinct sound when amplified. The tuners, tail piece, and knobs are not original. ES125's are fairly ine
  8. The ES125s are Gibson's best kept secret. I've had a '51 all my life and it still plays beautifully. And the sound through a Fender Princeton Reverb is amazing.
  9. Tried several methods and all I see when previewing post is HTML.
  10. I sent another email. It didn't bounce this time but I got no reply yet.
  11. It is at least obvious that he has been flagged before. And it appears also that the 'seller' is very careful to not actually say that those items are for sale.
  12. Get a flashlight a peruse around inside the upper f-hole (actually it's the lower f-hole but I think it's technically referred to as the upper f-hole because it on the same side as the higher pitched strings :o). There may still be an FON (Factory Order Number) stamped inside. Some of the cheaper models such as the ES125 didn't have serial numbers at all, only FONs.
  13. I owned an ES150D back in the '80's. It was the walnut colored version and I bought it because it was only $450 and the music store let me put it on layaway. I never could get "attached" to it if you know what I mean. I've owned several Gibsons and this was the only one that was not a joy to play. And the sound wasn't anything to get excited about either. I traded it for a bass.
  14. Could this be for real? I sent an email to the @craigslist.org email address in the listing and it bounced. http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/msg/2789062863.html
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