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  1. I've been with this guy off/on for a couple years now. Purely fingerstyle (you pick the melody line..not just strumming) Level 1 thru Level 6. You get into level 5-6 he brisks thru the tutorials rather quickly..based on the assumption you have some skill to be looking at 5/6 grade lessons. Here's an example of a L6 along with his website. He's a country boy from Georgia that from what I can gather his son put him in front of the camera and said 'pick it pa... not much charisma on the YT videos, but a good man once you get into his lessons.
  2. always quite fond of got to get better in a little while personally...but yea, they all good on that evening. Would like to have caught that performance
  3. Get into bout the 7min mark on this live version, and he'll have that strat start singing you a lullaby :) Great live album -
  4. nice MP. Kinda reminds me of a song by Iris DeMent that I always liked, Our Town. Very enjoyable.
  5. Been a Prine fan for many a years. There's few songs that come along that strike me lyrically as powerful... and his Sam Stone is one of 'em. A true wordsmith. Have seen him a couple times and never miss the opportunity.
  6. sometimes i think a nuke being dropped on this country would be a mercy rule of sorts. Save us from ourselves. The things occurring in society in this country is absolutely dumbfounding. Yes, thank you again California. Another brilliant move.
  7. I beg to differ. It would be Led Zeppelin II :) - with a close second of Jethro Tull Living in the Past.
  8. trvlr


    Does she have any pit bull in her? Her face somewhat suggests possibly...hard to tell. Pit bulls are some of the most unpredictable dogs going. Scare the crap out of me.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5z7_QRTM96M
  10. A buddy turned me on to a band out of Germany back during high school, Lake. The album was Lake II. Somewhat of a top 40 sound, but there were some really great cuts on that album. Never ran across anyone since that's heard of em. Lead vocalist died of a heroin overdose years ago. Dude had a great voice, great harmonies...still enjoy listening to that album.
  11. ha..Blue Murder. Don't remember how, from what, or when it happened, but one of the CD's found it's way into my collection, many moons ago. There was only one song I liked off that CD, which musta been the reason I bought it. It rocks pretty good. Best played at loud volume.
  12. they played this song, different bassist with them this time. And as in this video, this was the song where Derek loosened up a little bit and started looking at the crowd, smiling, enjoying those enjoying his talent. Up till then he was pretty much business all night on that 'git. These guys probably gonna wind up like The Dead, Pfish, with a cult-like following. Definitely give em a shot if you get the chance.
  13. had the pleasure of seeing them this past saturday in cincinnati,oh. Was a song late getting to my seat and it was crazy. People dancing in the aisles, making out, didn't make it to my seat until halfway thru the show. Susan is just a sweetheart. Little bitty thing, smiling all the time, squeaky little voice when she talks,but man can that girl sing...and has a great stage presence about her when she does so. Derek, pretty much just maintained a side profile, looking down at his guitar, shredding. Great show. 11 piece with horns, great backup vocals.. excellent show. I'd see 'em again if the c
  14. pretty much just getting into their prime if I had to guess. Always digged these guys, especially their Machine Head and Who Do We Think We Are efforts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AL73LYo64A
  15. should i put some popcorn on?
  16. not sure about the guitar but great video - I now know where Latka of Taxi fame got his bit but looks like an LP to me...
  17. can't say I'm familiar with the punisher JC...pretty good clip tho -
  18. now that's cool...loved that guy in the hangover (first one)
  19. It happens...I've had several posts for a day all removed for what I could only determine was use of a word that I've seen used plenty times before without apparent issue. Wasn't worth the energy in trying to find out why. All depends on what mood for a day mod's may be in most likely...we're only human. Personally, wouldn't worry about it.."it" happens - edit...i will say if you're not logged in officially i've seen posts in a locked status as well -
  20. Can we get some more cowbell??? yea, one of my faves as well
  21. A little rougher around the edges than ELP, same year -
  22. Not solo, has a set of musicians backing him, but he's not touring with his regular entourage on this tour. Not sure the reason...sometimes ya just need a break I guess. I've read good reviews, so looking forward to it
  23. this ole cat gave up on stadium, large venue shows years ago... give me the smaller, more intimate venue setting like 5 rows off center stage for an ian anderson show coming up here in july.. i'm there
  24. sounds pretty good..but every since I saw Beverly Hills Cop get 2 thumbs down from Siskel & Ebert, I pretty much stopped listening to other peoples opinions
  25. I'm amazed it came from the factory that way (if it did). Wouldn't expect these to be hitting the used market just yet. Maybe we're talking 2/32nd's??
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