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  1. I do like the asymmetric neck but mainly it is the action that I love.
  2. LOL... His is a Les Paul standard. I cannot quote the exact model right now. (quick edit... from him: 2008 Gibson LP Standard Plus) His has the ribbing around the edges sort of like the customs. He just bought his about a month ago from GC. I've had my robot for a year and half. Not the original robot by any means. Now about the value of plekness... well I've been playing for 45 years. Now that doesn't mean I'm all that great but what I do have is a good feel. I can tell when I like the feel of a fret board. To say that I know what I'm talking about would be a lie but when it comes to feel I can certainly tell the difference between his plekked LP and my robot in a BIG way. When you get to my age, playing guitar is an enjoyment thing. I much enjoy playing his to my robot. That tells me something needs to be done. So next question... how does one find a good luthier and verify that they are good?
  3. Hi All, I own a robot which plays "ok"... I bought it before I heard much about plek and I have to admit the Les Paul my friend just bought with Plek plays one heck of a lot better than my robot. So I'm wondering what my options are to get my robot to have a cleaner, lower, better action. On the Les Paul with Plek I notice how easy it is to play and how there is no problem at any fret as well as the age old test of can you change the tuning by pressing hard with the fingers. On his Pleked guitar, just barely... But I mean during normal play its great. My robot using the exact same strings it is like I can do a pitch blend on certain chords... I don't have perfect pitch but this bugs me. So I'm looking to get my robot to play much more like his pleked guitar. Does Gibson offer that as a send back service? Or am I better off to find a good luthier and have them give it the royal treatment. My final option would be to sell and replace the robot with a pleked guitar like my buddies. But frankly the economy and $$$ don't really warrant that option. Any thoughts welcome!
  4. When you say... "Original Robot" or "Robot 1"... how do I know which I have... I bought mine just over a year ago in October 2008... I have no idea how long it was at GuitarCenter when I bought it. Is it only original robots? or is mine an original? Confused!?
  5. MarkHolbrook


    That thing is gorgeous... I too would vote no guard! I'm sure I'll get flamed for this but man that guitar is so beautiful... I think I would try to get something like a milar sheet (NOT a sticky one) and see if there was a way I could cut it and get it to fit to protect the finish. Perhaps put it on ONLY when you play. That way she stays clean. I mean even like a plastic folder protector cut just right might work. I did this years ago for an Epiphone I had. I found this pretty amazing tape that left no marks on anything (can't remember what it was now) and I cut this piece of folder protector so that the top went between the pickups and then extended below to the edge of the guitar. Then one small piece of tape to keep it there on the bottom. DO NOT USE CELLOPHANE! It will leave marks. You might be able to get by without the tape. Sometime the plastic adheres by static charge alone. When I had mine on you couldn't even see it. But it kept the pick scratches down. When I sold it it looked almost new. Heh heh... If you'd like to ship me your guitar I think I could find time to cut a piece and make it beautiful for you oh say sometime in the next 3-5 years.... Well actually I'd cut it the first day but then I'd have to test the install to make sure it works... I'd have it back to you some time... heh heh! :( :(
  6. Thanks guys... Yes, my song, lyrics, guitars etc... The robot is playing sweet.
  7. I can't wait to see the freak out pix... What a great present!
  8. Just more robot in action work... Enjoy! http://homepage.mac.com/mrh77/filechute/Runaway.mp3
  9. 2008 Robot - Brand new from the shop. Hadn't even removed the plastic films yet.
  10. I was playing in a HS band. I had my original Fender Telecaster from roughly 1969 or so. I always liked the look of the Les Pauls. I couldn't afford one so I bought a copy in cherry sunburst and it played like crap. I had that copy for about two years between 1976 and 1977. Then one day I walked into Jensen music (I was regular there). Up on the wall was a purple Les Paul. The owner got it down for me and I played it and fell in love. Then he told me he'd make me a deal on it. The rubber sleeves on the guitar rack had somehow interacted with the neck and left two marks. He knocked down a fair amount and I said ok. I came back the next day having pulled my savings out and he sold me it for like $700 and took my cheap clone in on trade for about $250 which I thought was good. I had purchased it for like $300. That was a wonderful guitar. In 1984 my (now ex) wife saw I was not playing the paul much so she said why don't we sell it. We were broke, I was stupid and I let her sell it. I have no idea how much she got for it but I'm pretty sure it was like $200 and she turned around and snuffed that up in coke that same afternoon. I never saw a cent and I had no clue until years later how much that guitar was probably worth.
  11. I honestly could not tell you. I bought it in 1979 new from a shop. That is about all I remember and I don't have any paperwork on it either. I just remember the frets seemed huge but it played like a total dream.
  12. Sadly I have no pix of my custom that my wife sold for snuff many years ago. I got the Gibson Robot recently which I love but I seem to remember the custom frets are like really big? Are they? I think they were bigger than my frets on my Robot. Wish I had pix.
  13. Hey guys... Here is the finished version of the song... Thanks to all of you for the comments and the listens: http://www.macjams.com/song/46898
  14. Hi ChanMan... Thanks... Mac with Logic Pro for recording. It was a fun piece to do... Kinda funky kinda rocky etc.
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