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  1. I can just see it now.. Vintage Tone Rubber 😄
  2. No he has his own label...... He can do what he wants.
  3. Well one of the main reasons I dont usually go for gold hardware is I dont like the way it ages..
  4. Ahh no... And after the wait for the last year.. Sorry to hear that man but I guess if it wasnt working out it wasnt working out.. You gonna look for something else?
  5. Well actually I sold some London Plane to someone on The Fretboard and he made a DC too.. He used gold hardware and it looked great, especially with the golden hue that "normal" London Plane takes. But I like the black that goes with the spalting. If I were using all black hardware I think it would be too much though. So its gonna be mostly chrome with black bits....
  6. Yeah, its like if they were just a bit darker or lighter I think it would work.. But that sorta brown/red thats in there is whats clashing.. HOWEVER, once the hardware is on it may look a bit different (mostly gonna be chrome including the pickup rings).
  7. Hello.. Well I still havent got back to doing any actual work on this.. Life just loves to get in the way doesnt it Today I have a very brief update to do with those vol/tone knobs..I am really not sure that they will work.. What do you reckon. Either way.. That top is incredible... When I get some proper finish on it, its gonna be wow
  8. @jdgm Nice one and good luck with it man.. I bet you will have a blast
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