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  1. Rabs

    DIY 2.0

    Very natural sounding
  2. I agree... They have talked about implementing a night mode which should be a bit less harsh hopefully. Bring it on I say.
  3. https://www.gearnews.com/gibson-ceo-announces-gibson-authorized-partnership-program/ Gibson CEO James ‘JC’ Curleigh has been interviewed by Jesse Knutson on Nashville’s News Channel 5 website and during the talk he announced a new program to work with boutique guitar builders. Gibson Authorised Partnership Program The interview, which has been uploaded to the Gibson site, starts off by talking about that infamous Play Authentic video with Mark Agnesi. The one where he warned builders to not use Gibson’s copyrighted designs and trademarks. The interview then goes on to state that Gibson is planning to initially collaborate with three to four boutique guitar builders. Entering into agreements where the boutique builders acknowledge that they’re using Gibson’s trademarked body shapes. Royalties and Licences Potentially these builders may only be able to build a certain amount of those guitar shapes and will have to pay a royalty or license for the privilege. Curleigh goes on to say that Gibson would support the boutique builders with marketing. And that it is not meant to be a revenue generator for Gibson. But a way to allow them to continue using Gibson shapes in a mutually-agreed upon way. Summer NAMM 2019 Gibson is expected to make the official announcement about the Gibson Authorized Partnership Program this Wednesday before Summer NAMM.
  4. Looks like a Midtown Custom.. We need to see the headstock too but I reckon it has the split diamond inlay.
  5. Rabs

    DIY 2.0

    Damn it.. Seems like someone has beaten me to it with the London Plane guitar.. One of our customers sent us these pics of what he is doing with the wood we sent him. I guess someone had too 🙂
  6. Cheers guys and Pip.. Yes it was pretty cool.. Apparently he had people from like half the London Councils come up to him after saying they all have this wood or trees that they need to get rid of.. So even just for that alone will be well worth it.. This is what he won the award for if anyone is interested 🙂 Another thing I think is quite interesting about all of this is that I took these pictures on my phone camera.. Really is amazing how good they are today.. Like this.. I did some test video footage down on the farm last week and was totally shocked by the quality of it.. If I hadn't been moving the camera around so much it probably would have been even better.. And the software does a really good job of stabilising the image. Not long ago you would have needed some seriously expensive equipment to get such results.. Im not saying its like DLSR quality.. But its pretty darn good for a point and click device.
  7. Yes.. London is a very odd mix of old and new, rich and poor... I don't really go to central London much these days. Seen it all before really.. But I do appreciate those lovely old buildings you see everywhere.. There was also the war of course.. That destroyed a lot and a so a lot had to be rebuilt.
  8. Ha well its hot for us.. Was about 27 degrees C.. Which I know isn't actually that hot and I don't mind that temperature, but as I say, it was extremely humid.. I had been working all day in the workshop and they had the furnace on burning wood scraps and stuff.. Then I went on the underground to get there which was awful.. No air con at all down there, its really horrible.. And that's the issue we have.. We are built for the cold.. Our houses have central heating and are insulated all round etc... And this is the thing with the English weather... Its not so much that its so cold or hot or that extreme, its just so damn changeable, you never know what to wear.. I find it very annoying. Its why theres the stereotype about how we are always talking about the weather which is just mostly grey and raining with maybe a few months worth of sunshine here and there throughout a year. I have lived in a hot country so I do know real heat.. But the humidity makes it feel much hotter than it is.
  9. Interesting day today.. The place I work at won at the 2019 London Tree and Woodlands Awards.. It was for some work the boss did for the Savoy Hotel which was hand made wooden service price lists made from London Plane. The actual award is The London Wood Enterprise Award... Which is cool but not really big news.. But it was at a building I have neve been too before.. City Hall in London... After the awards we went right to the top floor for drinks and networking and all that.. So I had to take some pictures.. Looks kind of miserable out (not unusual for this country) but actually it was a really hot day today and very humid. While I have seen views like this before, its not something I see often in this way so thought id share. So this is City Hall. And once at the top this is what I saw. And then when back on the ground... People watching the tennis.. How English 🙂 And the Shard Ohh and my boss getting the award 🙂 And is a happy man..
  10. Rabs

    DIY 2.0

    Walnut table update.. Had its first coat of oil... Loookadat!! 🙂 Also I spotted someone using some London Plane for an acoustic or archtop build
  11. Rabs

    DIY 2.0

    The link didn't work for me Ok working now 🙂 Sounds sweet 👍
  12. Rabs

    DIY 2.0

    They look like they are part of a flux capacitor or something 🙂
  13. Rabs


    Sweet... No loose inlays I take it 🙂 By the way.. Im not sure if this is the case for you or not but I have heard that if you oil your board too much, the oil can get under the inlay and dissolve the glue a bit and can be a cause of inlay sprout...
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