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  1. That would be a 2016 model... Very possibly made in 2015.. Gibson up until they had new management a year or so ago would release their new models in October. So the 2016s would have come out in late 2015 HOWEVER.. 2015 was a particularly odd year for Gibson as they released all of the models with huge wide necks, auto tuners a sculpted neck heal and zero fret nuts.. At some point after the internet had fully exploded and the guitars had been fully hated on they then also released some more traditional models. It does make it all very confusing, The new management dont do that any more. So this is the question. Does your guitar have auto tuning and or a zero fret metal nut? Pictures would help a lot with this as it was a very very confusing year.
  2. Ohh good, you have tried them 🙂 Well thats the answer.. Always best to try them first. As long as you like the sound and neck profile the bridge and nut setup can be altered. I would say actually that while I have seen several examples of that happening around the logo, the one on that guitar is quite an extreme example as they go. Well good luck with it and come back and let us know which one you get
  3. Yeah both guitars look legit... The damage to the headstock is exactly what I thought it would be.. It happens.. I think its when the lacquer hasnt been given long enough to cure properly and gasses off... Doesnt effect anything else at all apart from it should probably be a bit cheaper cos it doesnt look so nice.. So while I actually prefer the colour to the other one I would go for the one with the least issues. Again, you never know really. This one may be the better guitar for you depending on the neck profile and stuff. Maybe you can ask them to knock some money off for that headtock logo?
  4. Upload your pictures to Imgur.com (its free to use) and copy the Direct Link it gives you directly in to your post.
  5. There is no real way to know without playing them both first.. All guitars are a bit different in their exact setup and neck profile... I would probably go for the older one but you never know.. Nice looking guitar though.
  6. All we can confirm from that is that its a 2004.. Need pictures to tell you anything else. Logos get damaged or sometimes gas at the edges.
  7. Well radiusing isnt that hard, you just have to make sure you keep an even pressure from end to end, keep measuring each corner.. Just kind of a boring job really. I have seen people make a router radiusing jig but I cant be bothered so I just do it by hand, it doesnt take that long. Rosewood is much easier than Ebony (obviously 🙂 ) Fret slotting, again you need a good jig or a mitre box and very very accurate measuring. So while I can and even at my busiest I was only making like six a year, I will just keep buying them pre-slotted (I wish I could get them pre-radiused too). If I had ever done a production line type building im sure I would have bought all that stuff by now (and someone did ask me to do that once, I refused).
  8. Yeah their prices are just silly.. And you can use what you want really as long as it does the job., I remember once I couldnt find my fret end file so I used one of these instead which I nicked from my mum 🙂 Works surprisingly well..
  9. From what I can see it looks like Sipo Utile.. Used it many times myself.. Very nice wood.. Nice density and can be very pretty.
  10. I dont think theres an issue saying it just makes it easier 🙂 Doing the jobs properly requires the right tools (you know that I am sure) to get all those little bits and bobs you need its much easier and as you say cheaper unless you have some kind of production line going on. You will need some kind of soft faced or brass hammer or something to bash the frets in. Basically any hammer softer than the frets. Ohh look, stewmac to a brass/plastic one https://www.ebay.com/itm/StewMac-Fretting-Hammer-Hammer-with-plastic-and-brass-faces/253234239882?hash=item3af5efd98a:g:UooAAOSws6ZZ920y You can buy them way cheaper though https://www.ebay.com/itm/Guitar-or-String-instruments-Luthier-Tool-Fret-Hammer-Dual-Head-Nylon-Rubber-9/224174069401?hash=item3431d0d699:g:eycAAOSwjJpfckUv
  11. Not if you click on the imgur link...
  12. Yes.. As RCT says.. Looks genuine.. Its a 2016 50s Tribute Studio.. I think https://www.andertons.co.uk/guitar-dept/electric-guitars/les-paul/gibson-2016-les-paul-50s-tribute-traditional-spec-with-gold-top http://legacy.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2016/USA/Les-Paul-50s-Tribute.aspx
  13. 1993 model I believe.. I had almost exactly the same guitar from new which was also a 93... Mine had gold hardware.. I think the one you have the knobs and pickguard have been swapped out.. But thats a guess... My old one had an ebony board I think. Which was not unusual back then but you dont generally find studios with ebony any more.
  14. Ok it is a Fender.. But not as we know it Jim.. 🙂
  15. I feel the same about the Foo Fighters too.. Not the hugest fan but what I like of theirs I really like and I really respect Dave Grohl .. After loosing Kurt and then being able to move on. But again, he is just a really hard worker and a music fan as I see Jack White.. I think a lot of people dont like his music because its quite angular.. Its often jarring especially live and in the White Stipes days. But I think thats very much done on purpose... It is more like a concept band than anything which apparently it was.. From what I remember reading The White Stripes wasnt even really ever meant to be heard, it was a demo tape he did I think as proof of his writing abilities, it was the record company that pushed for it to be released.. The Raconteurs are a bit different though. I think more like the band that he had in mind in the first place. I really like them, both their albums are really good (IMO).. I think being part of a band like that probably curbs some of his more crazy musically creative ideas. I wonder though if he had gone straight in to a band like this if his "signature" sound would have been very different. In this band he has already established his sound so its still White Stripesish but better I think.
  16. Rabs


    🙂 Yes I am enjoying it, well when I have a chance to drive it anyway.. Need to take it up the motorway and round some country roads to give it a good drive but that will come. Just got lots of home issues to deal with at the moment, its hard to enjoy anything with that and the stupid virus stuff going on. Having that extra power is nice but all too tempting, I have to watch myself there... Pretty much got all the buttons and stuff down now, just plain turned some of it off like the forward collision detection system which I just find annoying. I really dont need a computer to tell me how to drive, same with the gear shifting, its always flashing at me. I actually found that stuff more distracting than anything. They shouldnt give you more unnecessary stuff to look at on the dashboard, eyes should be on the road as much as possible. The odd thing is I am kind of still waiting for something to go wrong like my old cars for the last how ever many years, im just not used to a new one where everything is working properly 😄 . But so far, yes its great.. A good choice I think. Thanks for asking
  17. I do have a couple of questions... Does it have a long neck tenon and did they use hide glue?? 😄
  18. Holy crap thats stunning.. Puts my new car to shame 🙂 I would kill myself in a car like that. My new car is only a 1.4 but it has a turbo and I already have found myself doing a few naughty manoeuvres that I would never have tried in my old car. I am also having to get used to all of the buttons and flashing lights. I sometimes feel like I am driving a fruit machine 😄 But I am getting all more used to it slowly (been about two weeks now). One thing I hate is it has this forward detection system which alerts you when you are too close to something or if someone walks out in front of you or something. I turned it off today as it went off a few times with nothing in front of me. But yeah.. Happy driving man, Thats the stuff of dreams for most of us.
  19. Yes.. And apparently the one with Jimi is a very young Billy Gibbons (on the right I think)...
  20. Yeah me too. I have seen both Yes and Asia with him...
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