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  1. That also happens if you mention "Tonewood" or Nibs.... 🙂 (well it used to anyway 😞 )
  2. Ohh and if it wasnt obvious, and in reading my post back maybe its not... I am sorry to hear about it too.. Its always hard and I wish you and your family the best.. I will say that talking about it does help. I am sure you have good friends and family around you. When you need too, lean on them, talk to them, get it out. And also that everyone is different and the effects of any illness will vary from person too person. Always a good mantra for when things go bad.. Prepare for the worst but hope for the best. Maybe it will just never get that bad. No one knows really, its why even though dementia is bad some people can get away lighter than others. There is no certain path here.
  3. Hey Brad.. Cant recommend any reading as well I haven't gone that far but we are facing the same thing. My dad passed away about a year and a half ago after a long fight with cancer.. The whole thing was really really bad.. When it started we took my mum to whats called a Memory Clinic. They basically assess people who are showing signs of dementia.. She went and had a load of scans and blood tests too.. And what they said (and this was about three and a half year ago) was that she was showing the first sings of dementia. It wasnt that bad but she needed to exercise her body and mind and avoid stress or it was going to get worse and the following two years was nothing but stress as we watched my father slowly die. These days she is still at the family home and also refuses to move. Her memory just gets worse and worse. We get phone calls from her sometimes like four times a day when she asks the exact same questions. She refuses to go anywhere or do anything (and this was before covid), she doesnt eat properly really or look after herself in that way at all.. And the sad thing is there is nothing we can do about it. Until the time comes where she is a danger to herself and cant live alone any more we just have to do what she wants.. And the last time she went to the memory clinic (at the beginning of the year) she told the nurse that she doesn't want to go on any more 😞 (she still refuses to talk to anyone about how she feels after my fathers passing). As suggested above.. Get power of attorney sorted out now while she is still able to do so legally. I know its horrible but sadly when things get like this you have to act rationally and do whats best, even if its hard. We also had to force my mum to stop driving which I thought she would fight but didnt. I sometimes got phone calls from her crying cos she had parked her car somewhere and forgotten where she parked... Once about a year ago I went to the bank with her to sort some stuff out. I had to pop out to put some money on the meter just before we ended the meeting. When I got back to the bank she had disappeared.. I cant tell you the panic that came after, I did find her after about ten minutes of running about thinking the worst.... So yes.. Sadly I cant offer any more than my own experience, which has been terrible, and sadly I know its only going to get worse. The biggest blessing really is that me and one of my sisters both live quite locally so we pop over and call her as much as we can. And thats about all you can do, what ever your best is. This whole lockdown thing has obviously made things much worse but as I say, we are just doing the best we can.
  4. Always a pleasure sir.. Sadly its not for a new album but for his wifes audio book... What ever that is..
  5. YES, I HAVE GHOSTS is the first new song from David Gilmour in 5 years and features the voice and harp playing of his daughter Romany.
  6. Yup........ Theres also the thing about how if you were to hear some guitar parts singled out on some tracks you really like it would sound awful.. BUT as part of a band of instruments its sounds great... It is about attitude and how you attack the guitar for sure.. Of course you can sound terrible if you have too much treble or too much bass but thats just experience and taste, totally subjective and objective. Its why the whole tonewood debate is so silly.. Are there difference in woods and how they sound and sustain.. Sure there are, but not enough to worry about in any way what so ever. Thats why we have EQ controls on the amp, reverb and pedals and stuff. Acoustic guitars though.. Totally all down to the wood how it sounds. BUT again it doesnt mean you are going to play it bad, it might just sound different to what some people may expect. Its the problem with a lot of electric rock players. They are often so stuck in their ways and very conservative when it comes to their gear. Again, its not really wrong to be like that, there are good reasons why people are like that BUT if they spent as much time on practicing and playing as they do moaning about all of the stupid technical details of electric guitars, they wouldnt have to moan cos they would be more confident in their playing and it wouldn't matter. Like me when I make guitars.. I dont really care about tradition. I have made guitars from all sorts of wood people dont usually associate with guitars and guess what.. Every one sounded exactly like an electric guitar 🙂 I had people moan at me a bit about it and some saying I reckon you will turn to traditional woods And actually indeed they were right, but its not cos the other guitars sounded bad, its cos of what people expected. So I do both now.. Some people really dont care about it and have bought my so called "weird" guitars 🙂 They have all been happy so far. And yeah I reckon mood or state of mind has a huge part in all of this.. So you can dial in a tone one day, love it and then a day or two later go back to the same settings and its not sounding so good. The only variable in that is your own mind.
  7. Rabs


    There is a huge difference. Analogue vs Digital... In saying that Digital formats are getting better all the time.. Theres various HD formats you can download if you have a player than can play them. A few years back now I was having a sort out of some junk in a cupboard and came across a tape recording of the very first gig I ever played.. I was intrigued so found a tape player (a walkman) and had a listen.. It was the first time in years I had heard a tape through headphones and it totally shocked me.. What I found was that while the recording itself was terrible (was recorded on a crappy old tape/radio player) there was a softness to the sound I had forgotten existed.. When you listen to downloads and even CDs (thats where it started), you totally loose the warmth of sound. Everything sounds sharp and harsh in comparison to an analogue signal. And especially when listening through headphones. Thats my experience anyway.
  8. Yup, totally agree.. No one knows what would have happened with Hendrix.. All we have is what he did in just those few short years (well as a band leader anyway)... Theres stuff about him playing with people like Miles Davis... In that interview I posted he wanted to do it all.. He wanted to be in the Experience again, wanted to be just a guitarist in a band and talks about doing some big band music... Who the hell knows.. I have heard people say about Hendrix, things like, ohh he wasnt that great, just one of the first to put it all together like that and get noticed for it But thats the point. He was the one who showed the world what can be done on an electric guitar, and he was still just starting.. We never got to see what more he could have been capable of. Could he like a lot of 60s & 70s artists just have turned crap by the 80s? Possibly. I would like to think not. As you mentioned. In my eyes he had it all. The playing, the song writing, the experimentation (with pedals and effects), the look, the showmanship.. And he just seemed like such a cool guy too. I see Jack White in a similar vain to Hendrix in a way. Not in his playing but in his attitude to the industry and his general work attitude. And like Hendrix talks about he kind of does it all.. White Stipes, The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather (where he drums). And along with that does loads of work with the music community like when he saved and catalogued all those old blues recordings... Anyway.. Its just one of those things isnt it.. We wont ever know.
  9. If you have never heard this recording and are interested its well worth a listen.. Its the last interview Hendrix did not long before his death.. Makes for very interesting listening.
  10. Hello Mods or Admins or who ever it is that reads this.. For some reason I have totally stopped getting email notifications from the forum even though I have checked my notification settings and it is set correctly.. Any ideas??? (and it started a few weeks ago). Also oddly I was getting odd behaviour before it stopped.. Sometimes the mail from the forum goes to my junk, sometimes to my inbox (when I was still getting them). Cheers.
  11. Ohh and especially if hes talking online G.A.S. Guitar or Gear Acquisition Syndrome.
  12. He may also need a separate one to start describing sound like.. Creamy Scooped mids Crunchy etc 🙂
  13. These go to 11: Its one louder isnt it...
  14. Neck Dive: When a neck is too heavy and keeps heading for the ground unless you hold it all the time or get a wide leather strap.. Firebird X: WORST GUITAR EVER!!!!!! See video to see what happened to them. Yes.. Thats just how bad they were.... 😄
  15. Too true man. I hope not though. Hopefully they will come up with a vaccine and things can one day get back to normalish.... And yeah, cool versions of the songs.. The backing singers are great...
  16. Well it was like this when I bought it.. If they hadnt just done the top and sanded the whole guitar I may have left it like that. But I decided to match the top instead. So I sanded the finish off and was using a Cherry Red Trans Nitro paint.. Problem was it for some reason wasnt going dark enough In the end I found a cherry red stain and used that and got pretty much spot on
  17. Yes sadly you will probably still see the screw holes unless you paint it a solid colour..... Because the glue wont take the finish in the same way as the bare wood does (if you see what I mean). I would just put a scratch plate over that... I, oddly enough did a similar thing when I got a 2005 DC Special... In my case the previous owner had only sanded the top off of a faded red finish... So I had too colour match the top and sides/back.. Which I did in the end with some red stain and some red tinted nitro paint.. I probably have pictures somewhere if you are interested.
  18. Sounds like you are doing yoga with your guitars??? 😉 If I have to hold one of my LPs like that I hold it in the cut away area of the body... Failing that you could always get some strap locks, or just put the strap on in the case... I have never once heard of a neck snapping off put it that way.. Well unless you are Pete Townsend?????
  19. Yes.. The neck joints are fine... Its the Headstock you gotta worry about 🙂 Have you never seen LPs hanging up on a wall before???
  20. I had an idea to make an album of all the songs we did as encores on the US and Them tour. We did "Mother" first. Had to do it remotely because of Covid 19. "Two Suns in The Sunset" is #2.
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