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  1. The problem with Gibson and their model year system is that they would release new models in like October/November sometime.. So you could have a model that was a 2014 model made in 2013... I seem to remember saying at the time it just goes to confuse things in the future.... So its probably that.. A 2013/14 model made in 2014 before the dreaded 2015 models came out.. In 2014 (or something like that). But yes.. We need pictures to really tell you anything.. Close up of the back and front of the body and headtsock help.
  2. I am just glad that it wasnt one of those really great trailers that you cant wait to watch and at the end of the trailer it says coming in.. And its like a year away... This is just a few months... Nice...
  3. Nice.. Is the back the same or is it just blue, like the edge?
  4. What an interesting colour... Is that like a reverse burst or is the lighting odd? Either way, enjoy
  5. Yes, its always been one of my favourites too.. Let It Be, Abbey Road and Revolver are my fave Beatles albums.
  6. Very nice.. I have a 336 which is the same size as a 339 but not a proper hollow body. Its a carved out back piece rather than using laminates... Best guitar I have ever owned by far.. If as you say you are a Jazz player then the 339 is probably better suited for that purpose. A 336 is more like a cross between a 339 and a Les Paul (in terms of sound). Happy playing
  7. You know whats really funny about this.. You can buy a brand new one still, signed by Slash and aged for less than £10k... Its just so bizarre.. Why they think the prototype is worth so much is beyond me. https://reverb.com/uk/p/gibson-custom-shop-slash-66-eds-1275-doubleneck-signed-aged-2019
  8. The F holes are the sound holes in the guitar sort of shaped like an F.. Bound means its has binding on them binding is the white stripe that goes around the guitar and on the side of the freboard and sometimes on the headstock too and sometimes on some types of guitars the have F hole binding. Some dont.
  9. 2001 model year (first and fifth number)... Need pictures for anything else, the serial doesn't tell you anything about the model of guitar.
  10. So does this mean they want you to give them money to own a share in a guitar that you will never even get to see??? Why??? Who determines the value??? Gibson has partnered with Rally — a platform for investing in rare collectible assets — to give you an opportunity to own a piece of history: Three artist prototype guitars from the Gibson vault. These unique Gibson guitars, each hand-crafted by the world-renowned Gibson Custom Shop in Nashville, are coming soon, including the Slash 1966 EDS-1275 Doubleneck, the Tony Iommi “Monkey” 1964 SG Special Replica, and the Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom (Aged & Signed) Silverburst. Each guitar is the one-of-a-kind official artist-approved prototype, saved by Gibson, making it the most special guitar in these limited-edition runs. The iconic guitarist from Guns N’ Roses first picked up a Gibson 1966 EDS-1275 Doubleneck guitar from a small music store in Indiana ahead of the band’s worldwide “Use Your Illusion” tour, and it quickly became an integral part of his rig. In 2019, Gibson produced 125 hand-signed replicas of the iconic guitar. #SLASH is the prototype guitar sent to Slash for his approval before the series went into production. This prototype instrument is initially offered at a valuation of $65,000, and you can own your piece of it for as little as $5 a share, only on Rally. https://hello.gibson.com/rally/
  11. Sweet.. P90s rock.. Enjoy
  12. Rabs

    Mo' Money

    Yeah I would also not just leave it... As said, if your paycheque was short you would tell them quick enough.. Treat others how you would want to be treated... Teaching is also not an area where theres much spare money either... Could be used for many other things. You never know, you might get a nice surprise and if its legit you can then enjoy it as you want otherwise it was never really yours in the first place and also as said above it would worry me way too much to live with that...
  13. That pic above is not a wrap around tailpiece its a normal one that has been whats called "top wrapped".... Some people say it is "better" for sustain or for making the strings feel more loose or whatever. I dont think it really matters that much.
  14. Ohh and by the way.. Some damage to the Gibson logo is also normal in older guitars.
  15. Very good. Thing is that all years produce good and bad guitars. What I can tell you is that Gibson got new owners in about 1983... Henry J... At the time he pretty much saved the company from going down the drain and while I wasnt in to guitars then a lot of people say the guitars he made in those early days were really really good.. From those pics.. Thats a really nice guitar you have there and you dont find so many from those days on the market in what appears to be mint condition. And yes, Gibson and Marshall go together like no other. They roar. Happy playing
  16. Hello Manuel. Need pictures to tell you anything.. Front and back and headstock front and back.
  17. Oh WTF.. I wouldnt even click on that link... Bad bad people.....
  18. Yeah... Looks very much like a fake to me.. Lots of signs. Unless its a 70s model..... Does it have a volute in the back of the headstock? Close up pics of the front and back of the headstock would help.
  19. Nice.. What is most impressive is the video footage which I assume is from that new film coming out soon.. Looks like Mr Jackson did an incredible job cleaning it up.
  20. DAMN Iconic man... damn Iconic!! 😄
  21. Haha I just found out about this.. They have a day for everything these days which are obviously all done to make money.. But as it goes in this case I dont mind joining in.. And while I dont have my own dog, I have an amazing relationship with and love my sisters dogs.. Olive the Welsh Terrier and Alfi the Schnoodle.. Both only being attentive in this picture as I have food behind the camera 😄 So common then, lets celebrate and see all your fluffy pals.
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