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  1. Yes... Its not stupidly thin but much better (for me) than a 50s neck. But then sometimes what they call a 50s neck isnt as big as you would think.. The problem is as you said.. You really need to try them first as they are hand finished so all slightly different. But yes.. If you have smaller hands its probably a good bet that a 60s neck will be a better fit for you.. Some 50s necks are so big they are known as baseball bat necks... This image may help give you a good idea what we are talking about
  2. Very professional looking.. Looks like you've done a great job there.. Really like the look of the neck heal area...
  3. Keith was bonkers... Did you ever see this clip?
  4. I would if I could but I cant so I wont... I never win anything either.
  5. We're giving away a brand new Gibson guitar each week as we start our countdown to the grand opening of the Gibson Garage. Head to http://www.gibson.com/giveaway for all the details.
  6. You can buy one that fits.. not metal but a cool replacement Graph Tech TUSQ XL Adjustable Replacement Nut (stringsdirect.co.uk)
  7. Yeah... Just dont mention tonewood or nibs.. πŸ™‚
  8. Well I think the whole thing was about two and a half hours.. They did their separate thing then came on and did some together. So yeah, probably was 60mins each separately and 30 together. But it was 11 years ago so I may be wrong πŸ™‚
  9. Also saw Yes in about 2018 I think.. But with the AWR line up... I also have the Tshirt from that BUT its a bit sad as the friend who I went to the gig with died later that year... A short while after I was asked by his sister to help clear his things from his home.. We found in the loft nearly all if the Tshirts he had collected over the years and he was the kind of guy who bought a shirt for every gig he went to so there was hundreds. I found the Yes one he bought from that gig and kept it as a reminder of him.
  10. So many... Ones that come to mind.. Guns n Roses 1991 with Faith no More and Soundgarden in support, Wembley Stadium.. British Summer Time in Hyde Park, I think it was 2014.. A day event open air on a lovely summer day.. We had Soundgarden and Faith no More (again oddly), Soulfly, Motorhead and topped off with Black Sabbath (who I had never seen before). Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton around 2010 at the O2.. Just wonderful to see Jeff Beck live.. Eric was ok but boring compared to Jeff And about 1993.. Metallica, Megadeath, Diamond Head and The Almighty at the Milton Keynes
  11. Thats why you want a 336 πŸ™‚
  12. Yeah.. I only listened to Guns n Roses for instance because of Slash and Izzy, to me they were worth putting up with Axl.. These days I mostly listen to Slash in his own bands. Appetite is a classic but Axl does annoy me. In the case of The Darkness when I first heard them I think my reaction was probably similar to Sparkys. They do rock but theres just not enough extra to keep me listening past the novelty of finding a band that sounds like that (which there was a lack of when they first came out (and still is really).. As I say... Its a shame they just wernt that bit more serious about it
  13. Coldplay are sh*t .... Nothing truer than that.. πŸ˜„
  14. Well, when they first came out they were being described as a cross between AC/DC and Queen.. Which they kind of are... I "kinda" liked them at first.. Sort of dont care what anyone thinks of them.. But it didnt last.. As said, sadly a bit of a novelty act which they do to themselves by being so campy and over the top. Yes its done on purpose but they use every rock and roll clichΓ© in the book.. So when you first find them its like, good licks, decent solos and rhythms and he can sing. But its never anything more than that (if you see what I mean) and then his voice starts to get a bit
  15. Well I wouldnt go moving it unless you check the neck first. You want two tools.. A fret rocker and a notched straight edge..... Essential for finding out if the neck is bowed and doing any fretwork..
  16. I thought their first album was ok BUT the over use of his falsetto voice just becomes irritating.. And sadly that kind of makes everything they do a bit of a joke which I know in some ways is intentional but not cool really. Cant take anything they do seriously at all. Justin is kind of like the Alan Partridge of rock.. Desperately wants to be cool but just isnt. Its just my opinion, but maybe if they had taken it all a bit more seriously, they could have been a really good band.
  17. I also went through a weird Gibson phase.. At one point as well as my LPs ,I had a Gary Moore BFG (look up BFGs if you havent seen one), a non reverse three P90 firebird and a Flying V... And I had wanted a Nighthawk but missed out on that..
  18. Yamano.. A Japanese Gibson distributor....
  19. Not to my taste at all... And the fact that the Darkness bloke uses one similar makes it even less appealing.... Just far too blingy for me and never really been a fan of the silver burst type finish.... Looks like they did a good job though. Happy playing.
  20. Ahh man, thats a shame.. But crap happens... What you gonna do πŸ™‚ And yes. Get it right or anything that you dont like will just annoy you in the long run. Better to just get how you want it... What about the DC? Wheres that at?
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