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  1. 19 minutes ago, SteveFord said:


    How long did Jeff Beck play?  He gave us the PJ Harvey treatment: 60 minutes, encore, see ya.

    Well I think the whole thing was about two and a half hours..  They did their separate thing then came on and did some together.  So yeah, probably was 60mins each separately and 30 together. But it was 11 years ago so I may be wrong 🙂 

  2. 36 minutes ago, Brucebubs said:

    I saw Yes on their last world tour with Chris Squire - they played the full 'Fragile' and 'Close To The Edge' albums in the correct song sequence.



    Also saw Yes in about 2018 I think..  But with the AWR line up... I also have the Tshirt from that BUT its a bit sad as the friend who I went to the gig with died later that year... A short while after I was asked by his sister to help clear his things from his home.. We found in the loft nearly all if the Tshirts he had collected over the years and he was the kind of guy who bought a shirt for every gig he went to so there was hundreds. I found the Yes one he bought from that gig and kept it as a reminder of him. 

  3. So many... Ones that come to mind..

    Guns n Roses 1991 with Faith no More and Soundgarden in support, Wembley Stadium.. 

    British Summer Time in Hyde Park, I think it was 2014.. A day event open air on a lovely summer day.. We had Soundgarden and Faith no More (again oddly), Soulfly, Motorhead and topped off with Black Sabbath (who I had never seen before).

    Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton around 2010 at the O2..  Just wonderful to see Jeff Beck live.. Eric was ok but boring compared to Jeff

    And about 1993..   Metallica, Megadeath, Diamond Head and The Almighty at the Milton Keynes Bowl just a total metal fest.

    Ohh and of course theres BB King.. Was lucky enough to see him twice.. Once with Gary Moore in support and the second time about ten years later at the Royal Albert Hall when half way through the gig, Slash, Ron Wood, Derek Trucks and his wife came on.. The rest of the night was just one big jam. Amazing.. 

  4. On 4/24/2021 at 5:09 PM, Larry Mal said:

    I had a 339 in my possession for a bit, my friend wanted to sell it to me so I auditioned it for a few weeks. I couldn't get along with it at all. I found it totally uninspiring. 

    Now, anyone else might feel differently, of course, but I will echo what I read here, the only reason for a 339 that I can see is that it's physically smaller than the 335 classic shape. It doesn't bring anything sonically to the table. I never did an A/B test, but I feel that the 339 doesn't really bring anything new to the table. 

    Thats why you want a 336  🙂 

  5. 9 hours ago, NighthawkChris said:

    No to The Darkness... As far as the guitar... not my gig but to each and to their own. I’ve seen worse. Moral of the story is we are all different have fun. 

    @Rabs good description of the band. The vocals make me sick - totally unlistenable for me. The guitar work is only so-so. I simply dislike bands with ok to great instrumentalists, but horrible vocalists.

    Yeah.. I only listened to Guns n Roses for instance because of Slash and Izzy, to me they were worth putting up with Axl..  These days I mostly listen to Slash in his own bands.  Appetite is a classic but Axl does annoy me. In the case of The Darkness when I first heard them I think my reaction was probably similar to Sparkys. They do rock but theres just not enough extra to keep me listening past the novelty of finding a band that sounds like that (which there was a lack of when they first came out (and still is really)..  As I say... Its a shame they just wernt that bit more serious about it. They could have been much much better.

  6. 5 hours ago, sparquelito said:

    Okay, this is going to sound weird, but I am now a The Darkness convert. 

    I've gone from never even hearing of the band to (after studying a variety of music videos, interviews, and Rig Rundowns) to being a big fan now. 

    Call me a dork, but I really like these guys. 
    They are funny as hell, and they rock. 

    Sort of like Monty Python, only with guitars, bass, and drums. 
    And instead of The Phythons speaking in a falsetto while portraying female characters, we get Justin Hawkins showing us how epic that falsetto can be. 

    By association, at this point, I now find the OP's sparkly Les Paul to be epic as well. 

    Two thumbs way up. 


    Well at least something positive came from this thread  😄  

  7. 33 minutes ago, sparquelito said:

    I must confess, The Darkness, as a band, is a bit of a mystery to me. 
    Never heard of them before this day. 

    In between some motorcycle maintenance and gardening today, I caught up on some of their songs. 

    I can't tell from just a few videos whether their over-the-top rock and roll antics are meant to be campy schlock, or whether they are  serious. 
    Either way, I kind of like it. 
    The song Rock And Roll Deserves To Die is especially good. 



    Well, when they first came out they were being described as a cross between AC/DC and Queen..  Which they kind of are...

    I "kinda" liked them at first.. Sort of dont care what anyone thinks of them.. But it didnt last..  As said, sadly a bit of a novelty act which they do to themselves by being so campy and over the top. Yes its done on purpose but they use every rock and roll cliché  in the book.. So when you first find them its like, good licks, decent solos and rhythms and he can sing. But its never anything more than that (if you see what I mean) and then his voice starts to get a bit irritating ...  Well thats how I see it anyway. 

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  8. 1 hour ago, MorningsidePB said:

    Fair shout, I'm not a bit fan of the darness either, just what a whopper of a guitar!

    I thought their first album was ok BUT the over use of his falsetto voice just becomes irritating.. And sadly that kind of makes everything they do a bit of a joke which I know in some ways is intentional but not cool really. Cant take anything they do seriously at all. Justin is kind of like the Alan Partridge of rock.. Desperately wants to be cool but just isnt. Its just my opinion, but maybe if they had taken it all a bit more seriously, they could have been a really good band.

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  9. 16 minutes ago, MorningsidePB said:

    See I have had so many different guitars (my wives makes me sell them, cow) so  I like to go for the more outlandish ones now, something that no one else has.

    I also went through a weird Gibson phase..  At one point as well as my LPs ,I had a Gary Moore BFG (look up BFGs if you havent seen one), a non reverse three P90 firebird and a Flying V... And I had wanted a Nighthawk but missed out on that.. 

  10. 3 hours ago, Dub-T-123 said:

    My black Tele body got damaged by a coworker while it was drying in a storage room at the shop. It was all ready for the final wet sand and polish and assembly this weekend so this is an especially irritating setback. I’m just gonna keep striving for perfection on it

    Ahh man, thats a shame..  But crap happens...  What you gonna do 🙂 And yes.  Get it right or anything that you dont like will just annoy you in the long run. Better to just get how you want it...

    What about the DC? Wheres that at?

  11. 1 hour ago, Wmachine said:

    I think that is just being passive aggressive if that is truly the case.  Not liking the aesthetic?  That signature is Les Paul if you don't like it, that's disrespectful.   Nobody says you has to like it.  But to speak negatively about it and make fun of it is just wrong.  That is holding one's opinion of how it looks in higher regard than that signature.  That is a terrible display of self importance.  That is disrespectful.  There is no way to whitewash that. 

    What nonsense..,..  How is it passive aggressive to say that he didnt like the way the signature looked?  I agree, it did make the headstock look a bit ugly...

    Doesnt mean for a second we dont have respect for Les Pauls legacy...  We are just saying we didnt like the way it looked on the headstock..  Just cos you respect someone, doesnt mean you have to like everything they do or anything to do with them....

    Most of us also didnt like the little waving hologram on the back of the headstock.. I thought it looked tacky. Now that was more disrespectful to me, using his image in such a cheap way.

    We are allowed our opinion as are you.

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  12. 3 hours ago, clayville said:

    Kind of hard to tell what exactly that is from just a back photo. If that's a tummy-tuck along the top edge rather than a reflection, and with the pick guard mount along the bottom it's a left-handed model. I don't recall ever seeing something called an ES-366, but there was an ES-346 - the Paul Jackson, Jr. model. In addition to the access panel on back, they had a smaller straight-pull headstock more like a PRS than a standard Gibson headstock. Though a small-bodied guitar and sized generally like the later CS-336/356 and ES-339/359, the ES-346 horns were a bit more flared and more "Mickey Mouse" shaped than the 336/356/339/359 - it looks a bit wider in the waist in many photos, but that may because I'm used to the 356 shape.

    There WAS an earlier ES-336 before the CS-336 debuted in 2001 and replaced it, but I can't remember if it had an access panel on back. And, fwiw, though the weights vary a little from example to example, the contemporary (2001 to now) CS-336/356 and ES-339/359 models generally weigh from about 6.8 lbs to about 7.3 lbs despite their very different construction methods. And... they're all the same shape. The CS-336 and CS-356 are still available through the Made 2 Measure (i.e. special ordered and custom made) program as far as I know.


    I think that was just a typing error  🙂 

    You know it didint even occur to me to find out how much it would cost through the M2M program. But then in this Covid world and with shipping and all that.. Probably not worth it for me so much.

    Also looking it up..  The CS336 is in the Gibson archive.. 

    Gibson.com: Gibson Custom CS-336

  13. 1 minute ago, merciful-evans said:

    Its not the same. It might even sound different. I think its doubtful Gibson would reprise the old design.

    Its kind of what I was expecting before I saw pictures of yours though. Only because its what I've seen before of routed back & side designs from Rickenbacker, PRS and Fender etc.

    The carved back looks much nicer.

    No I was talking about 336 s in general...  I wouldnt want them to go back to the prototype design, much nicer with a carved back with no plates on it...

    Its one of the reasons I grabbed one when I could. If absolutely I knew they would be making more I may have waited to get a new one.. Not that I am bothered about having a second hand one. Its probably in a similar condition as it would be if I had owned it from new anyway... 🙂  But who knows with Gibson.. Its not like they give that information out either.

  14. On 4/23/2021 at 6:26 PM, merciful-evans said:

    Yep. Its true. I just found this on ebay:

    A 2001 ES-366 and this is the pic of the back


    Never seen that before.. So different..  I much prefer how they do them now... Or did for the last decade.... I do wonder if they will ever make any more? I guess doing it the above way would at least have made them a bit cheaper, but not really the same guitar.

  15. 6 hours ago, merciful-evans said:

    I imagined the back would be flat being routed out, but it is carved by the look of Rabs 2nd pic.

    Yup.. Carved back and top..

    Honestly, such an awesome guitar....

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