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    CS 336

    Ohh a 336 thread I havent posted on yet πŸ˜„ My one.. Well I tried one not long after they came out in about 2010.. Ever since I played my first one its always been the dream guitar as I dont like big bodies like the 335 and the idea of it being made from a chambered out body rather than laminates is also far more appealing to me. This year I finally had some money spare and it was one of the first things that came to mind.. I wanted a new one but there are none about (well in this country) and the only one was a second hand one. The last one in the country.. So I went for it. B
  2. Maybe someone simply changed the tailpiece from the original? Donno...
  3. The thing with guitars each one is slightly different and each has to be judged on its own merits.. You could take ten Gibson 58 V reissues in a row, all made the same time by the same people with the same hardware and yet each one will feel and sound slightly different.. Some you would like, some you wouldnt. Its because even cheaper guitars are still mostly hand finished, especially when it comes to the necks. Then when you take the tiny differences in the electronics (pickup windings and pot/cap values) and even the exact neck angle it all makes a small difference that adds up to
  4. No worries by me but there may have been more of a response to the thread in there thats all... But yeah... Even now typing back to you, cos we are discussing it I can hear it... I did do some silly things in my youth though.. One was when I went to see Motorhead and really wanted to get to the front.. The only place left was at the side, right in front of the bloody speakers.. I really didnt hear properly again for about three days after that... I also saw Type O Negative in a quite small venue. At the time I believe they were recorded as the worlds loudest band,, Frikken gre
  5. Why did you post this in here and not the lounge??? I have seen the trailer for it and really like the lead actor (he is brilliant in 4 Lions) but I feel that it may be a bit close to the bone for me to be entertainment if you see what I mean.. I have had tinnitus for many many years.. Most of the time I am ok but the second I concentrate on it I hear it really bad.. Watching a film like that I fear will only make me mostly uncomfortable.. Sadly its a bit too late for me to learn from it.
  6. If what depends on the statisticians beard wobble...
  7. You know.. I had the astrazeneca jab.. They have had similar reports with rare clotting... I was a bit worried too.. Sort of hard not to be with the way the media and worse social media go on about this stuff.. And on the first night I was definitely effected.... Got the shakes and sweats... BUT this is normal for me whenever I have a cold or flu type thing.. And my arm was pretty sore for a few days and then for about ten days after I had like itchy creepy crawlies on my skin around that area and a sort of pinching feeling. Gone away now though. The stats are pretty good though.. O
  8. The problem with that statement is its nonsense.. You know you cant give away your dose to anyone, it doesnt work like that. There is no dose specifically for you and wont be as you said you wont be getting one.. You know that and so does every one else. So when you say things like that knowing that its not even possibility, it means what you are saying without saying it, again and again is Im not getting it for what ever reason blah blah. We know.. You have said it over and over.. And the only other reason to say it is just to stir things up with people who do want to get it... Why el
  9. Its a feature I havent really bothered using before for whatever reason.. But I was shown this video by Youtube and went to try it out.. This is the video. Its a young girl, Korean I think playing a Jazzmaster. I was just interested in what she had to say. And man, I was almost crying with laughter.. Not at her, but at the translator... Dear ohh dear.. Fender American Professional β…‘ Jazzmaster Γ— εΌ“ζœ¨θ‹±ζ’¨δΉƒγ€γƒ‡γ‚ΈγƒžγƒΌγƒˆγƒ»γƒžγ‚¬γ‚Έγƒ³η‰Ήι›†γ€‘ - YouTube And cos it wont work if I post the video I have taken some screenshots of what the translate came up with... I promise I havent made any of this up...
  10. You do it to yourself a bit here by adding comments like... Im giving my shot to anyone who wants it.. Of course its up to you to do what you want.. But you dont have to keep commenting on a thread where you know most people do think they should get it and want it.. What do you expect to happen apart from more people who take your bait...
  11. The thing about the Angus sound is its not just him or the guitar.. Its VOLUME.. Have you seen how many heads he uses? πŸ™‚
  12. And the UK had one of the worst death numbers but have actually done an amazing job with the vaccine.. Odd isnt it.. Bloody governments.. One of the few who seem to do it right is New Zealand.. Actually use common sense which seems to be quickly disappearing from this world, a pandemic in itself πŸ™‚ (of stupidity).
  13. Hmmm, yeah, I dont know much about those old switches.. Very 70s (yes I know its a 60s).... But I can tell you that with the Gibson braided wire, the inner core is the live and the braiding is used as the ground. So the wire from the pickups go to the pots and you solder the braiding on t the back of the pot for the ground. As for the 3 way switch, you wire it from the pot to the selector switch and then from the selector switch to the output jack.. Very hard to tell you anything else from not seeing your new switch and the pic you posted is hard to make out.
  14. No I dont have one.. I do know the theory behind it, I am usually just to excited to get on with the building to sharpen things πŸ™‚ And yes that means I have bought loads of chisels over the years..... And, yes.. Soon now.. All of that stuff will be over and I can finally move on.. Sounds harsh when I say it like that but enough is enough with this crap... Its also partly cos I have two older sisters who do very little and make the decision making very difficult. Anyway.. Totally different subject there.. πŸ™‚
  15. @'Scales Looks like he was doing many things to get in the industry. More
  16. Theres also Bon Scott before AC/DC And AC/DC before Bon Scott πŸ™‚ No wonder Angus went with the school uniform.. Id refuse to wear what the rest of the are wearing too πŸ˜„
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