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  1. Hello and welcome.. What sort of hardware setup does it have? i.e two mini hummers two volumes two tones and a three way switch? Need pictures as you say really.
  2. Hmm, I dont think so.. That looks like a standard maple top... The Smartwood used different woods... I think you were right with your first guess... Been sanded down and oiled or whatever finsish.
  3. Yeah.. Looks like a Gibson. My only slight issue and thats cos I cant really see exactly what it is, is there may be a crack on the top of the headstock.. May just be the grain though.
  4. Well it depends on if you like the story behind the series... They were made as a bit of an FU to the government after the Gibson raids I think it was in 2010.. I think they made that series with the confiscated Rosewood for which the Government eventually gave them back... Which is why they are the colour they are.. Its kind of a very very small part of their history.. I guess if that means something too you and you dont mind the colour, pay what you want.. But apart from that theres nothing special about the guitars and I doubt any of us on here would pay that for it or it will be w
  5. Cool.. There is nothing like working with a really sharp well set up blade 🙂 It s so satisfying.. Like a sharp chisel too. Just a pleasure to use.. My issue is I never really got good at sharpening.. Nah, I dont know whats wrong with me.. I really want to start building again but it just doesnt happen. At the moment I am still dealing with stuff from my dads estate which is the most painful complicated thing I have ever been involved with.. Hopefully soon.. Also I am waiting for the timber place to get some more 50mm London Plane in for the body.
  6. Two words combined that cant make sense..... 🙂
  7. No.. Shes awful .. She had a couple of "hits" in the 80s... Literally two songs and then disappeared (thank goodness).
  8. Much more on topic though theres some great advice in these vids
  9. He ha sadly since seemed to have gone slightly mad during lockdown.. Wheres RCT?
  10. Nice.. Lovely... Enjoy man....
  11. Nice one... And yes this is what I mean when I say about while building a guitar isnt rocket science, you do need a bit of experience to know what you want and what you dont and trying out some different techniques to get the results you want. Good stuff
  12. Try raising the pickups a bit maybe first? Or even lowering them.. Its surprising just how much of an effect that can have sometimes.. You just dont wnat them too close to the strings or you can get some string pull from the magnets. Just a very easy thing to try first.
  13. I think its more physical contact sort of transmission than actually being infected and just not having symptoms.. In the same way you should try and not touch your face while you are out if you havent washed your hands... So if you maybe give someone a hug or kiss or handshake, touching door handles or the like you can pass it on that way. I think the current thinking is that the virus can live for about 72 hours on surfaces.
  14. Yeah much the same thing really.. My only caveat is that I want to go after my mum.. Would never want to put her through that... Apart from that, what ever what ever.. Obviously no one wants to suffer as said above.. And what happens after I go, dont really think I will care much... I guess I hope my guitars will still be played long after I am gone as I doubt I will ever have kids.. So that will be my legacy 🙂 A few years ago I also lost my dad and then a few moths later one of my oldest and closest friends, both to cancer.. A total s*itshow.. I also almost died a cou
  15. Yeah its all totally nuts. I am a big film watcher. I have watched so many films about stuff like this, or how the world changes from one thing to another (and I dont think we will ever be quite the same again). I never ever thought I would actually have to live though it.. Just crazy stuff. And yes depending on what jab you have, I believe it takes two weeks to fully kick in once you have had the shot and provides something like 65% immunity and the second jab takes you to about 95%.. Which is pretty good.. BUT even if you are immune to it, you can still carry it and transmit it to other
  16. No.. Not just you.. I also actually went though the sweats last night.. Arm is still pretty sore. But from what I understand that is very normal. You generally either feel like you have some flu symptoms for a couple of days or you feel nothing... I just checked my temperature and it was ok.. So we will see.
  17. The covid future of live music?? 😞 April 1st wouldnt be my choice of dates 🙂 Joe Bonamassa From Austin City Limits Live! (jbonamassa.com)
  18. You should check this stuff out Rocklite - Environmentally friendly tonewoods & hardwoods | eco friendly ebony ROCKLITE® SUNDARI ROCKLITE® SUNDARI is a manmade product which beautifully replicates the appearance of Indian Rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia) and is made from fast growing sustainable hardwood. The fingerboards and other components have the appearance of being perfectly quarter sawn, however to achieve this look the products are actually manufactured rift sawn. This means that if a fingerboard has a heavy radius, then it will appear to be slightly slab sawn on one ed
  19. Yes I also as well as making guitars worked at a wood shop for a couple of years... We did custom made tables and stuff.. While I use Tru Oil for a lot of my guitar builds we were using Osmo oil for work projects... Really like that sort of finish much better than any lacquer.
  20. Yes its been many hours now.. I dont yet feel any desire to go out and eat someones brain I dont have the urge to sell all my guitars and become an accountant or a lawyer Havent received any secret messages from Bill Gates yet..
  21. Had my jab.. All very easy, didnt have to wait for a second.. Walked straight in... Been a few hours, arm is a bit sore at the injection site.. Thats about it... Carry on..
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