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  1. You should check this stuff out Rocklite - Environmentally friendly tonewoods & hardwoods | eco friendly ebony ROCKLITE® SUNDARI ROCKLITE® SUNDARI is a manmade product which beautifully replicates the appearance of Indian Rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia) and is made from fast growing sustainable hardwood. The fingerboards and other components have the appearance of being perfectly quarter sawn, however to achieve this look the products are actually manufactured rift sawn. This means that if a fingerboard has a heavy radius, then it will appear to be slightly slab sawn on one ed
  2. Yes I also as well as making guitars worked at a wood shop for a couple of years... We did custom made tables and stuff.. While I use Tru Oil for a lot of my guitar builds we were using Osmo oil for work projects... Really like that sort of finish much better than any lacquer.
  3. Yes its been many hours now.. I dont yet feel any desire to go out and eat someones brain I dont have the urge to sell all my guitars and become an accountant or a lawyer Havent received any secret messages from Bill Gates yet..
  4. Had my jab.. All very easy, didnt have to wait for a second.. Walked straight in... Been a few hours, arm is a bit sore at the injection site.. Thats about it... Carry on..
  5. Let alone the various amounts of smelly wind that will slip out of each end during this encounter.. Leaves everyone with a bad taste in their mouths.
  6. Yes I was much the same.. Hated school.. I have never been tested but I am sure that I am somewhat dyslexic.. School for me was boring and they just thought I was stupid or a trouble maker.. I was so bad at one school (I went to four) that there was a teacher who would walk in, look at me and send me out of the room straight away. And yes, had the same sort of clicks. But imagine that expanded.. Its no longer just the jocks/nerds etc its thousands of online groups and social media sites and computer games that control those clicks.... Its no wonder they can get so confused. In our
  7. I will never forget something my niece said to me a few years ago (she is 11 now).. I was talking to her about how when I was her age there was no internet and no computers (well not as we know them today anyway) and her response was.. So how did you watch Youtube then 🙂 They cant even imagine the world we grew up in. Yes you hit the nail on the head when you talk about the speed of information.. And thats one of the ways things have changed, everything is instant now and always changing all the time... I find it hard to imagine what its like for kids these days. I would imagine
  8. Yes I remember school and agree in one way.. You may think that anyone that does that is weak and would have had issues in life one way or another. BUT my point is that if people were maybe a bit more thoughtful and considerate that those who took their own life would still be alive and maybe doing something amazing with their life. It doesnt take much and could change someones life for the better and all it takes is a little empathy. The other thing is and is why I brought up age is that as I said, I dont think you should underestimate how much peer pressure they are under if all t
  9. This I would have to disagree with. Because social media is so big these days, words are more important than ever as its the main way we communicate. There are people in the world, often young people with their whole lives ahead of them who commit suicide because of both real and cyber bullying. This is a fact. Most of us on here are probably over 40... Kids these days live off social media (and if thats wrong or right isnt the discussion, its just the way things are today like it or not) its their whole world and words are extremely important. Its all too easy to sit behind a
  10. Yes I use someone elses hands to play guitar 🙂
  11. Saw this on another site..... That bit where he really starts playing fast.. His fingers dont seem to be moving enough to play the amount of notes I am hearing 🙂 .. But its not just the speed here.. His phrasing is excellent.
  12. Yes, Pasti symbols and Dulux snares are legendary 🙂
  13. Yeah.. They only do a certain amount of colours per model and also per year... So some years they may have had an ebony version, some not.. In saying that I cant remember the last time they actually produced a USA Nighthawk.. @NighthawkChris This man as his name suggests knows a lot about them.
  14. Well a Joan Jett 339 is described as a rounded C.... In this vid he gives the neck specs These images may also help..
  15. What do you guys reckon on these.. Obviously not a full on acoustic but does its own thing. Lindsey sounds ok 🙂
  16. Without getting all political about it, this vaccine rollout is about the only thing the government actually seem to have done right for once..
  17. Booked in for Monday...... I found out I probably could have got it done earlier as I am one of my mums main carers... But its booked now.... And the second one too in June.
  18. Nice... And as said, very good to hear. Live music has been devastated this last year... You go out there and represent for all of us
  19. Cos sometimes we all need some Lemmy in our lives 🙂
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