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  1. As usual the public are monaing about it and the prices (god forbid that Gibson try someting different).. I for one really like the satin look (and I really like the worn brown one).. As someone else on the page spotted, on this one they say that Grade A woods used in all but the ebony one?? Surely if they are the same price they should use the same wood on all no matter what the finish? Anyway, what do you think? http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Gibson-USA/Les-Paul-Traditional-Mahogany-Satin.aspx#
  2. Pretty sweet.. but man, again, how long would that take to perfect that... I have trouble with just one guitar sometimes :P
  3. Just saw this on TV and found it on Youtube so thought id share :) .. pretty cool... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3AYeqFDtxg&feature=rellist&playnext=1&list=PL5BD40E0499DFFE5F
  4. Is this the new in thing?? :) I dont think I could ever be bother to try that hard :P (how many hours practice??)
  5. I did used to have a lovely 12 string to go with mine too. But as much as I had always wanted one and they sound amazing (you can fart on a 12 string and it would sound good :)) they are a ***** to play.. Killer on the fingers... So in the end I sold it to help fund the start of my Gibson Electic GAS problem :P
  6. WOW, to me that Ovation Collectors Edition is the best one ive seen so far... AWESOME guitar dude... I have always loved roundbacks and coulndt quite afford Ovation at the time I got mine (mines a Tanglewood copy), I was suprised not to see many on this thread... The next time I get an acoustic I reckon it will be one of those ovations.. :)
  7. For me its the intrest free credit :P im terrible, I have three on the go at once right now :o As for why I do it.. well i guess its cos its irristastible to me the ultimate functional art,not only are they great to look at but you can play them ... Plus probably that guitarists never ending search for that "Sound" which seems to change and expand over time making it an ongoing thing.. But hey, you gotta have something in life that you feel passionate about and thats all yours :)
  8. Is that who they make these guitars for? Recipiants :P (only kidding, a its damn cool thing to get such recognition)... http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Gibson-Custom/Rock-and-Roll-Hall-of-Fame-Les-Paul.aspx
  9. Valentines day is just a marketing campaign to sell stuff to people that they dont really need... thats what I think of it so to me its just a normal day..
  10. I liked this one :) (The Avengers)
  11. Rabs

    Mr Beck

    I saw him a couple of years ago with Clapton at the O2.. amazing.. check these vids I recorded of Jeff actually singing to one of his old hits :) And him and Joss Stone.. awesome
  12. Yeah.. id say the same.. if it sounds good and the front looks good who really cares (how often do people really see the back anyway?).. some people are fussy, but having a two peice back isnt like a sign of worse quality or anything its just luck of the draw. I have guitars with both one and two piece backs and some with more, and it makes no difference... (not to me anyway).. :)
  13. And heres one for the classic movie lovers.. Mr Hitchcock directing the MGM Lion roar :)
  14. Haha.. yeah but I think that he got to see a lot more later ;) (maybe this picture was taken after a threesome? :P )
  15. Haha... Pimp Chewie :) (I cant believe they blocked that word lol.. common)
  16. yes its Dali Wolverine... (not Freddy as someone else mentioned :P) (oh and im not a comic book geek at all, but it doesnt take much to work out :P) :)
  17. I have one of these a 2005 model.... And yes your right in the way that they slightly vary from year to year but as far as I know they all have P90s and 60s slim neck profile.. and id say if all it has is just the usual bodyware and all the electrics work then yeah thats a decent price.... These cost a bit more than a LP Studio new £669 in the UK which I think works out to a bit over $1000. If you can, post some pics up of the actual guitar. Hope that helps. (ohh and they are GREAT guitars the DCs, light and great upper fret access but still every bit a Gibson.. great for blu
  18. Nowt wrong with Disco.. Its such happy funky music.. I myself like a bit of ABBA and Boney M :) Check the chorus for ABBA SoS, imagine that with nice chunky power chords.. I really like their writing... and its fun to play along too.. SoS (check the mini skirt dress things ;)) Gotta Go Home http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAS-aNvK7ns
  19. Haha.. nice... heres a few more I found.. I will stop now.. could go on for a while :)
  20. You said you deleted and re-installed acrobat.. What about Flash (acrobat is just the PDF reader).. That link I posted originally has it. (sorry if I seem to be asking the same thing, just being sure).
  21. Did you let windows do an update?
  22. Whats the maddest or silliest looking guitar youve ever seen? Heres a few I found :) And heres actual video of one playing :)
  23. Also as a secondary thought, you may want to let windows do an update if youve just installed it. It will have to find new drivers for your graphics card and the like... (which its actualy really good at these days) (its hard to tell with these things, you just have to take it step by step).
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