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  1. Nice... All looking good.. Just one thing.. We are still waiting for a final pic of the first build yet 🙂 You are just like most of us who do this either for a hobby or a living.. Cant seem to focus on one build at a time 😄 Its perfectly normal from what I have seen... Its like the luthier version of GAS. I still have loads of stuff I want to try yet.
  2. Yes indeed... He did so much for his family and so little for himself.. Was just the way he was.
  3. I am a fan but its complicated for me... I saw them in 2010. Awesome gig.. HOWEVER.. Its a weird story... A few years back now my dad was having chemo treatments.. I was the one who took him to every appointment over something like a year and a half.. One day I happened to have a best of Supertramp on the car CD player and my dad loved it.. In fact he liked it so much every time we went he wanted that music playing. I even got him an MP3 player with that album on it so he could listen to it while getting the treatment. Well as you can possibly imagine. After he passed away that a
  4. Another giant failure sadly... While there are some people who like them, at the end of the day most people just didnt want them or to pay the extra for them. Let alone all of the other crazy changes they made in 2015 at the same time AND they did it across the whole line up... But even then, the models were the same it was just the spec that changed.
  5. No.. Bruce Kunkle...
  6. Get a 336.. It will cure you of all of that 😄
  7. This was the one I wanted because of the pcikup combo.. The day I went to buy it they had just sold the last one so I ended up with a Gary Moore BFG instead (cos it had a similar pickup combo)
  8. I warn you. This one is really painful
  9. Well I am not sure of that battery story... Not heard that one before.. What I remember hearing was it was something to do with insurance or a tax write off or something.. Which is why they made that video, to prove the destruction of them and is why they couldn't give them away.. It was done when they closed the Memphis factory (theres some other videos of them destroying some really nice looking CS stuff).
  10. The only thing its missing is a humbucker at the bridge 😛 🙂 Classic though.. And yeah, Rosewood fingerboard is the way to go too.. Happy playing
  11. There was also a VERY cool (well I thought so anyway) new LP type design possibly a decade a go... I thought it was pretty nice but it never made it past the few prototypes that were made (from what I remember).
  12. For that to happen someone would have to defend the Firebird X.. I doubt thats gonna happen 🙂
  13. They do sometimes.... And usually any new models dont go down that well.. The sad fact is a lot of guitar players (electric) are very conservative in their equipment... Its why they can sell a 59 Historic for 10k.. Heres some examples and to be honest with some of them you can see why they went very popular 🙂 Modern Double cut from only a few years ago The infamous Firebird X.. Propbably the most hated Gibson ever This was called the Shark or something And this one the Shark Fin I believe And for fun.. This was the fate of man
  14. Nah.... I do my own from scratch... And I have an amazing timber yard very near my home.. Have you never seen one of my builds?
  15. Cool looking guitar... Nice natural finish
  16. There you go.. Remove the img bits at the front and end of the web address (and the square brackets)
  17. Pure Bypass: The Sonic Expressway (gibson.com) When you want the ultimate in sonic purity, there’s no more direct path than sending your pickup output directly to the guitar’s output jack, without any intervening tone or volume controls to influence the pickup’s inherent sound. And that’s exactly what the Pure Bypass function does—it sends your bridge pickup output directly to the guitar output, thanks to a push switch on the bridge pickup tone control. It’s that simple. But we are dealing with Gibson, so you’d be correct in assuming there’s a little something extra as well. The Les
  18. Id say they have already done that with Epiphone... It depends on when exactly he was stated as saying this as Epi came out with the Inspired by Gibson line with the new more "Gibsony" style headstock and I think they pretty much mimic the USA line up.. Some threads on that in the Lounge a while back... So if it was after that and he says they want to do more then maybe.. I think Gibson will be a bit silly to let the Epis get too close or why would anyone bother buying a Gibson? The prices on guitars in general very much including the used market are getting silly. But at the same time there
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