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  1. I thought they sounded different. Both quite bright, but the 114 "echoey" and sort of jangly. Sounded like my lam Epiphone. The 314 was softer with more depth.
  2. Hi, When I was looking for mine I actually wanted the double pointy one like yours, but ended up with the single point. So my guess is around 2006 which is when I got mine. I think they still just had the "Deluxe" then, not split into Studio and Standard, but I may be wrong.
  3. Well this had a shocking conclusion. JT will be missed - I gained a lot of knowledge from his postings here, thanks.
  4. WOW! That was incredible
  5. Really like that Sal!
  6. Why don't you go and post on a forum about guitars you like, instead of spreading negativity? We get it, you have a problem with Gibsons. Move on.
  7. Sounds great, playing and guitar! I wondered how these old archtops handled this kind of stuff.
  8. Marlboros that I used to smoke are nearly £8 ($13.34) here! Quit over 5 months ago and gone onto those electronic cigarettes - they're incredible! Haven't wanted to touch a normal cig since, and saved over £600 ($1000) in the process, although I don't know where it's all gone...I've used a tracking app and it says I've eliminated 2000 cigarettes over that time. Puts into perspective how much I used to smoke. Regarding multiple guitars; I just like them - the look, feel and sound - so want them! If I had unlimited funds I'd buy loads, no matter how simliar to what I'd already got - J-35, J-
  9. I actually wouldn't always believe Gibson's own website with regards to spec! In this case though I would (I think I'm correct in saying every new Gibson acoustic has a nitrocellulose finish). Also "gloss" just means "shiny".
  10. Sounds good to me - I didn't even really know you could buy these so thanks. I could do with some new strings. http://www.stringsdirect.co.uk/p/912499/gibson-masterbuilt-premium-phosphor-bronze-acoustic-guitar-strings-12-53/
  11. Yep, I think he's great
  12. Looks to me like you got a bargain. This is what we have to contend with in England - around $2105!! http://www.ebay.co.u...r-/281073773532
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