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  1. RIP Eddie, your will be remembered not only for the music but also for your long battle with cancer.
  2. This isn't something I made up out of thin air. As I wrote earlier, it was from Paul's bio, Many Years From Now. You can read it for yourself. But consider that because of the age differences between the three original members, before Pete Best was replaced by Ringo, if the British conscription act had not been repealed each of them, starting with John in 1958, would have been inducted for a term of no less than 18 months. Paul would have been inducted in 1960, and George in 1961,. The significance is that those were the formative years, the band became more of a brotherhood. Other musicians who knew them such as Graham Nash, have stated that they were set apart from other Liverpool bands, the time spent in hour after hour of practicing, playing in dive clubs in Germany. And consider that between 1962 and 63, they preformed 57 shows on the BBC,. That would not have happened if the three have been inducted. On the Feb. night in 1964 when they played on Ed Sullivan they already bad 240 hr.s of live broadcast experience under their belts. That polished band that just blew up the American rock scene may never have swept us off our feet had all those previous details taken place in the time sequence it did.
  3. It doesn't matter when they met, if John had been drafted at 18 for two years. Then a year later Paul, that is 4 years they would not have been playing, then George just as both John and Paul returned, that's six years. John and Ringo were born in 1940, they would have been inducted age 18, 1958. Paul was born in 1942, he would have been inducted at age 18, 1960, George was born in 1943. He would have been inducted in 1961. So John and Ringo do 2 years 1958 to 1960. Paul would go in from 60 to 62. George would go in from 61 to 63.
  4. I believe I read this snippet in McCartney's bio "MANY YEARS FROM NOW " that if the British government had not ended the Public Service Act, which was like the US Draft, when it did , the Beatles as we know them wouldn't have happened at all. Because of the age differences between each member, John would have done two years, just as he returned Paul would have been six months into his two year stent, George would have been conscripted right when Paul was released. So the nucleus would never have formed.
  5. Would Cream be Cream is they met today?
  6. The first rock concert I attended was Iron Butterfly, I was 16. The first act was Albert King. So technically it was also my first blues concert, but I digress, Albert King blew us I to the weeds! As his band was on stage playing the first song, he was walking through the audience in a cape wearing a big top hat, strutting, mining, and dancing on his way to the stage. Then he picked up his white flying V, and taught us punks what playing was!
  7. How many of you know who Arthur Adams Is? At 75 years of age he has recorded with and toured with Buddy Guy, Hugh Masekela, Lighting Hopkins, Chuck Berry, The Crusaders, Lou Rawls, Quincy Jones, The Jackson's, Henry Mancini, Ken Mo, Nina Simone, and the notorious Bihari Brothers, the founders of Modern Records and Meteor Records where he was the house guitarist , arranger, and chief bottle washer. Did I mention he was BB Kings bandleader? He just released a new album, at 75, maybe he will make a name for himself.....
  8. Oddly, SRV has had little mention. There are too many damn good players past and present to hold such competition. Getting, Buchanan, Gill, and hundreds of under named studio players through out the years that could not only keep up with, but probably smoke everyone on any list. The old joke in Nashville, there are more master pickers bagging groceries for minimum wage then there are playing for pay. One of those guys is Jim Soldi, check him out on YouTube, you have heard him many times, he played with Cash, Skaggs, Albert Lee, and now he is back home in San Diego playing gigs around town. There are videos of he and Albert Lee playing I'm just a Country Boy, Jimmy cuts loose towards the end of the song My point is, there are great players all over the place, one hit away from being a household name. As well as many who spend their lives making the stars sound good and seldom get any credit.
  9. Her position is more like that of a cello player, this position gives the player much greater access to the upper fretboard as you are not bending the wrist and arm around the body. The emphasis is keeping the wrist and hand linear.
  10. That is the problem with communication without facial expressions, it is easy to misinterpret another's point. That being said, this young lady is a remarkable artist.
  11. Perhaps it was just the way I read some of the replies.
  12. Wow! Simply fantastic, And she already has critics comparing her to others or saying the piece was too simple, if you can do better, post it.
  13. I do not subscribe to the "best of all time " principal. There are just to many phenomenal players of any instrument and every type of music, is it fair to compare any rock or blues player to Segovia? Julian Bream? Peep Romero? Then there is the issue of time, Hendrix like Charlie Christian died very young, too young. So we only had a glimpse of the potential they had to develop. But I would argue there is another dynamic to popular music and rock, it is too easy to become type cast. Clapton is a perfect example, he left The Yardbirds, Blindfaith, Derek and the the Dominoes, and John Mayhall always at what could have been perceived as the peak of those bands fame. He prevented himself from being type cast into what producers wanted to project. Hendrix I would argue was a victim of his management, they wanted to milk the cash cow while the udder was full. He was the image of the psychedelic 60s rock, he showed us glimpses of the rock jazz fusion music he was tending towards. His fame came fast, right on the heels of the Beatles Sergeant Peppers album, he personified acid rock. And that's what his fans wanted to see on stage, but with The Band of Gypsies live recordings he showed he was more than capable of going beyond Purple Haze. I see a stifled genius, . fruit picked before it ripened .
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