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  1. I take a couple of weeks off and this is what I return too? Say it ain't so Chief!
  2. I have always liked white pick guard on black finish, tuxedo style, looks clean, Congrats on the sweet deal!
  3. This song has a Johnny Cash fatalistic vibe to it, (that's a good thing) Think this doesn't , and that's ok
  4. Definitely country vibe with a large scoop of blues, this song however, has Jimmy Buffet written all over it.
  5. I agree, country blues, or outlaw country, but after listening to several of their song's I like 90% of what I have heard.
  6. You're in for a treat,, from the hotbed of blues, Austria,
  7. They could have fetched nearly $260,000 if they weren’t fakes! Unbelievable, The Les Paul ax autographed by Guns and Roses guitarist Slash would have been worth at least $8,000 — if only it was real. Instead it was a clever fake, part of a shipment of 85 guitars seized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents at Washington Dulles International Airport earlier this month. The collection included 72 Gibsons, but also models from C.F. Martin, Fender, Kramer and Taylor. Also included were 13 acoustic guitars. The Les Paul ax wasn’t the
  8. This might have been one of the last gigs Jesse Ed played with Taj Mahal. In an interview Taj said that for his first three albums and until Davis left the band, it could just as easily been named the Davis Band.
  9. This 45 is as far as I can find the only recording of what could have been the best assembly of Oklahoma music greats. Leon Russell, Jesse Ed Davis, J.J. Cale , Junior Markham, Levon Tells, Billy Keyes, just to name a few. The mix could have been better, but who cares? Listen to Jesse Ed Davis marvelous slide work
  10. You guys might want to jump on this deal, an entire warehouse full of VHS tapes! We could corner the market!
  11. Agreed, Jesse Ed Davis was a great player, some people think he copied Duane Allman on Statesboro Blues, it was the other way around, Allman admitted it, he was a big fan of Jesse's. Jesse also played the lead guitar on Jackson Brown's hit Doctor My Eyes.
  12. Jesse Ed Davis deserves a nod ,
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