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  1. And right on que, I just saw this today https://theseconddisc.com/2020/09/10/stand-next-to-your-fire-unreleased-jimi-hendrix-recordings-arrive-on-live-in-maui-album-and-film/
  2. Welcome home Retire, last year I was having trouble with vertigo and hearing issues, so I can relate to the "fuzzy" headed feelings. The good news is that your ok and still picking!
  3. I've lost more than a few friends to dope and the peripheral world of drugs. I know of four from my high school class that were gone within a few years after graduating, (1968) . The guitar player in one band was shot in the back over a drug deal gone bad, that was in 72, One guy I knew was a Navy Corpsman in Nam, got strung out on morphine over there, never really got better, died 15 years later, I've lost a cousin to it, and watched my niece just about ruin her life on crank, her son has dealt with heroin addiction his entire life, he's nearly 30 now, trying to stay clean and out of prison. I hope he does, I pray he does, but I wouldn't trust him further than I could kick a brick. In my experience, tough love is the only thing that works. You have to be there for them, but you can't play the game, . It isn't easy or fair.
  4. These are very innovative ideas, and not just marketing gimmicks, good to see creativity is still alive
  5. I had never heard of Furch guitars until today, but I'm impressed
  6. You can with a 3 string shovel
  7. Sam, Bela , John and Pat, back in the early days,
  8. Glen Campbell's daughter does a tribute to her father
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