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  1. Gordon Lightfoot turn 81 years old today! What a run he has had, thanks for the great memories and the songs that tell stories, something that has gone by the wayside years ago, God Bless you Gordon
  2. Jazz may appear academicized because there are very few venues that supported Jazz over the past 50 years, a d one of the main venues has been college and university music programs, just as blues and folk music has survived the ever changing musical market place by playing on the campuses of colleges and universities since the 1960s rebirth of those two forms of American music as an art form. Some large cities still provide venues for jazz artist to present their work, to the public, but very few will, no matter their virtuosity earn a living,. Therefore, to achieve tenure as a professor of music is one of the best venues for Jazz artist to provide for a family.
  3. Ship hour clothes by UPS, that way you'll have more room for guitars and amps in the cars! Best of luck!
  4. Thanks to all who served our nation, we owe more that can be paid.
  5. I'm so glad you folks enjoyed this, Joe Pass was simply one of a kind. We all loved Chet and his fluidity, Ellis, and Green and Smith, and many other jazz greats, and there are way too many to mention, all played awesome and are inspirational, thank God we lived in an age where their work could be recorded for generations to come to enjoy. But Joe Pass was on another level. This piece shows me, that melody is what it is all about. Go fast, go slow, but never lose sight of the melody. Pass and Pedersen were a dou made in heaven!
  6. Joe Pass does fast with more taste than anyone,
  7. Ditto that. Bluegrass and classical music are the last refuge for unadulterated music. Even the "Nashville " sound is using voice synthes, .
  8. I agree, I've been following her for a few years, she just keeps getting better, and she has really started to branch out into other styles and techniques.
  9. I thought about posting a smart come back, lime, "Mason might not be Mason after his voice changes " but I decided to do like Molly, and take the high road... She has had to overcome many obstacles to be Molly, let's just enjoy that.
  10. And Tommy likes her, that makes it a done deal
  11. Here is a recent interview with Molly
  12. Young Molly Tuttle, she has been winning flatpicking contest since she was knee high,. She a woman now. And boys, there's a new sheriff in town.
  13. Rock On! Don't eat mushrooms! Best of luck Digger
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