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  1. Some may think this is strange, but Marc Bussard joined flrces with The Bid Band of Brothers, a actual Big Band, And they released a cover album of the Allmsn Brothers, it rocks! Listen to the guitar in Hot Lanta
  2. This vid goes back a few years to a talent show in Nashville
  3. As you folks know I like to find new artist and share them here with you, lately I've been into alt country corny stuff, I shared a few videos of Paul Thorn who is an incredibly talented writer performer, very witty, but he has a daughter who did her first performance on stage with Paul at the age of 14, , this was 12 years ago, I want to post one vid from her first stage show then, and one more recently, to see the progression, Vid 1, age 14 Vid two from 5 yeas ago
  4. There is little I can add following the previous accolades, he is established as an icon in a music form of rock he envisioned, arranged , and he did it well, that's as best as it gets in life, he was ready to go to the next plane. God Bless you Neil , we'll meet in the next one, don't be late...
  5. As long as we are going down the Andy of Mayberry road, let me introduce Paul Thorn, don't let his slow manner fool you. He's A regular poet,
  6. Don't temp me, my wife is so happy that I haven't bought any guitars this year!
  7. I never watch awards shows, I did watch his monologue afterwards, I thought it was brilliant to get in these overpaid pampered holier than thou know it alls who get to live with unbelievable privileges, riches beyond belief for doing nothing but pretending to be someone on stage or screen. I'm sick and tired of of these hollywierd brats lecturing us on values. Let's try going one year without any movies and at the same time no plumbers, or truck drivers or cops, then see who really matters!
  8. These guys are great entertainers, please enjoy,
  9. The rooftop concert was awesome, here is some that didn't get released
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