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  1. I was intrigued so I did a little search for he bio, she was reading music at the age of 5, before she could read the alphabet, she wrote her first song when she was five, it was titled Mean Mary from Alabam, her family called her Mean Mary after that. She was a passenger in a car that crashed and was thrown partially through the windshield and suffered damage to her neck, her vocal cords where paralyzed for nearly a year. And here is Mean Mary in concert
  2. From the day we are born, we are preparing to die. It's as much a part of our human experience as birth is, and in both cases, it's something we only experience once. We may witness the birth and death of others, but we only experience both one time. I have said goodbye to my parents, siblings, cousins, uncle's and aunts, many of my oldest acquaintances and friends and to my only child. I do celibate the fact that I was blessed with each in my life. I seldom talk about these losses, but I do occasionally speak of experiences I shared with some of those who passed through my life. At age 11 I watched my grandfather die, I watched as my father tried to revive him, it really was a turning point in my life journey. Death is as much a part of life as life itself.
  3. Or does her voice remind you of Buffy St. Marie? She picks a little banjo too.
  4. Well said, I think we are the same vintage,
  5. Amen brother! Charlie was the best of the lot, and a damn good drummer, rock solid. RIP Charlie, they may hire a fill in, but nobody will replace you.
  6. Tom T. was not easy to pigeon hole, he wasn't really country, wasn't really folk , although he did have hit songs in both. He was a storyteller, he did however perform with Bill Monroe, recorded albums with Earl Scruggs and Fairchild and Jimmy Martin and Ralph Stanley.
  7. I know few people under the age of 40 would know his name, but Tom T. Hall passed away Saturday, even though he had not performed publicly in years, his influence upon Folk and Country music as well as Blue Grass is undeniable. The Storyteller has left the stage. Nancy Griffith, then Tom T. and now Don Everly, it's been a bad week for Americana music.
  8. It's more fun if you change it to, "Wake up you little floosie "
  9. RIP Don, IMO, The Everly Brothers don't get the recognition they rightfully deserve for the impact they had on popular music,. I
  10. Well, if a hockey game breaks out , you have a puck.
  11. I didn't know this was a thing, but rubber bridges are becoming popular with the Indie music crowd, Here's an article from Reverb, with videos about them, https://reverb.com/news/the-rubber-bridge-guitars-taking-over-indie-music
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