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  1. One template would fix the problem of pickup and bridge alignment.
  2. Seems it would be easier to put the pickups on before you put the strings on..
  3. Beck started playing cello when he was young, and he attacks the strings of his guitar with much the same technique, IMO it also shows in his melodic approach to solos, the sustain and tremelo, use of fluid octave modulation, very similar to classical cello, It also helps to have your fretboard scalloped slightly.
  4. Great buy! A little chrome polish on a soft cotton cloth should get the 5001s pickups nice and shiny.
  5. Just by chance, I was watching this video just before I watched the OP https://youtu.be/-kuO2epsPbE
  6. There are plywood guitars then there are laminated ones. As with the EJ-160 e made famous by John Lennon and Harrison in the early Beatles years, laminated EJ160e 's were designed for amplification, to reduce feedback. Laminated back and side construction is common in violin and cello and upright bass construction and well as in resonator guitars for the stability and because as in classical guitars, if used for back and sides coupled with well voiced solid wood top the projection can be very good, and the top wood becomes the pri art tone wood.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving, Enjoy
  8. Congratulations Retired, that is a milestone for sure. I hope you two have a wonderful diner.
  9. I was country when country wasn't cool. Literally, I grew up with country music, my dad played honky tonks honky tonks before I was born. Sang us kids to sleep playing guitar and sing Autry or Williams., Hank Snow or T E Ford. When I started playing I wanted to play rock, but I was really into country rock , but I also p,eyed in country bands to get some cash,
  10. Is the EJ a laminated back and side guitar?
  11. It's on PBS here in the states, if you haven't seen it, two master chefs start the show by baking some kind of pastry or bread, then the next segment they challenge a group of amateur cooks to a bake off. Each season starts with 12 amateurs, each week one is cut till they get down to three finalists. As we are currently boycotting the NFL and the NBA, and as I am burnt out on talent shows, I find this show fills two needs, , watching some form of competition and food.
  12. Sweetie Jesus!. You must give us a comparison review of the two.
  13. This isn't the first time an artist critized the suits that run country music, Jason Isbell isn't a country music star by any means, but he does a lot of recording in Nashville, his membership was a surprise to him in the first place. Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and a few other "outlaws " said the same thing when they moved to Texas nd and started the music scene there.
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