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  1. He makes Keith Richards look good
  2. You were ljcky to have seen him , i wanted to but never got the chance, I agree, TSO is a must see, i had forgotten we saw them in 2004 what a great show
  3. I would be hard pressed to pick just one. Aug. 22, 1969 I saw Yes, Delaney & Bonny and Friends with Leon Russell and Blind Faith. After Blind Faith finished their set, Leon, Delaney, Bonny and Yes had a jam session that went on till the po po pulled the plug. In 1976 I saw Steve Winwood at a night club in San Bernardino, just him and his drummer. He did 5 sets. Sept. 18, 1975, San Diego Convention Center, Climax Blues Band, Johnny Winters Band, Edgar Winters Band with special guest Rick Darringer. That was an awesome show. ELO , with Fleetwood Mac, San Diego C
  4. I saw Santana just after his first album was released, they were the first act, CSN&Y were the main bill, I actually got to sit in on CSN&Ys sound check, Both groups were just awesome that night. But again Santana was on his first national tour, and he and the band played each song from the record in order, exactly as recorded with no exceptions . CSN&Y were so well polished, and of course, each member had his own material, Stills played a solo acoustic set of his stuff, then Young joined him, they did a few Springfield songs, then Stills left and Neil did his thin
  5. May 26, 1973, Led Zeppelin at the Salt Palace in SLC, billed as an evening with LZ. 3 hours, no other band's,, I don't know what happened, but it was like each member was off in space, a lot of people walked out. I wasn't far behind , Blood Rock, well, the night started bad, the gates were late in opening, people were standing outside waiting over an hour past show time when a stampede incident occured, there were four doors with lines in front of each, we were in one of the middle lines, when the police or someone decided to only open one, the one we were in front of, ,everyone in t
  6. I'll take Satchmo's word over that of a snake in the grass any day of the week.
  7. The topic is Blues, and as George Harrison credited Big Bill Broonzy as one of his inspirations, so there is a bit of blues influence in his playing, as for Chuck Berry and Carl Perkins, and Wilbert Harrison they weren't Blues artist, and I believe you were the one who was ragging on others about the difference between R& B and Blues. And Buck Owens? Not even close to Blues. Now let's get down to the core of this cherry you seem hell bent to pop, I don't know you from a knot hole, i dont owe you jack squat, everyone else comes here to have friendly chats about music, Gibson Gu
  8. The Stones yes, but the Beatles? I wouldn't consider any of their work as Blues in any form. If we are to get technical I will defere to Louis Armstrong, " all music is folk music, "
  9. Even before the American Blues Festival toured Britain Clive Davies and the R&B All Stars with John Baldry were playing to packed houses, the band was created in 1962 Before Clive started that band he was a member of Alexis Poker's Blues Incorperated , this is from 1962
  10. The American Blues Festival which toured Britain and other European countries for several years starting in 1964 was the ignition point for the Blues resurgence. Here is a video about the beginnings of the tours, look in the audience, Clapton, Richards, Jagger and a bunch of other future future rock gods are being schooled. But, in Britain, the Blues had already had a following that began during WWII when black American soldiers brought it with them.
  11. Woody Herman , yeah, that's the Blues! Thanks for posting that, it ties in with our other discussionon the history of the electric guitar , your point is right on the money, the early guitar players were copying clarinet solos and of course using their own expressions, Woody was just beyond cool. Count Basie a d Duke Ellington could get down with the Blues to, and they always had the best musicians playing with them.,
  12. We were really lucky to have had the chance to see those gentlemen, Skip James is another great, Buddy Guy and Albert Collins were six years apart in age, they were the young guys in the 1950s and 60s, Brownie McGhee was a great blues player too, he and Sonny Terry were two great piedmont blues men, the lineage is fun to follow, Brownie McGhee was was a student of Blind Boy Fuller, born in 1904, Brownie, born in 1915 was a mentor and teacher to Happy Traum , born in 1938, he along with his brother Artie were collaborating with the likes of Bob Dylan and Phil Ochs in Greenwich village i
  13. Funny you mention Albert King, the first rock concert I attended was Iron Butterfly, with Albert King as the first act, he burned the place down! That would have been 1966 or 67, I had been to other rock shows where there were several bands but they each did two or three songs before the next band was up, Howling Wolf did petty good for himself with the Blues resurgence of the 60s, the Stones took him on tour but the music scene was so different then, you made your money from record sales and royalties from radio air time back then. We think of the biggest act of the 60s, The B
  14. Of course, there should have been 20 or 30 Texas pickers on stage for the 1989 Presidential inauguration ball, maybe Jonny was a Democrat, or perhaps he was touring. And yes, I remember well the Blues resurgence of the 60s, it was good for the old blues guys till about 1964. After that they were relegated to touring college campuses, while young white players took the spotlight. Only a few blues players ever made bank. BB King, and try to name the others. Taj Mahal doesn't count as he was not an "old blues guy " he was in his early twenties . Buddy Guy was the young guy in th
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