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  1. That's why we have chocolate and vanilla ice cream, I lugged enough crap around in my 20s to last me a lifetime., and there are more than enough pedals to change the tone of any amp to satisfy your tube addiction. OTOH I still regret selling my 62 Bassman head.
  2. I have owned a 1953 Triumph 650, and a 1970 Triumph Daytona, and they are a lot like guitars, You have to tune them all the darn time, OTOH, my Honda's never did.
  3. Basically, the Tonemaster is a modeling amp that models one amp, the Twin, only a lot lighter and witbout fragile tubes ( valves) , What isn't there to love about that! If I could justify it I would get one !
  4. I like watching the Big Lebowski just to hear Moondog
  5. This is either the best idea or the worse, but I'd like to play one. https://www.guitarworld.com/news/fender-japans-new-miyavi-signature-model-is-one-of-the-most-radical-telecasters-yet
  6. Hang in there, if the exercises work thats great, staying hydrated is also important.
  7. The ENT diagnosis was Meniere's disease,, but one test was inconclusive, when he placed the large tuning fork on my forehead the vibration was felt equally in both ears. So he suggested eliminating caffeine, unless you have a better treatment I'll stick with him, he has been an ENT since 1965, he is in his 80s , and looks like 50,
  8. All I know is that after giving up caffeine I have had no more episodes of vertigo. And I was only drinking one or two cups of coffee per day before abstaining.
  9. I was ha ing episodes of vertigo a little-known over a year ago, I went to two specialists, one wanted to sell me hearing aids, the other, a ENT, told me to go without caffeine for 10 days, if that didn't work he would put me on Diuretics. Long story short, I gave up caffeine and it went away.
  10. Losing one pet is hard , losing two in such a short time is terrible, I am truly sorry for your loss, As for politicians, I lost all faith in them during the Vietnam War,
  11. Ever hear a mountain lion at night, sounds like a woman screaming, being a light sleeper I barely got a good night's sleep when I would stay at my grandparents ranch, Between to coyote's and the cattle wailing and the toads and the occasional big cats wailing insomnia awaited me.
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