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  1. Let her go and play her new guitar. O-kee Doh-kee!
  2. Your guitar was made at the Samick Plant, Korea February 1994 Production Number: 0755 and is an Epiphone according to this website: http://www.guitardaterproject.org/
  3. I have a es-339 and it is what I use and play with. Although lately I thought of also buying a Casino Coupe (same size as 339 but hollowbody with p-90 PUs). The es-339 is nice but may be a bit thin sounding compared probably to a Gibson same type, but then again, changing PUs can always be considered and it may depend on how you use it and play it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWw90TR-Erw and athough the price as gone up, and probably will again next year to me, the guitar is good enough. The neck is a little wider than my Gibson which is more radius than a fender so it may seem not thick but a little wider so bigger I guess. But for me, it is easier to play than my Gibson Les Paul Traditional. To me the Epiphone for the price can not be beat (unless there is something wrong with it and you buy from a dealer that does not mainly set it up or look at it first before selling). I question the Casino coupe though because it is not semi-hollow body, and well, small screws holding the PUs in just the shell of the guitar seems thin to me, but then....................guitars are made that way also. I fail to see as many buyers though buying a Casino Coupe with the P90s compared to buying the es-339 with the humbuckers and coil taps volume controls on it. Buy both I guess maybe, well............................
  4. A person can get one if he/she/space-alien wants to. No doubt a lot of Gibsons made R & Roll, nowadays................????? Gibsons made Rock, back in the young days. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwDo0JUeKqM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqZceAQSJvc A long time ago!
  5. I looked at it all, and well, not judging but not quite there yet, from what I see. My synth goes from 415.3 to 466.2, although I expect a guitar not to go that far (maybe in a few years with a really, really small chip on that guitar's headstock). I expected just a little more though, and not just 434Hz to 446Hz I think it was on the guitar. Well, around here, may be a few gibsons, some epiphones, but mainly for some reason Telecasters and Strats, and some other variety at a jam session. Getting too old for about any of it, so with my 78 effects and 1 vocoder = 79 effects on a synth, most of which I do not know: When it gets up to "you can work with it for the next 30 years", I probably won't be around then anymore. And a guitar player having a 255 page manual like my synth to read, just does not seem right. (a little joke there at the end). The head hurts. Farewell!
  6. Ya, know after all of that, a lot of guitar players just turn up the amp to 11 volume and say "So What?" Tunings?? Yes, I will watch the mini-E-tune but that is not G-force! ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! I suppose if you can store it in there, that then that is better. (different tunings).
  7. Well, someone stated (have to see who it was again) on the LP forum that you can tune manually the 2015 guitars. I actually do not know anything about it, but I thought there were just several tunings one could use and that was it. If you can change the tuning that would be fine then, but I suppose I would have to find out all that stuff first, and well, ya know, who is ever working in the guitar store may not know and may just tell someone stuff that is not true. If it works fine, if it does not, then perhaps somewhere someone explains exactly what G-force tuning does. I do not know. On the video with James Taylor tuning, then my Snark goes -50 to +50 on the scale, be kind of hard to tell, but still it could get close. On the other hand if computer tuning does not allow anything like that "wide" tuning, then is it all wrong?? Again, befuddled and I do not know. And it is not that anyone is going to tune a guitar that weird as that one video, but then maybe not all the time A = 440Hz either. (but most of the time I suppose). ?????? Have to look it all up if it can be found (about G-force tuning or any electronic computer tuning).
  8. And it is not the fact that a lot of people are going to have odd tunings, but then there is that option with having regular tuning guitars instead of thinking that it can not be done. If you follow James Taylor and tuning on probably an acoustic guitar (not sure if it applies to electric or even some other videos there at utube) you would not be tuning perfect anyway, and for tuning with other videos, it is how hard you hit the strings to tune the guitar, not just tuning without. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2xnXArjPts So tuning perfection may be in the way it is all tuned, not what should be by a so-called computer tuning. Does it apply to electrics? Something to think about perhaps.
  9. You would have to read up about mahogany trees. What once was is not anymore. There are different species of the mahogany trees and without looking it up again, plantation trees may be used more than with trees long ago. But the one species used long ago is no more to be used. Conservation and all of that, so different trees, different weights, different minerals in the tress (or not as many or more depending) and all of that. They only can get what they can get to make guitars with. And they are grown more in the Asia part of the world, I think (without looking it all up again). So if you research mahogany trees you will see what is going on there and also with other woods availability also. They had some heavier ones in 2013. One was 11lbs. 2ozs. for the guitar, but mine was only 9lbs. 5ozs. They had 10 lbs ones also and probably more 9lbs ones, but then with the sale going on, they were going out the door quite quickly in one weekend. I missed a few before getting one. And color was going to be what it was - with my Caramel Burst one, which they had more of. But ya know, besides the Cherry Burst ones and any of that, the Caramel Burst color is not a bad color at all. It is not as red as the pictures at the on-line store where it was happening and more brown and gold sort of color.
  10. G-Force is limiting guitars. It be hard enough to tune my synth to this type of scale but it could be done in a manner of speaking, but electronic tuning on a guitar means never. Yes, it may be weird, but then so are some musicians and so is music sometimes. (if you call this music I guess). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IBXRwORO2o But then I suppose weird is sometimes the way to go, and then A=440Hz does not mean that the audience (only musicians) may actually know the difference if even that. I can tune to A=432Hz or anywhere inbetween over quite a range of frequencies, and with the Master Tune, every note on my synth is done all at once. If a electronic guitar only has a limited tuner, then it never can be done on a guitar. No guitar parts anymore because it could not be done. Weird - yes maybe, but then.............................................dictating a tuning to me (if the electronic tuning on a guitar does not allow for any of this) does not allow freedom in music at all. Everyone should be a robot I guess, might as well hang it up, for someone will think robots can play better than humans, and humans - they were not needed anymore. What a way to go! A few smilies for the occasion. And Jezebel Decibel I guess would not like it at all.
  11. So much for used guitars without the question - Do you use your guitar while sitting on the toilet? Do you record your guitar while on the toilet? Geeze!
  12. I don't know about other years, but LP Traditional 2013 was a solid body again after many years. No holes in the body for weight relief or chambered in it. (but my pickup cover is not coated all the way and the corner is just metal - I buy another one, but I am just going to leave it like it is - because - well, first I am older than Henry, and second, I just got tired of the crap coming out of this Country). But you do what you want to. I did buy it on sale though, but it is not me who is going to be damned. Ya, Attitude!
  13. I decided that I will never buy any electronic tuning guitar. Why? You ask. Know anything about Synthesizers? They can tune anywhere from about 415 Hz to 452 Hz or more without looking it up. Ever hear strings from a synth? If they were not out of tune by a few cents, they would sound plain boring, dull, dumb, and many other words to describe that rich sound you get by tuning two tones (out of 4) to be out of tune for certain patches on a synth. I can tune my synthesizers to anything I want and the guitar has to go there also, or else it is crap Ever hear about pianos being tuned to not 440 Hz but 435 Hz in the Past. Operas tuned to 452 Hz, or an orchestra tuned not to 440Hz but to some other frequency for the base frequency. Now, wreck musicals, wreck symphonies, and everything else, because some idiot decided to only tune a guitar with a computer to a certain absolute pitch, when music is relative. Get a Life! Wreck something else, and don't wreck music.
  14. Steve Gadd. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2P9eGMdvEQ
  15. OH, did not see this thread. Put that video on another thread. It is funny though. Sorry about that.
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