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  1. I own both a 61 from the 90s and a standard from 2004 , so while I can't comment on the spec of new models, generally speaking there is a different quality of wood used, different neck profile and different pickup's also slightly different shape. Which is best? ....hard to say as it's subjective so as always best to try before buying. I like both but both are quite different.
  2. If you have a look on UK eBay there are 2 SGs from that period up for sale with no crown decal and some that have it so maybe it's not necessarily a major issue. ....none of them are SG standards thought.
  3. I'm certainly no expert but were SG standards of this period not made with the crown decal on the headstock and snot green tuners ?.... although the Grover's certainly look very old. Are one of the humbuckers not matched to the other? Therefore one has been charged. Maybe there is some provenance with pictures or footage of that musician playing this SG? Personally I'd need to see the guitar and play it before making a decision to buy especially with the headstock repair..... it looks in very poor condition with none original parts so at least that can be used as a bargaining
  4. It does grab your ears ....and for me that's one reason I really like using an SG the tone really cuts through a band mix well
  5. Hi great idea. An SG will feel quite different to play than a squire/ stratocaster style guitar thought and that's one thing if your not a player that you may not know is than different types of Guitars feel different to play and have different neck profile's, neck thicknesses etc. Unfortunately SGs are not for everyone and as stated above different models and production years do vary......plus your son needs to like the look of any new guitar as well. IMO if he's been playing a while a better idea would be go to a store and try a few yes you can get something online but if your so
  6. The 61 is a great sounding and playing guitar but you need to try one the necks are not the same as on a standard .....as always need to try before buying.
  7. I own a 96 61 RI and a 2004 standard. For me it would have to be the 61 but there really is no substitute for trying before buying - the neck on the 61 needs to be experienced. Both great Guitars.
  8. Completely agree, the SG and classic 57 is a perfect match! But peoples taste do differ !
  9. Lovely guitar! Mines a vintage sunburst. Not rare but a limited edition that were made over a couple of years.
  10. Unfortunately the wood for the 2016 models was only felled by middle aged blokes with big beards and beer bellies , which must certainly have an effect on the woods tone and quality.
  11. 😂 I heard that also......I think from a flying pig.
  12. It depends where exactly you are , as the local price new and used may fluctuate but it seems steep. Your best idea will be from your country internet auction site to see how much they go for. Ask him how much he paid new, is he open to offers? If he says no , walk away ..always haggle! In UK I think somewhere between £1000 - £1300 sterling.
  13. So one that did not look right on the shop floor maybe and was held back for Internet sale ? It's a shame but what's the rest of the guitar like? Unfortunately it's not only the colour that may be an issue when buying a guitar unseen / untried ..,.I hope its all good.
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