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  1. very nice! there's a mint '50s LG1 available locally in a mom and pop store. i've been eyeballing it but the addition of the martin will prevent me from doing anything about it. hope you get many years of enjoyment form your "new" gibby!
  2. depends on year and condition but MAYBE around 2K- ish. just a ball park guess. worth it to pinpoint the year. values vary widely based on that info.
  3. looks like an LG model but i'm not sure which one. somebody here will, though. very nice!
  4. look inside the guitar where the neck meets the body and see if you see any letters/numbers stamped there. you can post pics here. they are allowed.
  5. do you still play it?
  6. um, "culch"? can't say as i've heard that term before.
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