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  1. I've looked and can't see any numbers inside, but will look again when I'm at my friend's house. It's his guitar. ERIK
  2. Thanks! I found a page on the L-30 and the pics match up exactly. I took a light and tried to look through the f holes but saw nothing. I'll give it another go when I see the guitar again. It has a lot of wear, rough marks, a crack running right beneath the trapeze, but I put some new strings on there and she sounds really good. Thanks again. ERIK
  3. Hi, this is the old Gibson archtop acoustic that my aikido instructor has. It used to be his father's, and he figures it is from the 1920s or 1930s. Can anyone identify which model this is? Pic is not very good, but I'll try and describe. Black, on the head it just says Gibson, dot inlays. No model or serial number anywhere on the guitar. ERIK
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