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  1. Sound advice! Thanks Stein... Was thinking while at lunch. Could it be something simple like strings? I had my guy put on some Ernie Ball Slinkys as I had a few packs handy. It is time for a change anyhow...may try something different. Dave
  2. Hello All... I purchased an ES-390 with P-90's back in June. The guitar out of the box was actually pretty good. Set up was ok and there was a nice growl coming out of the amp (Mesa 5:50 Express) so I was quite pleased with things. The usual routine is take the guitar to my trusty luthier who works his magic (as I really like his set ups). Once back at the house the little growl seemed to be missing but never payed it much mind. Fast forward some months I am convinced an adjustment was made to the pick ups (which is normal) however my ear is not feeling it. The sound is nice and chimey however it is missing again that little fur - growl that I expected. Would adjusting the pole pieces (screws) modify this sound a bit? Thinking of running a little experiment. Just wanted some thoughts in the case anyone has tweaked these type pick ups. Cheers... Dave
  3. Howdy...this is a real dumb question but where does the little rubber piece go? I have the piece as it fell off when removing the pickguard but now cant figure out the placement of it. On the top screw or does it just rest between the guard and the body? Any assistance would be appreciated. Dave

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