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  1. I got 4 new (inexpensive) tires for my 20 year old Jeep. I am pleased as punch, as it is my daily driver.
  2. I too voted for RTC as an associate to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.... Oops wrong topic. I like this forum a lot too, Anyway another geezer here, I am totally amazed at how much I have learned about guitars and playing the guitar on this forum Most posters are teachers in a way sharing information about guitars and the culture that goes along with playing one. If I am selling a guitar all pictures are as pristine as possible usually 50/50 inside and outside I like trees and grass for shots. Vine covered walls etc. As far as tuners are concerned sometimes they are attached and sometimes not. All depends. I think living room and campfire gigs it's ok. Rarely even use a capo. I am guilty of posting a picture of me in my pajamas playing my Strat for a collaboration. Messy living room too, 2011. Keep on Jamming B)
  3. Well the Telecaster type one off proxy Billy was playing, I think had no logo on it and certainly looked worn. Looked like it had been left out in the desert for a few weeks. But I liked it[rolleyes]
  4. Nice, telecaster and a Fender bass. I thought they were Gibson players predominately. It was hard to notice what they were playing looking at the cars, the babes, and listening to good music. Thanks for sharing.
  5. This may be relevant. I put up a 2011 Hummingbird on Craigs List Dec 6. And this guitar is mint and has the "Thump". I sold it 2 hours later to a guy in the Midwest. I am in California. Bank to bank wire transfer. He didn't know me from Adam, He desperately wanted that Bird. He does business in LA. Flew in Yesterday and picked the guitar up. It sounded and played wonderful and he was instantly enthralled. My point: I only took a $100 hit after playing it for 6 years. I could have charged him several hundred more. The Gibson brand is still a premium product and some folks will pay whatever it takes. I imagine that Red LP will sell or has sold.
  6. I have a couple of Gibson Les Pauls and I like them a lot. have PRSs and Teles too. All made in USA. But to my ears the best electric I own is a 1989 Fender Strat made in Japan. Old faithful is right.
  7. I first searched for what frequency cancels out F# just an idea. Looking 180 degree phase reversal, just for grins. This was intriguing: http://www.healingfr...h-coincidences/ F# article is about the third one and music oriented. Just a small study of my own the F# major is the most harmonic note in standard tuning. For one note or chord (triad) there sure seems to be an avid interest in it with the Scientific and mathmatical community. F# matches Pythogora formulas. The number for the speed of light just happens to be less than 1% different from an "F#" in the A=432 concert pitch. And hundreds pages and pages or more on F# across the internet. My intent was to find if a certain frequency is riding along with the F# as you play. A# and C# could be overriding the F# surfing on the wave form. Or another frequency produced by the guitar throwing the F# out of phase. Good luck in your trouble shooting.
  8. I have seen the video before, but this time I paid more attention to it. Mark K. really has a lot of down to earth tips and seems to be very humble and sincere. I am not a bad guitar player nor a great guitar player, but watching this video gives me inspiration to keep on going. That J45 he played was my favorite, though every guitar he showed and played sounded great to my ears. I like the way he started out with the good old E minor chord, play that over and over and hope you don't annoy anyone.
  9. When you have a guitar player like Doc Watson. who is a master of flat picking, then the fact he is blind and relies on his hearing and touch to negotiate through life, that is an outstanding product endorsement.
  10. "Thrashing the moody cut-and-shut Mk1 Capri of Essex geezer rock like they stole it. A welcome blast of no-frills, bullshit-free excitement that can only be deadly live." Geezer Rock? I resemble that remark.
  11. I'm going to miss Glenn. Another musician who has done quite a lot of session work is "Skunk Baxter" of Steely Dan acclaim. As for as audio studio work he doesn't hold a candle to the musicians mentioned above. Though as far as video performances backing up other bands, he is like "Where's Waldo?". He is everywhere on video and stage with other bands. The man is very much in demand it seems. Lineman for the county, anyone?
  12. I liked that. A lot. Is he playing standard tuning? Not sure sounds like that is dropped tuned D? He has some very tasty riffs in dm (shape). Probably have to just drag a guitar into the computer room and figure it out. Good stuff. That's some honest no frills performance there.
  13. The machining on all the hardware looks exceptional.
  14. Well I was going to into a long diatribe about my high end guitars and how they stay in their cases and I play the cheap ones of course...... But when ksdaddy posted the term " Reverse Snobbery" it stopped my thought processes in their track. I never thought about boomeranging back at a cork sniffer. I like the term "Reverse Snobbery", just never heard it put that way before. Tit for tat, but must be used sparingly.
  15. I believe the linked new Gibson is a Rosewood laminate. Not sure though, description is vague. Also uses a richlite fretboard material. I think they are going for affordability which is a good thing. I like the cut away. It appears to a brand new offering and model numbering system which starts with HPL, then just HP ( high pressure laminate?) Nice looking guitar.
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