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  1. Which modes of Epiphone Les Pauls (Standard or Custom) came with p90s? What has been your experience with them?
  2. Seymour Duncan makes a pickup that gets you closer to what you want. Its called a P-Rails and kind of combines a P90ish pickup with a Stratish pickup to make a humbucker. You then have three options of HB sound, P90 sound or Strat sound, at least sounds suggestive of those. Link: Seymour Duncan P-Rails Hope this helps.
  3. Don't visit very often any more but still playing my Sheraton. What I would like to see Epiphone bring out are archtops in the Broadway/Emperor style (or other similar) with dog-eared P90s, CCs or staples. Something truer to the Gibson/Epiphone family than the ersatz Gretsch-style on the Swingster. Just my 2 cents.
  4. OK, I'll play. I have but one but it's a beaut. An Ebony Sheraton by Unsung. I have added a B7G and GFS Liverpool pickups.
  5. Sjael, you may well be right. I do not see the "Licensed" label under the "Bigsby." But I also don't see the patent information that would be there on the B7. The other features looked more like a B70 to me and the "Licensed" would be easier to conceal or just not be able to see than the patent information. On the other hand why would Gibson skimp on this expensive of a guitar? Oh well.
  6. Now that I look at the Gibson a little more closely, it may well be a B70 but you still don't have chrome plating. I'm judging this by the lack of the raised lettering under the Bigsby name and the sharper edges and corners on the Bigsby name. But I may well be wrong. Its happened before and it will probably happen again.
  7. The guitar was a Gibson ES-356, I believe. The Bigsby, I believe, is actually gold. You are right that they do not make a chrome plated B7, it is aluminum and I think it looks better than Chrome. My Sheraton pictures above have evidently been moved (oops found them again). This one shows the Bigsby fairly well. Its about to get a Chet arm.
  8. Joe, I'm anxious to see the Emperor with the Mean 90s and the Sheraton with whatever you put in it as well. Post some clips if you can.
  9. Joe, if you want some DeArmonds on it, check out TV Jones site after NAMM. He is introducing a line of DeArmond dynasonic clones in what should be a variety of formats. Thanks for the heads up on the YouTube videos. IMHO, that's what the Swingster should have been.
  10. I just like the image of the dogears on the guitar. Many many people make great P90 pickups in HB form factors. There is something really old school that I like about the dogears on a hollow box.
  11. putting dogeared P90s on it? I would love to see pictures if you have.
  12. What differences do you see between the Peerless and the Unsung Casinos?
  13. When I was a teenager, in the '60s, we modified our cars and left the guitars stock. Now I modify the heck out of my guitars and my cars remain stock. Go figure.
  14. Thanks' date=' Clark. That's the same as on the Unsung that I just got. That translates to 1 7/8" for the metrically challenged among us, like me. My gauge has both metric and imperial measurements on it so it is easy to convert back and forth. [img']http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v497/dbirchett/My%20Guitars/UnSung%2012%20String/PICT1394.jpg[/img]
  15. Nice little guitar. Quite think and lighter than a Les Paul. The hardware was junk on mine and I replaced all of it, some out of necessity, some out of fear that it would break during a gig. Didn't care for the pickups and replaced them as well. Didn't lose much on having it and, as I said, it was a nice little guitar. The wife said when I got my Sheraton that something had to go, so bye, bye Del Rey.
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