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  1. Sal I was at a wedding there about six weeks ago. Unfortunately it was rain and fog. We used to play a lot of library gigs but I think the nicest ones were outdoor gazebo gigs in the summer. Rich
  2. Some guitars, most were sold before he passed. Those in the Boston area might find this auction interesting. Other stuff not Geils related there too. https://www.skinnerinc.com/news/news/estate-of-guitarist-j-geils-featured-in-skinners-november-fine-musical-instruments-auction/ Rich
  3. Thanks Nick. That makes sense. Rich
  4. Gruhn has a 39 J-55 on their site. Looks a lot like mine, right down to the individual saddles. Mine looks prettier and is worth less because it's refinished. The FON stamped on the back of the headstock on mine is EA 5506. On Gruhn's it is EG 6002. I am pretty sure the "E" is for 1939. But I'm not sure about the second letter's meaning. Is it another date code, like the month? Thoughts? Rich
  5. Yes. I thought it was great. I play in a jug band and we do a few Memphis Jug Band tunes. Also as a big Carter Family fan, the show was right in my wheel house. We are recording the series. Rich
  6. Happened to me once. I took my HD28 to Mandolin Bros for Warranty work. This was years ago. Stan was still there and ok. They suggested I send it to Martin since I was the original owner and Mandolin guys thought it would be a better job because some finish work needed to be done which they couldn't do. They said they would ship it for me. Several weeks went by and I called Martin to see how things were going. They didn't have my guitar. Never got it. Called Mandolin Bros. it was still in their basement. That didn't turn me off to them. They apologized and didn't charge me for any shipping. The guitar finally got fixed correctly, but it did take a loooooong time. Rich
  7. There used to be more guitars in there. He started collecting horns a couple of years ago. He mentioned in that video that he restored an ES 250 but sold it when somebody offered him too much money for it. This is how I got the J-55 from him. He had the 1939 ES 250, the 1939 J-55 and a 1939 J-100. The all had the stair step headstock and they were the only models to have that and only in 1939. He had them displayed as a group. When the ES 250 went he sold the other two because he was never into collecting flat tops. He did have a nice D28 once but that didn't last long. I should have bought that one but it was a long time ago and I didn't know what I was looking at. Jay was a very nice man. In some ways he didn't deserve what transpired in the last several years. But, water under the bridge. I choose to remember the good times. Rich
  8. This is a link to a nice tribute to Jay Geils. There are three videos imbedded. The middle one is an interview with him and has some reference and pictures of his collection at the time. Jay had a couple of rough years before he passed this week, but this is how I like to remember him. He was a good guy, a good friend and really knew his stuff about guitars and blues history. I know this is the acoustic thread, but there's a few Gibson guitars in his collection, albeit arch tops that are mostly electric. Two or three times I took him to see Toby Walker. Jay really enjoyed Toby's playing. He said it reminded him of our days hanging around Club 47 in 1964 when we should have been studying at dear old NU. http://www.esquire.com/news-politics/politics/news/a54469/john-geils-obituary/ Rich
  9. It has been a real problem for them for years. Not just guitar strings but violin also. There was a political ad for a NY senator taking credit for getting the Feds to investigate. There are probably a ton of counterfeit strings still in the pipeline, especially outside the US. Rich
  10. I would never have anyone sign one of my guitars, but if I bought one I wanted and it was signed, I'd probably leave it alone. So I voted undecided. Rich
  11. I will join the online intervention. If the reason you feel the need to sell it is because "you have too much" then that's the wrong reason. Guilt is an unproductive emoition. If you're tired of it and want something new, then that's a reason. I'm sure you'll make the right decision. Rich
  12. No warning signal? Gates stayed up. I guess I'll remember that the next time I come to a grade crossing
  13. This is me playing my AJ with the Trance p/u with my jug band friends at a library gig a year or so ago. It was recorded by the library through their video camera in the audience, so not the best quality but at the beginning you can hear the guitar. I think it sounds pretty natural. Our music has been described as "Organic". I guess like compost😀 Rich
  14. I got the Gibson bug renewed when I fell into the J-55. I was looking for a vintage J-45 and was consulting with a friend who had a big collection and had the J-55. So no J-45 that time. Then I decided I'd buy a new J-45. Went to a 5 Star dealer and played a few. I came home with a new AJ! Still never owned a J-45 but I did have a SCSJ for a while. I liked that too, thought it was different than the AJ though. I like mine. I put a Trance Amulet in it and use it the few times I play out. Rich
  15. That was great Sal, no kidding. Has a kind of country feel in the beginning but the bridge reminds me of early sixties/late fifties r&r. Or Beatles as someone else said. That's really a keeper. Somebody's going to steal that one. Better copyright it. Rich
  16. I have mediums on my 1939 J-55. I see no ill effects so far. I had been using lights (12) but switched recently and I like the sound better. JP PB strings. The neck relief looks ok which is a good thing because the nut on the truss rod is frozen😳 But, I think it depends more on the condition of the guitar whether or not it will tolerate heavier strings. Rich
  17. Very nice Dan. I suffer from acid sweat. It's a wonder I still have finger prints. I always play with long sleeves, at least on my right arm. Sal, good things come to good people😀 Rich
  18. Yes, Sal, it's the same one. The guy who played that day was kind of beating on it with a flat pick also, I don't know what strings were on it then but I have John Pearce 13's on it now. It sounds best finger picked with bare fingers but I like to play with picks. I tend to use a thin flat pick when I strum and that makes everything sound "thin". More and more I keep my finger picks on and strum with my thumb pick and come back up with the fingers if appropriate. Rich
  19. 62, thanks. The guitar has been refinished way back. I'm not sure when, but the guy I bought it from got it that way and he had it for a long time. I recently had it appraised by Gruhn and they said it had been "professionally refinished some time ago". Everything else except the tuner buttons appear to be original. It is nice to play. The neck carve is comfortable, not quite as big as the "banner" guitars as far as I can tell, though I never owned one. Rich
  20. Thanks guys. I never learned the correct Travis picking pattern and ended up using only my thumb and one finger most of the time. That results in fewer "embellishment notes". And now I'm at the old dog stage with no ambition to learn new tricks. The guy who picks the way I wish I could is Jim Kweskin. It's just pure, if that makes any sense. Others may be flashier but Jim's right hand is like a machine. It works great for ragtime stuff. When I was in college in Boston in the sixties there was a guy who advertised finger style lessons. I think he was Rolf Kahn. Jim says he learned from him. But, like all of us, im having fun, which is why we do this. Rich
  21. Thanks I run hot and cold with that guitar. Like most of us here. I discovered it again today😀 Rich
  22. Sal inspired me to try a video again. Hope it works Probably sound better through real speakers Rich
  23. +10 on the Loudbox mini. I bought mine a few years ago after I saw Toby Walker using one at a gig in fair sized room. I've used mine playing out with my group before we had a PA with enough inputs. I just balanced it with the rest of the group. The only drawback is that it doesn't supply phantom power if your mic needs it, but that's no big deal for me. I have a cheap four channel mixer and have used it with two mics, a guitar and a mandolin going into the loudbox. Go for it. Rich
  24. Yes it is. Thanks I hadn't seen that. When I last looked it wasnt up there. Rich.
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