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  1. I have my eye on a Joe Pass Cherry Burst from the 2004-5 era. I have been away for a while.
  2. More likely the strings reacting to your skin. Ether the oils or perspiration. Normally rosewood is not tinted.
  3. Tough problems are just that. Try to find out what it is NOT. Dampen the strings above the nut and below the bridge with yarn or something woven between the strings. Chapstick the nut and bridge saddles. Make sure the wiring inside the guitar is secured to the top, small strips of gaffers tape work well. Tighten Machine Head screws and nuts. Switches and output jacks secure. Check under pickups for items "lost" like a pick maybe. Tailpieces loose? That's about all I got.
  4. I have a 2010 LP +Top with the Classics. Neck is about 8.4 K Ohms Bridge is 13.4 K Ohms ALNICO 5 magnets. Very clear on both neck and bridge pickups. Bridge is really bright on mine. Epi did a good job on them.
  5. I have found that GHS Boomers are a bright toned set of strings. You might want to try those.
  6. Peavey had a black leather strap out a couple of years ago that was 3 inches wide for about $12.00. Just right for those top heavy babes.
  7. Adjust the pole pieces up closer to the strings. High E turn the screw one full turn. B turn the screw one and a half turns. G and D two full turns. The A gets one and a half turns. The low E leave where it is to knock off the bass. That should present the pole pieces at equal distance to the strings for the neck radius. If after doing that and adjusting the tone setting on the Amp, your still not getting your tone - It's just not there.
  8. I have never held the belief that one amp set the same way can accommodate a multitude of different guitars successfully. I have three Fender Strats and each one needs my amp setup differently. The bridge pickup is already going to be brighter than the neck pickup so..... Tune your amp for the neck pickup to sound as if it's the lead pickup. That should make your bridge pickup brighter. Then use the bridge tone control to dial it back.
  9. GHS Boomers strings are bright so don't get those. Ernie Ball Slinky's are a middle type of tone. Size 10's are the modern standard for your LP. You can go up in size for a darker tone to 11's. If your hands are strong even 12's would be OK. I am only familiar with about four brands of strings. Nothing in the real dark area. I have tried some Flatwound Ernie Ball 11's years ago that gave that dark tone to a hollowbody I had. I have stuck with the Ernie Ball's and GHS for a long time now on a couple guitars I have because I like the sound of them better than the rest.
  10. That is one perfectly good guitar as it is now. A good setup, as others have stated, is the only upgrade needed. It's really great to own and play a guitar without having to mess with it. Thank you Epiphone.
  11. Why did you keep it. What is the reason you did not send it back. Post some pictures of the guitar please..
  12. Contact the seller and inform them of the problem. Ask them to replace it. The nut should extent to the entire width of the neck evenly on both sides. I am hoping you did not order a blemished guitar. Does it say used on the back of the headstock?
  13. Take it to someone who can do a setup on the guitar. That way everything will be ready to play and adjusted properly. Do that before you start replacing parts. Replacing parts should be that last thing to do on that rig.
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