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  1. You can probably stop responding now the person who started this has never come back.
  2. Welcome to the Forum. Nice drawing. Good bit of engineering there. Smile and Wave Hello....
  3. I have had both Epi's and Gibson's. Epi is the better value for your dollar. I no longer have the Gibson's. I still have an Epi. Just in case........
  4. I have also seen improvements in sound with just a wire change. I have a 335 type where the pickups' quick connect was a bit corroded and cleaning the contacts made a big difference.
  5. I completely replaced everything in a DOT once. Took me about 90 min. start to finish the first time around. Looks harder that it really is. I pre-wired the whole harness from parts to start with, makes it quicker to install and you can use a meter to check your work before insertion. You'll do well. Just take your time.
  6. "First of all, hello to all fellow Gibson and Epiphone fans. I've always been a Fender/G&L guy, until I fell in love with Epiphone Sheraton II. I had rough experiences with Dots and LP's, and never ever thought Epiphone could sound like this sweet Sherry. Very comfortable to play, great wood resonance." And you want to change all that !!!!!!! Welcome to the Forum. I just need a bit to soak it all in. I only mod when I know I can improve what I have. Never use a silk purse to make a sows ear.
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