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  1. Oh yes, we really had lot of fun ! 🙂
  2. Playing my beloved AJ in our acoustic duo, The Beric Billy-Goats
  3. My live version of a great John Moreland's song, played on my Advanced Jumbo. Sorry for my Italian accent https://youtu.be/9KK6nz01RCM
  4. I love Mississippi John Hurt! Unfortunately I think my Italian accent does not do justice to this blues https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SPQGFUrPuw
  5. My arrangement of a famous fiddle tune, played on my beloved AJ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9exBUurllwc
  6. Well, last week I put D'Addario EJ16 on my AJ and the sound is gorgeous !!!
  7. In a few days we will celebrate the anniversary of Doc Watson's departure. My friend Giovanni and I, aka Zero Miles Turnips want to respectfully remember him with this song. Of course I'm playing my beloved AJ I apologize in advance for the Italian accent :-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ogu5UxN7KEc&feature=youtu.be
  8. Sandro


    Wow ! She's gorgeous !
  9. Thanks guys ! I'll give a try to the one you advised.
  10. I have become the happy and proud owner of a 1997 AJ about six months ago. Since then I have tried on her the John Pearse 80/20 Bronze Wound Bluegrass (.12 - .56), and the Gibson Masterbuilt Premium .12 - .53. I think the Gibson MP sound better than the JP on my guitar. Which strings do you like better on your AJ ?
  11. Thanks! She is really a beauty ! And she is now waking up. The guy who sold it to me was mostly playing electric, so she spent a lot of time in her case, she needs to be played. Oh, at last I found the solution. While pushing the slide on the right open the lock (when combination is right), pushing it to the left allow you to set a new combination
  12. Oopsss ! I used another function instead of rotate. This is the correct picture, I'm right handed and so is my guitar:
  13. After 50 years of life without a Gibson, I finally filled this hole. I bought a gorgeous used 1997 Advanced Jumbo !!! I'm very happy as the previous owner treated it very well, and I'm spending most of my day playing this beauty with a silly smile. The original case I got with it is a brown leather one, with the Gibson USA logo on it. It has a combination locker on it, that opens with '000' combination. Is it possible to change this combination? Otherwise I can't see what's it good for, if all these case have the same '000' combination !
  14. Thanks for your answers guys! Bluemans335, I think the Tribute Pro is a different model. The Traditional does not come with 57 pups.
  15. Hi guys, looking for a used Epiphone Les Paul, I found that a guy not too far from where I live is selling a black Traditional Pro LP. I haven't seen it yet, probably I'll be able to try it on coming Friday, but I'm very attracted by this guitar. The 2 Alnico pickups, splittable to single coil are an interesting plus. I'd like to hear your opinions on this model, especially from proud owners
  16. This is a friend of mine playing a composition of his own. I really love this piece:
  17. I agree, Illy is really one of the best industrial blends avaiable in Italy !
  18. Two other clips I recorded with my new box: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfos3trlXus http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJ5gI-LvCtU
  19. I drink 2 cups a day, black coffee, done the Italian way, of course:
  20. Nice guitar, congratulations !!!
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