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  1. Again thank you very much for your clear explanations! When I said the upper part of the fingerboard I meant the higher notes after the 12th fret,Sorry if I was not clear. My impression was that there was not release in the neck,probably not the main cause though ,I will look better at the fret wear. The cracking of the neck does not look bad,they are very superficial and there are not any cracks around the nut area, I have not any photos however the cracks are longitudinal to the neck, my impression from both the tiny cracks and the rustling from the pots is that the guitar w
  2. Hi guys I have some good and bad news and I need your advice: good news is the guitar is not a faded,it's a special and probably a ferrari red and it has a fat but precise sound,that's what I was looking for! Bad news are: 1)The upper part of the fingerboard after the 12th fret buzz very badly. 2)Playing the 12th fret harmonics and the 12th fret I can here that the tone is higher but only on the 3 upper strings is bad,on the others is passable what does it mean?Is it only a problem of the set up? The neck is not warped or twisted apparently... 3)Some of the frets are
  3. Here you can get it at 563€:sg faded that is probably the cheapest I had seen,I will quote this price... thanks for your advices AlanH I will keep you informed
  4. Thank you very much AlanH! you really helped me however I don't think that 500 euro would be a fair price for a faded, they cost 564 euro new in many online stores!
  5. hey,thanks guys,looks like we are at a dead point.... I found this on everythinsg: everythinsg look at the first sg special on the left, looks like it is that one,glossy and with black pots....could it be? I'm going to see the guitar so how can I see if it is a special or a faded? I think that touching the faded you can feel the wood,is that true? I think that the special feels smooth,so you can't feel the wood I did never see a faded so I need your help to distinguish the two thanks
  6. Yes you are right,the photos are out of focus,but in some you can see the light reflected like a glossy finish, the owner claims that this is "one of the first models of sg" that I don't know what it means but for sure this guitar has more than 10 years, What was the date in which gibson started to produce the special faded?
  7. Well this guitar has a particular history, it was not played too much,it was exposed for years and the actual owner does not even have an amplifier,so I don't think anybody changed the knobs Perhaps it's an older version,had older versions these knobs? interesting....from which years? thanks guys,you are very helpful
  8. Hi guys, looks like I'm going to become part of the gibson club... but first I would want an advice from you, this is what I'm going to try: My link ok,it's an SG special but there's something that I don't take, apparently it has a glossy look,so it's not a faded but the knobs are that of a faded... or am I wrong? I looked at some pictures and all the SG special had the aluminum top knobs what model can it be with that knobs? is it a fake?(to my non expert eyes no,but...) Thank you very much guys
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