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  1. Did you ever put the Pickup covers on this guitar? Would love to see. I just bought one myself. Seems like a pretty sweet axe!
  2. REALLY?! DARN!! I was excited when I played a Deluxe and loved the sound of the Burstbucker pro / 490R combo, so I went online to find the best price. I saw MF blowing them out for $999, but I had a Guitar Center gift Card so I went with them. Turns out I didn't purchase the same guitar with the same pickups, even though its a "Deluxe?" :( Well, I'll let it ship and play it and see if I like the look/feel, but man that kind of makes me sad! Is the neck satin finish or glossy? Do you still use the stock pickups in your music? How do you like them? What styles do you play? Is this the g
  3. Interesting. Wonder why they are not selling? Since you own this exact guitar, can you tell me if it has the Burstbucker Pro in the bridge like every other Studio Deluxe I've seen? GC says its the 490/498 combo, but every other Studio Deluxe I've seen says it has burstbucker Pro / 490R combo?
  4. I searched the web but couldn't really find an answer. What is the difference between the "old" 2012 Gibson Les Paul Studio & Gibson Les Paul Studio deluxe. They both seem to have the same pickups, same materials, but right now GC has the studio deluxe for $999 vs $1399 for the regular Studio? Any idea why? http://www.guitarcenter.com/Gibson-2012-Les-Paul-Studio-Electric-Guitar-107595167-i2333573.gc http://www.guitarcenter.com/Gibson-Les-Paul-Studio-Deluxe-Electric-Guitar-105456289-i1463121.gc
  5. Would these mods void the guitars warranty? BTW, how do you guys find the intonation when using a trem system like these? Still pretty good? edit: just read this article and it seems the Stetsbar is the perfect solution! http://www.gibson.com/en-us/Lifestyle/Features/Stetsbar-Pro-II-Tremolo-326/
  6. Hello, I'm going to be buying an Epiphone Les Paul of some sort (waiting to play the new models before deciding), but was curious about adding a Tremolo system. Is this advisable? Any potential problems with adding a Trem? Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Hello, I'm looking at some Epi's and noticed that they come with "Strap Buttons Epiphone StrapLocks." As you know straplocks are two part system, the guitar and the strap. Does this mean the guitar only has the strap buttons on the guitar, and nothing for the actual straps? Basically, would I be ok buying any strap I want for this guitar? Also, how well do the Epiphone Straplocks work? Should they be upgraded or do they work fine? If it helps I'm looking at the Epiphone Tribute and Epiphone Prophecy. This would be my first guitar, so any help would be appreciated! Thanks!! Thanks!
  8. Looks like they are now officially $599! http://www.epiphone.com/News/Features/Features/2012/Epiphone-Announces-Price-Reduction-on-Top-Sellers.aspx
  9. Thanks guys! Didn't see the fine print on the guitar center online add. Looks like sweetwater has it listed as Burstbucker pickups also. I think I'll trust Gibson/Sweetwater over the guy Guitar Center, even though he told me it was the 490/498! :)
  10. I guess that makes me even more confused, because on the Gibson site they do not have a "faded cherry" version of the regular studio! I like the guitar, so I guess its not too important, but I do want to know what I'm getting!
  11. I played a Studio faded cherry at guitar center yesterday and it was AWESOME!! I came home to look up the specs, and came across a discrepancy that hopefully some can help me with. When I look at the specs for the guitar on Gibson's site, it says the pickups are burstbuckers: http://gibsonguitar.in/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Gibson-USA/Les-Paul-Studio-Satin/Specs.aspx Guitar center says the pickups are the 490r/498t combo: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Gibson-Les-Paul-Studio-Electric-Guitar-100010154-i1149139.gc Anyone know what is correct and why the discrepancy?
  12. Thanks for the compliments on the music Willy! Thats actually still a "demo mix" of one of our unfinished songs, and that you found it professional makes me very happy, as it took a LOT of work to even get it in that "presentable" stage. Must mean it translated ok. :-) Thank you very much for taking the time to listen and comment! Also thank you for finding the MSRP. I do know it has little to do with the final pricing, but that might explain why Amazon lowered the price, because they have the wrong MSRP? Also interesting how Gibson website shows the MSRP, but Epiphone's does not. I would
  13. I REALLY wanted an Ultra III, played one and LOVE the playability and tone, but reading about issues like these (and the STRING BUZZ) have kept me from buying. Do you guys think its just a bad run of Ultra's and the quality will improve over time, or are these issues design flaws?
  14. Thats me, though the guitar playing was done with this: http://usa.yamaha.com/products/music-production/midi-controllers/wx5/ So Musicians Friend is selling it for $799?! Do you think thats a typo, or is that the normal price? Amazon shows the List as $999, while Musicians Friend shows it as $1332. Wonder who is correct?
  15. May I ask why you find this to be true? I'm no guitar expert so I would love to understand how you came to this conclusion.
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