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  1. Took a lot of searching online to figure this out. And a call to Gibson this morningconfirmed it. ES-446. Despite it being a CS guitar, people who walk into the store want nothing to do with it because of the repaired headstock and it being so rough cosmetically. Man it plays great...I’m gonna try and snag it cheap since the store just wants to give it back to its owner.
  2. Don’t think so. The 235 is new for 2019 right? This one looks old...
  3. Local guitar store has this and I can’t figure out what it is. The shop guys don’t know either and have no record other than the consignment owner who can’t be contacted immediately. I have the serial and can call Gibson tomorrow but would love to know now. Also the knobs sure don’t seem standard as far as their placement goes. Appears to be a legit Gibson but can’t figure it out. Any help is appreciated! I’ll have to upload pics later. Can’t do it from phone
  4. I was thinking about snagging it for the case. Funny how the case can become more valuable than the guitar.
  5. At first I thought it was a Smartwood that somebody decided to try their hand at inlays. Fretboard markers appear to be redone too...The oddest part is the headstock - rosewood veneer overlay?? eBay Item
  6. LOL! Alright alright guys...got the hint. I'll go browse the news.
  7. OK...I'm bored. But surely there are others who would find this game somewhat fun and to help pass the time! If it doesn't take off, I promise...won't try again!
  8. Nooooo! Tell me how to switch back to mobile! No link!
  9. The neck was pulled forward so when I straightened it by pulling it back, the strings lengthened if you know what I mean...as for the tuners, they are closed back and the mounting screws are offset or diagonal. Can't get pics up now because of the 500k limit. I'll setup in Photobucket tomorrow. From what I can tell, this guitar was made sometime between 1977-1979...was just curious. Medium strings anyone? Thanks!!!
  10. Oh...and would anyone know if this thing is braced for mediums? It sounds great with the old worn out Elixirs (I think), but I'm sure it'll open up even more with some D'Addario Phospher Bronze and mediums are my choice. I like the chrome tulips, but after bring turning it up, the actual tuners are lifting out of the headstock! A spare set of Grovers won't fit in the holes...any suggestions?? Just any replacement Gotohs? I assume these old MIJs use Gotohs...
  11. Been looking for a decent small bodied beater for some time...chomping at the bit, getting quite desperate, I walked into the local pawn shop and I spot this old sweetheart Epi. Extreme workout fretting because the action was so dang high. Clearly a neck reset was in order, but I saw the bolt-on. Decided to sleep on it and research resetting bolt-on necks. Next morning (today)....off to the pawn shop and negotiated it down to $60 from $120. You all would have been proud...beat them to hell and making them feel guilty about about trying to sell broken guitars etc. Supposedly taking a loss, they went as far as they could then I dropped my Discover on them. They were like, that's the most expensive card for us to take and the only thing as bad is AMEX. I told them I had one of those ready to go if they preferred, while holding my wallet full of cash. They took the Discover. So I brought it home and took measurements. 7/32" off the low E. Yeah 32nd not 64th. 0.025" of neck relief. Quick turn of the truss rod brought the relief back to normal at 0.010" and remeasured. 6/32" not bad. Keep in mind that is 2/64" which is a lot, but I had a lot more to go. Couldn't wait, was too excited and started to pull the neck off. Bolts were extremely loose! LOL. Kept going and after the neck completely off, found nothing broken or cracked whatsoever! I shimmed it...ghetto style with some washers I found in the junk drawer. I don't have spruce or mahogany shims laying around :) Bolted it back on and strung the low E back on (yeah I saved the strings). Buzz galore...good news! Raised the saddle and you know, the stupid $10 box of plastic vintage saddles I bought last year finally paid off! Got a perfect fit! Restrung...still a little of buzzing and then I remembered. Holy cow adjustable bridge! Like a les paul Tune-o-matic. Quick 1/2 turn on the high E side and walah, buzz free. Restrung the rest of the strings...because I fixed the angle, lost about 1/2" of strings on each...didn't care, kept going and on some strings didn't have have a full wrap. Kept going, tuned to pitch (standard) and it plays beautifully! a bit of string buzz on the low E because I was banging it so damn hard with a thick *** pick! Measured. 8/64"! LOL! And 5/64 on the high E! I got some fine tuning to do obviously and I'm sure all I need to do is lower the bass side of the Tune-o-matic a bit and I'm good! Oh and stop banging on the damn thing. Strummed it moderately with a pick and fingers...no buzz. Sounds great. A very worn, dusty beater resurrected. Sounds a bit boxy, but it resonates well. 20 mins, 2 washers, some gauges, a couple of screwdrivers and $60. A very happy man. I could use some help from you expert forum members tho...help me date this baby? Sorry for the poor quality cell phone pics...serial is 11780125.
  12. OK here's 2 more...again, model numbers are just pure guesses since you can't really tell. But here's a hint on my acoustics - I love the sound of mahogany... Another easy one. And one that's not quite so easy.
  13. Ha! Always a comedian around. The Tower Bridge in London.
  14. Fortunately for me, I work from home. And depending on how this goes, I have 6 others guitars to snap pictures of along with tons of old guitars that I've owned. Kept pictures of every one of them, but I don't have bridge specific shots on most...I'll just have to crop. More forthcoming!
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